Strange day.


A loss…and a win.

Kudos to the Artist on a life well done, and congrats to Arrieta on his 2nd no-hitter.

4 Responses to “Strange day.”

  1. Erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs 8 Reds 1. Nice start. But, can they sustain it through October? I’ve seen this before, and it used to get me all excited. But, not any more. This is a very good baseball team, no question about it. But, so were other very good Cub teams that stumbled down the stretch. I will store up my excitement until when they get to the N.L. Championship Game and are leading 3-0 winning with scores like 16-0 and 8-1. Then I will definitely sit up and take notice. I will say this, however, this team does “feel” different than all those others. One thing for sure, they’ve never had a lights out pitcher like Arrietta in all my years of being a Cub fan. And I go back to Jenkins, Holtzman, Sutcliffe, Wood, and Prior.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    ….methinks that Wood and Prior didn’t have a chance with the toothpick chomping idiot mismanaging them.

  3. Robert Says:

    They have a guy named voglebach in triple a who is a first baseman dh that guy will be used to get a starting pitcher

  4. Robert Says:

    There is no curse on this team never was never will be the problem is an incomptent front office decade in and out …they never had a farm system ever that was producing like this team is ….they have some kids in the minors now which will be flipped for pieces that will allow the drought to end


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