Up yours, St. Louis Blues.



Well, it became a little interesting, but the Earth’s axis is finally rotating back to normal. The St. Louis Blues have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Sharks disposed of them in six games and some of those games weren’t even close. The Blues were full of players that probably nobody outside of their fan base likes. All of those players can now pick fights on the golf course with others now that they are no longer playing hockey until September.

This post is very similar to one I wrote in 2011 after the Vancouver Canucks pissed all over themselves against the Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Fuck St. Louis and their shitty fans. They deserve that team. Their football team, that wasn’t their football team to begin with, left town. They haven’t had a basketball franchise since Gerald Ford was president. It’s no wonder nobody wants to be there. It is one the shittiest cities in America. In fact, it’s probably one of the shittiest cities in the world.

And sure, maybe I am a bit frustrated that the Blackhawks couldn’t get their fourth Cup in my lifetime because they were eliminated in seven by these turds last month. Whenever the Blackhawks do lose, at least I can tell myself: “Hey. At least I am not from St. Louis”.

Fans of St. Louis: If you are reading this, oh, fuck. Who am I kidding? You idiots can’t read.

Congratulations to the San Jose Sharks. I don’t have any beef with the remaining teams, but it would be nice to see the Sharks win because it would be their first Cup in franchise history. Knowing how it felt for the first 24 years of my life thinking the Blackhawks would never win really sucks. As I’ve said before on here, I am so lucky and happy to have seen my team win on three different occasions. The Lightning and Penguins have won Cups. I want San Jose to win one.

3 Responses to “Up yours, St. Louis Blues.”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Congrats to the Sharks. I remember seeing people almost everywhere wearing their jerseys when they were an expansion team. People wore their jerseys because they were cool, never knowing or caring that it was an actual hockey team that spent the first years of their life at the butt-end of the NHL standings. Nice to see this jersey sales finally paying off.

    As for the Bluesers, it will be interesting if St Louis retains the services of Ken Hitchcock, now that they’ve survived the first round of the playoffs in…forever.

    Been a weird spring…Black Hawks got done early and the Golden State Warriors are one more ass-beating away from getting eliminated by OKC. Speaking of top seeds, nothing like the Stanley Cup Playoffs to make the regular season completely irrelevant (well, hello, Washington Capitals…enjoying your President’s Trophy?).

    Please, Cubs, start investing in your bullpen most riki-tik and sharpish…

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Heh, “Bluesers”. I can’t believe I didn’t ever think of that. Good one. I know the ratings will probably suck because NBC puts two of their first four games of the Final on cable (scumbags), but I think it will be a fun series with the Sharks and Penguins.

    I am surprised Golden State won last night. I thought they were finished since Curry hadn’t been able to make a shot to save his life lately. And it would be nice to see Toronto dispose Cleveland, but that’s unlikely now.

  3. Erniesarmy Says:

    I’m with you, Fro, I want to see the Sharks win it all now that my Ducks have been eliminated … again!

    Cubs back to winning again. Glad to see it, but that bullpen remains their weak spot. I predict they get eliminated in the playoffs again if they can’t get another arm in that pen.


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