The Bulls are making moves and none of it makes sense for the short-term nor the long-term.

You want the Bulls to have their team implode? This is the way to do it, I suppose.

You want the Bulls to have their team implode? This is the way to do it, I suppose.

I may sound like a broken record here, but I seriously do not know where to start with this. I would say if you are excited about the moves the Bulls are making, you must be the same fans that were going nuts when Scottie Pippen came back in 2003. For you older folks out there, it might have been when the Bulls signed George Gervin or the Blackhawks signing Bobby Orr.

When Derrick Rose was traded a few weeks ago, Gar: The Village Idiot, decided to insult the fans and media some more by telling everyone that the goal of the team is to get younger and faster. First, I will say that it’s very common for sports figures in Chicago to insult the fans and media. We’ve seen it with all of our teams at some point in our lifetimes, no matter age we may be. Second, if the point was to get younger, why did they sign two players who are OLDER than Derrick Rose. That’s like me saying my goal is to raise my standards by picking up a better-looking bar skank when I head out to the city, but instead, I continue to go below my standards by finding some regular at the place who will have sex with anyone that can walk. Progress doesn’t happen when I do that. Sure, it’s better than nothing. But I want a woman with some class and respect for herself.

The Bulls didn’t find a woman with class and respect. They dipped below the standards, once again. It’s the norm at 1901 West Madison Street.

Dwyane Wade – This has been one of my favorite players of the post-Jordan era who never played with the Bulls. Wade is telling the whole world he’s coming home to play for the team he grew up because he felt it was time. This is bullshit. He left because Pat Riley wouldn’t give him $50 million a year (and maybe rightfully so). He came to Chicago because he didn’t really have a choice and no, Denver was not an option. Nobody wants to go there. At 34, he probably does have another year or two left in him. That’s fine and everything, but he’s had health issues. His knees are bad. He has a lot of miles on those legs throughout 13 NBA years. That’s old in the NBA. The Bulls will be lucky if he plays 70 games.

Rajon Rondo – The Bulls want to get younger, so they sign a guy three years older than Derrick Rose. Oh, and they pick up someone who has had differences with every coach he’s had. Doc Rivers no longer wanted him. Rick Carlisle wanted to get rid of him before his plane landed in Dallas. And George Karl couldn’t stand him in Sacramento. I can’t say that all three coaches are hall-of-famers in the future, but I do know this: With the exception of Phil Jackson, those are three of the most well-respected coaches in the NBA over the last 20 years. If they think Rondo is a head case who is more of a liability than anything else, then this is bad news for the Bulls. Just wait until him and Jimmy Butler have an argument. Hey, speaking of little bitches…

Jimmy Butler – This is the guy that forced Derrick Rose out of town. Whether you were on Rose’s side or not, this didn’t have to be the reason for his departure. This Richard decided to go on ESPN and tell the whole world, “Well, one of us had to go”. I’ll say this: Jimmy Butler was once, a humble and shy kid. It was good to see him evolve over the last two or three years. Someone got into this dude’s head. My guess would be ThomASS, who influenced him that he was a great player. He got paid and all of a sudden, he put himself first. With the exception of LeBron, Jimmy Butler and Paul George are the two best two-way players in the game. I never doubted the guy’s ability. It’s his attitude that I have a problem with and everyone else should too. Along with his level of play, he’s elevating his level of becoming a coach-killer. I wish this guy would just shut up, play basketball and stop worrying about how he thinks the coach is doing.

Draft picks – Tony Snell, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis, Denzel Valentine – Yes, these are all players for the Bulls. What do they have in common? They were the last four first-round draft picks for the Bulls. Where are they? On the bench. Now, those four aren’t exactly Curry, Thompson, Durant and Green. I didn’t say they were. However, isn’t the point of drafting players in any sport supposed to be a plan to make a championship team? I like Snell and don’t think he’s that great. I think he’s a nice player to have off the bench to play ten minutes a game. McDermott, this guy can play. He showed it last year. People who argue differently will say that because he can’t play defense. Last I checked, he isn’t in the NBA because of it. He’s there because he can score. He can hit three’s, he can drive to the basketball and he’s a decent passer. That guy can be used. Bobby Portis was the guy to replace Taj Gibson. Gibson is still here but he can’t shoot or dribble and he’s getting paid a ton. That’s not a good recipe. Denzel Valentine was just drafted. None of these guys are starting. It’s Wade, Rondo, Butler, Gibson and Lopez. Oh, by the way, the Bulls traded for the wrong Lopez brother. Fuck.

Fred Hoiberg – I hate to say it because this guy is a really good dude. He seems like a great family man and loves basketball. But he’s not an NBA coach. He was doing just fine at Iowa State before he took off. Money may be do that to you, so God bless him. But he needs to go and the Bulls need to find a coach who will be respected.

While some may come here and say that the Bulls would be way worse without Wade or Rondo, they can make that argument. However, I’d rather have much younger guys playing and trying to grow. The draft pick guys I mentioned above are all coming off the bench. They may not play that much either. And even if the Bulls did suck ass, they need to get as many draft picks as possible. I mean, they aren’t even going to give Cleveland a run for their money anyway, so what’s the point of all of this? It’s a double-edged sword. Yet, the Bulls are just worried about putting butts in the seats. I’ve been to the United Center for a Bulls game once since 2011. I can’t afford to pay $400 face value for a piece of shit seat. The cheapest seats are over $100 on most nights. Yet, they continue to sell out games and I have no idea how that is possible.

In closing, they should make the playoffs now. But getting a fourth or fifth seed means nothing in the NBA. It just means a first or second round exit at best. They don’t make these moves and they would be lucky to get the eight spot. Unless this is some inside job to get the Bulls to fire Hoiberg by signing an asshole like Rondo and keeping the shithead, Butler, management will remain intact. Jerry Reinsdorf refuses to make changes. The old fart loves his former players too much. No matter what John Paxson and Gar Forman do, they have these jobs for life. We as Bulls fans are fucked.

5 Responses to “The Bulls are making moves and none of it makes sense for the short-term nor the long-term.”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    I had forgotten that Bobby Orr played for the Blackhawks.

    I’m glad Gar: The Village Idiot is only playing in Chicago (It’s a film, right?).

    The Rondo move surprised me. I bet he’s more trouble than he’s worth.

    The coffee just kicked in…”Richard” (nice).

    As for Wade…I’m ok with it. This team won’t be making any noise anytime soon, but they will be more fun to watch with him in the mix.

  2. erniesarmy Says:

    DeWayne Wade, in my opinion, has been the best player in the NBA for the past twelve years. You have made a good point about his health, but you guys signed a player with enormous heart and outstanding talent.

    The Rajon Rondo addition is a head-scratcher. The guy is a “me-first” player.

    But, cheer up Fro, at least you’re not me, a Lakers fan who is ready to hop off the Vincent Thomas Bridge!

  3. genrebuster Says:

    …enormous heart is NOT over-rated.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    Ernie, I will still, gladly figure a way to trade for D’Angelo Russell. I think a couple of second-round picks should do the trick!

    Genre, you’re right. Heart isn’t overrated. Neither is DA FIRE AND PASSION. I’d like to think that we all post at this site with those two things as you can’t have one without the other. I told DVX a few years ago that with the Chicago Fire of MLS, that they won’t contend until they add “Passion” to their name. Chicago Fire is just that: Fire. But what about the Passion?


  5. erniesarmy Says:

    “Ernie, I will still, gladly figure a way to trade for D’Angelo Russell. I think a couple of second-round picks should do the trick!”

    I am ready and willing to trade that big mouthed ego-saturated little punk, but two second round picks? Come on. Make me an offer I cannot refuse, Fro.


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