A sincere thank you to #33



I missed the press conference on Friday out of just not being aware, but did hear the news the day before that Charles Tillman was going to sign with the Bears and retire right after.

I wasn’t always his biggest fan, mainly because of his play on the field for quite a few years. However, towards the end, I felt I could support the guy. When he was a rookie, I will never forget the interception he just ripped out of Randy Moss’s hands on a cold day at Soldier Field in December. The Bears, obviously out of playoff contention as they usually are in December, had a game against the Vikings. I believe Culpepper was doing what he did at the time and just drove them down the field. In the final minute or two, the Vikings were at the goal line. A pass was thrown right for Moss when Tillman jumped in and took it away.

Yes, play on the field for a certain amount of years frustrated me. The whole “Cover Who” bullshit pissed me off and part of that was Lovie. He would have a bad game or two at the most inopportune times.

But Charles Tillman, the person, is what also I want to show my gratitude for. From the family man to charity work he has done and continues to do, the man is high on the scale. He cares. He cared about the game. I can remember in 2014 on the Sunday Night game against the 49ers. When someone told him on the sideline about his injury, you could see tears go down his face. That’s someone who gives a shit. When it comes to off-the-field things, he helped with charities and spoke out about health conditions with his daughter.

It sucks more guys like him aren’t really around in sports anymore. It’s almost like an extinction now. Sure, some guys do some good things. But Tillman has been one of the most respected football players of the last decade both on and off the field. Nobody really had a bad thing to say about him. One thing I really enjoyed was him coming on The Score to talk to Laurence Holmes. He was on the other day and it was a good listen. In the past, Laurence would let him stay on the air when he wasn’t supposed to be. He talked about things other than football too.

So, to #33, thank you for the memories and sorry about the awful “fuck you” at the end of your name through the early part of this decade. You’re cool, though.

5 Responses to “A sincere thank you to #33”

  1. erniesarmy Says:

    Sorry for the off-topic, Fro, but couldn’t resist: Cubs getting their clocks cleaned by the lowly Brewers! Ha! Ha! Like I said, this team is in no ways ready to contend.

  2. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Another dud from Lester.

    Damnit. Richard is still on the team. Was hoping Montgomery meant he was gone…but looks like Patton took the hit. He sucked too.

    Joe Nathan? Yikes…

  3. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Ooh. The offense with a late-game comeback attempt. Now let’s see if the pen can hold it.

  4. erniesarmy Says:

    As I wipe the egg off my face… Cubs actually came back from a sixth inning deficit and won the game, 6-5 (should have been 6-4).

    Rondon gives up a ninth inning home run. Theo … McFly … knock, knock … you still need a closer, Bud.

    Excellent win though. Hope they keep that up.

    Pie: “Richard is still on the team.” Yeah, I don’t get that either. Nathan looked real good today. I hope he can recover some of that magic he once had with the Twins. He used to be lights out!

  5. Pie in the Sky Says:

    If Rondon doesn’t figure it out and we don’t trade for Chapman/another closer, Cubs may be relying on Nathan rediscovering some of that pre-2014 Twins/Rangers magic during a pennant series.

    I’m feeling good about the offense. Dexter Fowler makes a significant difference at the top of the order. The pitching…at this point, I just hope they’re hot in October. Too much inconsistency for my tastes.


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