Fire (Insert shitty general manager/head coach) Turns 8!



August 1st, 2008

Wow. That was a long time ago. I do tend to repeat myself, but this place is really fantastic.

We’ve pissed people off, some of them, famous folks in Chicago sports (Hi, Sarah Spain). We’ve also pissed off some of the lesser-known folks on the internet.

We’ve seen a lot of friends come and go on this site over the years. If I try to list everyone, I know I will forget some of them. But I have to thank my good frendt, Genrebuster, for helping out on the site. I had the pleasure of meeting him back in March. He’s a good dude.

Our friend Ernie mentioned this a while back, but I’ll reiterate it: This is a place where all of us can just forget about the bullshit in the real world and just talk sports. It’s really the only escape. Oh, and bar skanks. That can always be discussed as well. I love them and I am sure most of you love them too.

I seriously didn’t even imagine this site going this long. I started it three months or so after college while entering adulthood. I lived in four different apartments and one house in that span. Needless to say, I am done moving.

You guys all rule and I mean that sincerely. Even you, Yeti, whom I’ve met up with several times over the years. Just please, shave that beard. You look like you are going to scope out the high school near you when school starts again.

Thank you everybody.

13 Responses to “Fire (Insert shitty general manager/head coach) Turns 8!”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    Thank You very much, Fro for keeping the site up…and to all of you that have checked in and contributed content for all these years!

    Maybe we’ll have another winner in Chicago before too much times…but thanks must go out to the Blackhawks for giving Chicago sports some credibility in recent years.

  2. chucky Says:

    Fro dog, my fitness frendt…..THANK YOU!!! And a big thank you also to everybody who has enjoyed or tolerated my pissed off ranting and vulgarity all these years. This has been the only place that hasn’t censored me or outright banned me. You guys have allowed me to the vulgar degenerate asshole that I actually am. So one time, thank you all, and thank you Fro, for keeping the darkest corner of the internet alive for ANGRY fans. Like me!!

    Eight years. Damn, now I do feel old.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    Happy Birthday, gents!

    To be honest, I came here because you guys are really good at ripping on the assholes running Chicago sports, as well as the other douchebaggery currently running pro sports into the ground.

    Not much talk about bar skanks, though.

    On another note, I had the privilege of watching the Cubs/Mariners last night. Yes, starting McWhomever was a bad call, but it WAS nice to see the Cub bullpen make a stand. Even better that the Cubs got some clutch hitting, and a nice safety squeeze by Jon Lieber to win the game! (now, Jon, about that whole throwing to first base thing…)

    If we can see more of this on a more consistent basis…hey, who knows?


  4. erniesarmy Says:

    I think my friend DVX meant Jon Lester, not Lieber, but that’s okay we aren’t grammar Nazis here.

    I remember when Fro started this blog after Bobby D. was giving up on “Fire Dusty Baker” back in the day. I was very sorry to hear that Bobby was going to have to bow out, because that was the only site on the internet that allowed us to tell the truth about Chicago Cub baseball. When Fro said he would step in to keep it going, I breathed a sigh of relief. I had enough of the “Hey, 108 years isn’t too long, really,” sites like “Bleed Cubbie Blue” with their strict commenting guidelines and “Purple Unicorn” phony optimism about Cub baseball, especially after the debacle in 2007 and 2008.

    So, thank you to Fro for keeping Bobby D’s vision going, and thanks to my good buddy Genre for continuing writing about the Cubs, so Cub fans can rant about this organization.

    And to Chucky for keeping a smile on my face and the confidence that he will never let me down when I need somebody to shout out exactly what I am thinking. Good job, Chucky.

  5. erniesarmy Says:

    Fro, whatever happened to a commentor named “Captain Kirk”? He used to have some really good postings.

  6. chucky Says:

    Thanks Ernie. Happy to be here and happy to keep you smiling. I’m afraid that the good captain has been sent back to Starfleet Academy for further training. Hopefully he’ll be back soon.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    a little something from the archives (Sep 2006)…some funny – and ANGRY – shit. Fro, if it’s “too much” you can delete this! 🙂

    DavyRosello wrote:

    No Skijcm, no just that just his whole Cub career in general. I have no respect for a guy that tries to act as thiough he’s a righteous guy, but never really showed any loyalty and didn’t help us get better. I won’t argue anything about how bad a team this year’s Cubs are D + everything else.

    I think they did get along because of the kids in the locker room, etc. No one else wanted Maddux that’s why he came back remember, he signed the day before spring training. Plus, if Maddux was such a “pro” he would have risen above Baker’s bullshit.

    The Theriot pickoff is what we are going to have to live with for the next few years if the Cubs go young, sorry I’m not that patient. It happens and I like Theriot I just don’t want a whole team of rookies.
    09/02/06 16:54:49

    genrebuster wrote:
    OK davy, I understand that you hate Maddux…but I’ll still take him over Baker, Hendry or Rothschild!

    That said, when is Hendry going to squeeze his nuts and fire Baker? I’m bored with the Cubs…something GOOD needs to happen soon!

    tick tock…tick tock…tick tock.

    99 years!
    09/02/06 16:57:54 edit

    LouCub wrote:
    Genre, nothing good will happen with this team until Hendry sacks up and fires Dustshit!! Theriot and Murton both earned the right to start today but as usual, Dusty believes other- wise and plays fucking JJ and Bynum. If Hendry doesn’t call up Pie on Tuesday and insist he play daily, he should be fired as well.
    09/02/06 17:15:28

    silentkev wrote:
    The only problem with calling up Pie is that dustbag will sit Murton rather then jones or pierre
    09/02/06 17:54:58

    DavyRosello wrote:
    I’d trade Pie resign Pierre. It’s funny with this group I can’t even have degrees of hate I hate them all. Other than Zambrano I don’t think I’d care about any of these low life scumbags.

    BTW I’m half into a botlle of Jim Beam. I really hate that these fuckers ruined my summer of abseball watching. I’d like to take my cock and shove into Hendry’s ear on a postgame show and if I could get it up dump a quart of fucking man chowder on his face.
    09/02/06 18:24:25

    CubsBall2202 wrote:
    Anyone happen to catch the Fire Baker and Hendry sign i had up today durin the 7th innign stretch and at the begining of the game? Also was anyone from this site there and holding a “Fire Dusty/Hire Girardi” sign?

    I thought id share that after the game today i was walkin around with my fire hendry sign and who else is to come out to his car after the game then hendry himself. well he pulls out and looks directly at me where i show him the sign of what most of cubdom thinks and all he could do was just stare. just thought id share that with everyone here
    09/02/06 18:42:38

    genrebuster wrote:
    loucub, i hear you…
    09/02/06 18:43:48 edit

    DavyRosello wrote:
    CUbsBall that’s the most awesome thing I;ve heard this year I hate that bastard
    09/02/06 20:00:48

    MadCityMac wrote:
    HENDRY YOU GUTLESS COCKSUCKER, FIRE THAT RASCIST PIECE OF SHIT BAKER NOW. I’M SICK OF THIS BULLSHIT OF THERIOT AND MURTON SITTING AND BUTT-BUDDY BYNUM PLAYING. DOUCHEBAG, GO BACK TO THE BAY AREA WITH THE GIANTS YOU BASTARD. I HATE YOU! Okay, I feel a little better. At least I had college football to watch today instead of Fox putting a fucking Cubs game on TV. I’m done for this year unless Moe Hnedry grows a set of balls and actually DOES send that toothpick chewing prick packing, along his band of merry idiots; Clines, Rottenchild, Sarge, etc.

    Damn, I haven’t even been drinking today. Had to drive too far to get home from working at the bar to REALLY tie one on!
    09/02/06 20:18:48

    DavyRosello wrote:
    Trade a million players in yout career and nobody calls you a great GM, but suck one cock and you’re a cocksucker for life, Hendry you piece of fucking shit. I hate fucking hendry he’s a polesmoking mother fucking dingleberry on the ass of society. I hate him worse than Dusty. I realized today that if I had a choice of going to that dump Wrigley Field and watching a TV dinner cook in the microwave I think I’d rather just look at my food. Anybody know what an Emeril is ? That’s what I’d do to Hendry that polesmoker. I hope he gets sodomized by a bull elephant or at least Bull Durham
    09/02/06 23:17:46

    ksmc2000 wrote:
    What in the hell has become of bobbyd? Was he run over by a truck, or have aliens abducted him? Kirk, do you know anything about this?


    I had a free day on Saturday, and thought about joining you at the Plaza for a few. But I agree with you. It’s a long way back home. The last time I went, I found my way into Madison ok, but it was finding my way out that was difficult.
    09/03/06 00:47:27

    FroDogs wrote:
    CubsBball, you by chance have that game taped? I was working. If you didn’t remember, I was the one holding up a Fire Dusty sign at the Cubs/Brewers game a couple months back and it was in the papers and on Comcast SportsNet which was really funny. If you have it taped and want to send pictures or something, let me know. I am asking because Comcast Sports Net did not put the reply on at night like they usually do. They have a replay of college football instead.
    09/03/06 02:29:48

    cubby wrote:
    09/03/06 06:32:25

    genrebuster wrote:
    I blame this lost season–and last year, too…on Hendry. That idiot bastard son should have fired Baker at the all-star break in 2005.
    09/03/06 07:53:13 edit

    MadCityMac wrote:
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who has thought of this but what happens when Hendry is fired? Next year, 2 years, whenever. What owner in his right mind is going to hire this eunuch? If I’m an owner (with any brains whatsoever) I’m looking at this season and saying “what happened here? This jackoff had a $98 million payroll and let this incompetent piece of shit of a manager destroy the product, and did nothing to correct it?”

    Hendry will not be here forever. My opinion? If he wants to look at the big picture of his career in baseball, you better grow some nads and do what’s right, not keep Douchebag because his hands are tied. And if it actually IS his decision to keep Baker, he never deserved this job in the first place.

    Game and a half out of last; what better time to send Douchebag packing, eh? Happy Labor Day everybody!!

    Keith, we still gotta get together sometime soon. Too bad the Packer-Bear game is next Sunday already; that would be fun but waaaay too short notice unfortunately. I have a feeling next Monday morning I’m going to have a lot of people laughing at me; the Packers really suck.
    09/03/06 09:07:08

    LouCub wrote:
    MadCity, I’ll bet Hendry’s around for awhile. I blame him solely for 2 things during his tenure, relying heavily on Wood and Prior and not firing or undermining Dustdick!!! Hendry was gold in my book, especially after 2003, he got Lee, Hawkins and Maddog to seal the deal and Nomar in midseason, but Dusty couldn’t hold his team together and they blew a 3 game lead with one week left for the Wild Card. His trades have always been good, I can’t think of any he’s been taken on and in regards to free agency, I’ll guarantee you Dicksimons and Mac Muffin had more to do with him not pursing guys like Beltran and Pudge, than we realise, no doubt about it!! This farm system, regardless of critics saying it’s been weak as of late is starting to produce once more. I’m not a Hendry hater, I just hate his (forced?) inactivity when it comes to Dustcunt. It seems to be the same approach the Giants took with him to avoid being labeled racists by hte prick himself. If Hendry can hire Girardi or Brenly, this team WILL play better, these players WILL be held accountable for their actions and the right players WILL play, not just the bench veterans who Dustdick probaably assfucked every night like Neifi, Macias, Hollandsworthless, Tom Goodwin and now Freaky Freddie Bynum, who actually cost this team more games than win games. I’ll openly laugh hysterically when someone else hires that prick after all the destruction he reaped on this organization and like ESPN points out, someone will.
    09/03/06 10:08:32

    LouCub wrote:
    Barrett just got put on the DL, the CUbs call up Buck Coats, why not Soto??? Just curious.
    09/03/06 11:12:18

    silentkev wrote:
    Soto is already up LouCub. they brought him up on the 1st
    09/03/06 12:08:53

    LouCub wrote:
    Thanx silent, I didn’t know.
    09/03/06 17:04:36

    genrebuster wrote:
    I hate to say it but the Cubs have been fulfilling all my expectations lately. I wish the season would just end now…PATHETIC.

    Oh well…maybe the kids will get a chance to play more in September..but too bad there’s nobody “sharp” available to evaluate or coach them.
    09/03/06 20:00:09 edit

    DigDoug wrote:
    I’m beginning to think that nothing the Cubs will do will make some of you happy.

    The comments about Juan Pierre only having 2 homers? LOL He isn’t a homerun hitter. He’s about getting on base and stealing bases. He had a slump at the beginning of the season but he’s a damn good player.

    As far as the comments on Maddux. How can you hate the guy? He’s a HOF pitcher on a team where he can prosper.

    Neifi is gone. Great. Now everyone complains about Bynum.

    Everyone needs to chill out before you have a heart attack.
    09/04/06 00:19:06

    genrebuster wrote:

    What the hell have the Cubs done to make you happy? They STINK. Are you honestly satisfied with the way things have gone since the last 2 games of 2003 until now? I bet/hope not.

    Here’s what will make me happy: FIRE DUSTY BAKER, FIRE JIM HENDRY, ACCEPT the fact that Wood and Prior CANNOT be counted on and plan accordingly.

    I’m actually OK with Pierrre for now…sorry but Bynum doesn’t impress me.

    As for me, I still like Maddux, very sorry to see him go but happy for him that he escaped from the Tribune/Cubs. I bet he and Nomar are thrilled to have escaped…

    I really believe that MacFAIL probably needs to go, too…and the Tribune of course.

    But don’t underestimate a BIG part of the problem: the fact that SO MANY sheeple are willing to continue to go to the games and support this bullshit, pathetic, fucked up organization of losers. The Tribune continues to make big bucks on the Cubs…so really, what’s the incentive to make big changes?
    09/04/06 02:42:41 edit

    cubby wrote:
    09/04/06 07:11:47

    tdmachine1 wrote:
    …100 losses here we come….
    09/04/06 07:29:30

    MadCityMac wrote:
    Greg Maddux is one of the classiest people to ever wear a Cub uniform, as opposed to some of the human garbage that we’re forced to endure now. Kudos to all of the young pitchers who sat down with Maddog in the dugout and picked his brain on the ART of pitching, not THROWING. If Wood and Pussy Prior had put their egos aside for a minute they might have learned something.

    Freddy Bynum is useless. What does this guy bring to the table? Anybody? Ryan Theriot should be in the lineup damned near everyday, except rascist assbag Baker just has to play Bynum.

    I honestly believe that if ARam comes back and we have an actual manager instead of a facilitator for a bunch of jagoffs (Eyre saying he signed with the Cubs because Douchbag doesn’t have any rules; I wanted to scream) he won’t be jogging out balls anymore. The guys a stud; just lazy. Girardi is enough of a red-ass that that kind of crap won’t be tolerated. Please Loria, send Joe home!

    Andy macFAIL is doing exactly what the Tribune is paying him for; make money for the Tribune. BUT, for someone with the family legacy in the game that he has, he sucks as a baseball man. Andy, if you want to be a corporate CEO, hey great. Even if I hate what you do, you have a right to do it. But go to some Fortune 500 company and make your mark; let baseball men try to win games. You’re a whore.

    I won’t even get into the incompetence of Douchebag and Moe Hendry. We’ve been down that road so damn often already.

    But DigDoug, that’s why we all vent. It’s been 98 years, soon to be 99. It;s just a game yes, but damn, I want to see the Cubs win one in my lifetime. Anything short of winning the World Series is unacceptable. That’s why some of us are never happy here. You’re obviously a Cub fan or you wouldn’t be here. We’re passinate about the Cubs and love our team.
    09/04/06 09:36:53

    MadCityMac wrote:
    ..passionate. Damn, not enough coffee yet…
    09/04/06 09:39:40

    genrebuster wrote:
    Thanks for the great post Mac.
    09/04/06 09:41:00 edit

    LouCub wrote:
    MadCity, great, great post.
    09/04/06 11:27:06

    tdmachine1 wrote:
    DigDoug, I have been a baseball fan and Cubs fan for 25 years and I played in College….to say Pierre is great is a stretch…out of all the starters in baseball he is in the bottom 90 percent in on base percentage…about the only thing he does well now is steal bases …but you cant steal first…and 40 bases is nothing compared to the OBP and SLG a more complete player like Gary Mathew Jr is…oh and Mathews Jr doesnt throw like a little leaguer…DigDoug, I advise you to turn yourself in to a drug and alcohol traetment center besed on your assessment of Juan Pierre….by the way who names a black baby Juan….??? DigDoug, you are right we do need to chill..and I will when I see a MF’n winner on the north side..we are passionate about winning…are you Jim Hendry???
    09/04/06 12:48:14

    jfucilla wrote:
    The Cubs have forced loyal fans to compromise too much. Nothing less than a WS title is acceptable. But how about competing throughout the season and making the playoffs in a weak league? Contend as opposed to belly-up before mid-June in a weak division. Really, going in the right direction would exponentially increase chances of a WS title.

    For next season Hendry has to have the mindset that change = good for team performance. I know I’m wasting my time, but he starts with hiring the best manager and coaching staff possible and giving his trainer a hard look.

    On the team, Hendry has tough decisions to make dealing with Ramirez, Dempster and Jones. (The decision on Rusch should be easy, but he could be hard to get rid of.) In so doing he has to remember change = good for team performance.
    1) Trade Dempster and replace him with a low salary reliever, then Eyre or Howry close; probably Eyre closes. This decreases the bullpen payroll by $4-5 million to be used to improve the rest of the team. Bonus if he can get somebody for Dempster.
    2) Trade Jones and get a low salary young player who can play D and make sure a reserve can cover that same outfield position. They should save at least $2 million to use elsewhere. Another bonus if Hendry can get somebody for Jones.
    3) Ramirez is going to want more than the $11 million he’s already down to get in 07’. This after not coming through for almost ½ the season. Theoretically, this could go either way. But, potluck for a 3rd baseman could mean goodbye Ramirez and hello C. Lee or Soriano.

    Hendry has to get a free agent starting pitcher. I doubt two would sign with the Cubs. They also can’t afford two unless they have a higher budget or don’t use funds anywhere else.

    Down note: Very little chance the Cubs can win a championship next season; a new manager is the best shot.

    I agree. Bynum is a waste of time. Hendry should trade him. I think Dusty is playing Bynum at 2B instead of Theriot because Bynum bats left. Can’t tell how much consideration Bynum will get for next season because he bats left. In the meantime, Theriot needs more playing time and seems to be able to hit against both right and left-handed pitchers. I think the Cubs already have middle infield talent even though they won’t supply power. Hopefully, Izturis will be free of injury next season. (Izturis SS, Theriot 2B, and Cedeno middle infield reserve would probably work.) IMO – the middle infield problems this season were mostly due to management blunders and, to some extent, Lee’s injury.

    Happy Labor Day. It’s been raining here all day so far.
    09/04/06 12:50:18

    tdmachine1 wrote:
    Jfucilla, You are hired….you could be my GM any day….ditto and kudos for your assessment of Cedeno as a back up at best..problem is he would play alot due to Izturis problematic health issues….
    09/04/06 12:54:47

    chucky wrote:
    WOW! Only the second inning, Zambrano looked like shit and Douchebag is tearing through the bench and bullpen like paper. The bats are waking up so maybe Z will get the hook. Now Theriot gets a 3 run double which means he can watch Tuesdays game from the bench. This shit is too predictable.
    09/04/06 14:18:32

    Bonk wrote:
    Boddyd must be getting treatment for cirrhosis of the liver. This season could drive any fan to alcoholism.
    09/04/06 14:21:29

    DigDoug wrote:
    No, I’m not Jim Hendry and no the Cubs haven’t done anything to make me happy this season.

    All I’m saying is that you guys are blowing gaskets over what is already a lost cause this season. I am a huge Cubs fan and I was just as pissed as the rest of you.

    It bugs me to see people make comments that are completely off the mark.
    No one should talk shit about Maddux. He’s had a great career and unfortunately he was on a shitty Cubs team. Pierre only having 2 homeruns? Pfftt.

    tdmachine1 – Have you looked at Gary Matthews Jr’s stats? He played for the Cubs before and he sucked. He has been average to below average every season in MLB and hasn’t been a franchise player anywhere. He has had one good season THIS year. That doesn’t make him better than Pierre. Pierre had a terrible April and May. He’s been great the rest of the season.

    Hendry isn’t going anywhere and neither is McPhail. Hopefuly, Dusty will be fired and the owner of the Marlins will fire Girardi so we can hire him.

    Girardi can take care of the issues with Cubs that should be non-issues. Eg, Ramirez’s lack of hustle, pitchers failing to cover 1st base, base running errors, etc. These things have been ignored by Dusty.

    The Cubs need a lot of work to be good. Starting pitching, bullpen, and new coach would make me happy.
    09/04/06 14:28:45

    DigDoug wrote:
    We need a Fire Dusty Baker message board. There are so many conversations in this thread. It would be much better in a message board/forum instead of a blog. Anyone know how to do that? LOL
    09/04/06 15:06:15

    Bonk wrote:
    DigDoug – Pierre has been decent since the end of May. His OBP is still .329, which is among the worst in the NL for leadoff hitters. His defense isn’t great, and teams take extra bases on him all the time.

    I think the reason most of us are pissed about the Bynum thing is that — as you pointed out — this season is a bust, but Dustfuck could give prospects a chance to play, but instead chooses to stick Bynum in almost every day. The guy doesn’t do anything at a major league level, so I’m convinced he’s only playing because he’s black.

    If he played prospects and give some of them some MLB experience, not only would we see if those players are major-league capable, but it would also give us some sense of optimism. Instead…

    I have no problem with Cedeno playing, even though he’s had a shitty year, because he’s a prospect. Theriot deserves to be in every day, and so does Murton.

    You think Soto’s going to play every day with Barrett out? I’d bet my life savings Blanco plays 5-6 days a week the rest of the season.

    THAT’S what’s annoying about Bynum playing.
    09/04/06 15:27:47

    Bonk wrote:
    Mabry pinch hits for Theriot and strikes out to end the game. Classic.
    09/04/06 17:18:05

    LouCub wrote:
    Bonk, I got into a semi arguement with a friend of mine over that bullshit of putting Maybry in for Theriot. He said LaRussa would do the same thing but bullshit, Mabry ain’t worth a fucking cent of the money, Theriot in half a season has been more clutch than Mabry over the last 2 years Hendry should have traded the jerk when he had the opportunity. Theriot keeps impressing me, Cedeno needs a fucking psycologist cause his throws are as bad as Steve Sax’s were in the late 80’s. Someone work with this kid…
    09/04/06 17:30:51

    mbolton wrote:
    We play tomorrow for last place in the NL. Go Pirates! If Hendry can’t look at that and know there are serious problems with Crusty, I don’t know what it would take. Crusty must just cringe every time Theriot does well.
    09/04/06 17:31:20

    tdmachine2 wrote:
    DigDoug- No shit we had Mathews Jr…..there are not too many AROD’s that are superstars at the age of 19…many guys have had growing pains in the majors before they bust out…..see Joe Crede, Derek Lee….Mathews Jr is breaking out and he is twice the player Pierre is….do yourself a favor and watch a couple innings of a Rangers game….by the way, Pierre is not great, even if you take away his first two atrocious months while he helped the Cubs bury themselves….
    09/04/06 17:48:43

    TimBlackwell wrote:
    Bonk, as much as I dislike Freddie Bynum, I’m afraid he is one of our prospects. He came from Oakland, but this is only his second season in the bigs. The guy is only making $327k. You get what you pay for.
    09/04/06 17:59:48

    DavyRosello wrote:
    Although this looks like a problem that happened overnight it isn’t and we can’t hope to get out of it by next year. Many of us talked about youth, well that’s what we got whether we like it or not. I’ve seen some good things, but we need to build up a depleted farm system, by the draft, maybe by trading some of the current team, but goddammit we have to do our due dilegence and we don’t. The scouts have to do a better job.

    The current team with DLee and Zambrano is very light in hitting. What do you do ? You have no prospects, no trade bait but maybe Prior and Barrett. We need to cut bait with some of these guys. I’d keep Pierre I think the guy hustles and knows how to win. Keep Ramirez or sign him and trade him as part of a [ackage with Dempster; for a starter, a closer and propects that can come up in a couple years. Sign Carlos Lee or Soriano. We won’t get both. If we get Soriano then Theriot goes to 3rd unless we get a 3rd baseman.

    Remember our biggest chip would appear to be Ramirez since there are so few good 3rd basemen out there. You’d need somebody to fill the gap. Erstad might be a fit, possibly.

    As for the Maddux comment I knew I’d get shit for it but, I think the guy has tried to fool all of us Cub fans, I don’t dispute his #’s, it’s the loyalty I question and I realize that’s more of a philosophical discussion but loyalty I believe to be a big issue with this team, in watching the games lately & the biggest problem with this franchise……from the fans up.
    09/04/06 18:32:31

    100losses wrote:




    PS — look at my name!! I said it FIRST!

    09/04/06 18:56:08
    LouCub wrote:
    Davy, I think your wrong about the depleted minor league system of the Cubs. I realise that the team record sucks but when was the last time we’ve seen this many promising young players up with the team?? Maybe 1989?? I like a lot of the young arms, Mateo, Hill, Marmol, Marshall, Aardsma. Murton, Pagan, Theriot have all been solid and are definately keepers in my book as far as regulars go. I really believe Cedeno has a lot of talent but needs some serious guidance to help him succeed. I’m happy Scotty Moore got recalled hopefully dustfuck can play him a bit and I’d like to see EPatt and Pie as well. It’s amazing, so called experts start ripping our system and it’s better (producing better) than it has in years. Davy this team has got a lot of money to spend this offseason and hopefully for once Hendry isn’t forced to be frugal and look for the Wade Millers and Scott williamson’s of the world. By the way, Maddux gave everything he had to this organization… His first time around he was ass fucked by that prick Larry Himes and this time around Hendry had enough class to keep him informed about wheter he’d stay a Cub or not. Maddux WILL have his number 31 retired with Fergie the season after he retires and rightfully so. He never wanted to leave the first time around and upon coming back especially this year he’s been a teriffic mentor to young pitchers who aren’t so full of themselves (Wood and Prior) to seek his advice (Marshall and Marmol).I’m proud that we’ve had a professional athlete of that caliber on OUR sorry assed team!!! P.S. Even if ARam leaves, which I highly doubt, Theriot will never play 3rd cause he ain’t got the arm for it. He’s perfectly suited for 2b or SS, especiually 2b.
    09/04/06 19:16:02

    Bonk wrote:
    TimBlackwell – Wow. I just looked Bynum up, and can’t believe he was actually a second-round draft pick. So I guess he is sort of a prospect.

    But, Jesus, look at these mediocre minor-league numbers:


    The only semi-solid year he has was in High-A ball, and he played his minor-league games in bandbox stadiums out west. Christ, does he suck.
    09/04/06 19:46:01

    DavyRosello wrote:
    LouCub, I hope you’re right I’m a bit less optimistic because of all the nonsense the Cubs mgmt has blown for years, going back to the Fergie Jenkins days.

    I agree that some of the young arms look good, but I guess I always remember Jeremi Gonzalez, Frank Castillo and Steve Trachsel as the “studs” of the organization. I would trade Pie right now and get soemthing for him before he turns into another waste. You have to gamble I don’t want to wait and see on another potential mediocre outfielder i.e. Mel Hall, Tuffy RHodes, Brian Dayett, Jim Tyrone, Champ Summers, Tarzan Wallis, Jerome Walton, Scot Thomson: ad astra.

    I hate Maddux he’s a piece of shit. If he wanted to he could have stayed the fact is he left. he went to where it was better for HIM and came back when it was the ONLY offer on the table. I’m not saying it’s not his right, just that he’s not as different as say a Clemens. What did he teach our young guys and if you say “they’re full fo themselves” than why not say the same thing about Dusty. The difference between the real and the fugazi is someone that’s able to get through to a lunkhead, these guys aren’t rocket scientists.

    It’s about $$$$$ and that’s cool if you say it don’t jerk me around. He doesn’t deserve a retired # with us at least, let Atlanta do it, kind of like Sutter and I’d probably retire Sutter’s # before Maddux’.
    09/04/06 20:38:40

    BAAAAAA wrote:
    Flubs SUCK, SSDD

    This will be a generic weekly post now.

    too tired to get creative with this crap, as the beloved flubbies are too tired to be creative on the field.


    Since the Sheeple are the friggin reason this company will NEVER get this sorry ass team out of the toilet…Keep paying your money…BAAAAAAAAAA

    Keep flooding that field of ignorance…BAAAAAAAAAA
    09/04/06 22:13:33

    genrebuster wrote:
    Let’s go for 100!

    100 losses AND 100 years without a World series title!

    Anybody want to give me shit about posting that? Don’t bother…I really don’t care what you think! For those of you that don’t “know me” from my posts here: I’ve been watching the Cubs since I was a kid and I’m 49 years old. I was born in Chicago, went to quite a few games as a kid…my mother currently lives a few blocks from Wrigley but I refuse to go to another game until some big changes are made.

    Dusty Baker is a fucking HACK and if anybody has a problem with “race”, it just might be him…for bringing it up. As for Hendry: a gutless bastard…I guess the same can be said for MacFAIL. Or maybe just an ass-kissing greedy “yes man” to the Tribune, who could give a fuck about winning. Good job Andy: you’ve succeeded on a corporate level…and failed miserably as a baseball man for allowing this Dusty Baker circus to continue. PATHETIC.

    Get rid of the trainer O’Neal, he is obviously worthless. Rothschild? Hmmmm…how many Cubs pitchers have stayed healthy? Rothschild: OUT!!!

    Baker is an IDIOT manager, plain and simple. Get a real manager in place NOW: a LEADER, a MAN who can evaluate his players and will hold them accountable when they don’t give their best effort.

    The Cubs are destined for failure until big changes are made and that begins with Dusty Baker getting fired…NOW.

    This has been the most pathetic, aggravating, disappointing, embarrasing and disgusting season that I can remember in recent years.


    tick tock.
    09/04/06 22:22:21 edit

    skijcm wrote:
    One game away from being the worst team in the National League … I hope Dusty and Hendry are proud.
    09/04/06 22:50:21

    DavyRosello wrote:
    Man Genre as a contemporary re: age I wholeheartedly second everything you said. It’s been horrible, the worst ever. Ever. This is the most overpaid, overrated, disgraceful group of pseudo-ballplayers that I think I’ve ever seen, not just in Chicago, but anywhere.
    09/05/06 06:44:10

    Bonk wrote:
    Go, Ass Pirates. Last would be awesome.
    09/05/06 07:39:00

    tdmachine1 wrote:
    Theriot with another big hit yesterday….he will be riding the pine today….
    09/05/06 10:09:33

    Gramps wrote:
    27 games under, and with that dumpy is officially a LOSER for his tenure with the Cubs!! Not used to this “losing thing” you lazy fuck? Well, nothing like 600 plus games of practice to help you get used to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    09/05/06 10:23:50

    genrebuster wrote:
    jfucilla, once again a thoughtful post that makes sense…if you were the GM the Cubs would likely be in a better place.

    trade aram? if the Cubs get a solid player in return, why not? the season starts in APRIL.
    09/05/06 12:35:18 edit

    genrebuster wrote:
    davy, your last 2 words “but anywhere” is dead on, and not just in baseball.


    “image IS NOT everything”.
    09/05/06 14:37:18 edit

    heatrileyfan wrote:
    at this point why not just tank it and finish in last place. Let’s get the #1 pick in next year’s draft (or did Hendry already trade away the Cubs’ first round pick) so we can trade it to the Marlins for more useless players.
    09/05/06 14:42:43

    Captain Kirk wrote:
    At this point in the space-time millennium the situation with the Cubs is TOTALLY FUCKING HOPELESS.

    The good players are now well schooled in being loveable losers. The young players are mediocre big leaguers. The utility players suck. The set up guys have nothing to set up and our closer sucks. The minor leagues are depleted! The team chemistry is terrible. Our hope for the future has been on the DL for 2 fucking years and we add another in Miller to provide more hope.

    What a bunch of bullshit this is. I am going to set my phaser on full power load up the photon torpedos and take dead aim on Wrigley. Time to end this suffering!
    09/05/06 15:57:31

    cubby wrote:
    09/05/06 16:25:16

    chucky wrote:
    Get ready. Your promotion to admiral is coming very soon.
    09/05/06 17:47:46

    tdmachine2 wrote:
    Cubby, the cards Steal Juan Pierre..?? The guy cant get on base….He is going to make 7 or 8 million……you must not have been watching all year….they have a better leadoff hitter in Eckstein….he actually walks and gets on base…pretty novel idea for a leadoff man huh? Oh I forgot Pierre has stole 40 bases so that makes him a great player…Vince Coleman could steal too but he couldnt hit…..woner where he is now….should be working in the cubs organization teaching Cedeno how to frickin steal….
    09/05/06 18:28:01

    Captain Kirk wrote:
    Ramirez, Pierre and Lee to the Sox for Konerko, Crede, McCarthy and Podsednik.
    09/05/06 18:38:26

    BAAAAAA wrote:
    one game or not..the flubs are STILL the worst ‘team’ in this league. The other bad teams at least GIVE A SHIT.
    09/05/06 18:50:48

    ChiCubzFan wrote:
    It seems like a lot of us were writing the same stuff about Dusty last year. Time drags when you are on the end of one of the worst seasons in Cub history.
    09/05/06 18:51:36

    Bonk wrote:
    2-1 Ass Pirates. Dead last, here we come.
    09/05/06 19:40:17

    LouCub wrote:
    Nice fucking effort by Bridget Jones in RF, I want that pussy assed piece of shit off this team NOW!!! If Brenly or Girardi were managing, that bitch would be on the pine and Pagan would be playing, it’s crap like this that has killed this team this year. I’m watching the Pirate feed on the baseball package and the announcers were joking that Mateo after only 6 starts was throwing his hands up after that miscue. What do these pricks expect?? I’m glad he showed displeasure this crap sucks!!!!
    09/05/06 19:51:33

    genrebuster wrote:
    Jones is worthless…we got rid of Burnitz for that fundamentally challenged whiner? Brilliant.
    09/05/06 20:05:21 edit

    LouCub wrote:
    Genre, JJ is a piece of shit, I’d rather have Burnitz than his sorry ass. Shit Murton has probaably 100 less at bats @ least, bats further down in the order (and usually bats leadoff cause JJ makes the 3rd out before him) and still only has 14 RBI’s less. I want Pagan in RF everyday till the seasons over, Jones is a negative vibe on this team.
    09/05/06 20:09:31

    DavyRosello wrote:
    and don’t forget what an effective 2 strike hitter he is…………
    09/05/06 20:57:11

    Captain Kirk wrote:
    At least we were shrewd enough to lock him into a 3 year deal.
    09/05/06 21:08:49

    chucky wrote:
    I can’t fucking believe this one. On the Cubs website, none other than Kerry Wood has been nominated for the Marvin Miller “Man of the Year” award. Forgive my ignorance, but isn’t a player supposed to contribute off the field….AND ON THE FIELD. Just what the fuck is this bullshit? Anybody have an answer to this one?
    09/05/06 21:15:21

    LouCub wrote:
    Cubs just aquired the Twins #9 prospect, pitcher Adam Harben to complete the Phil Nevin trade per pro sports daily message boards. Jerome Williams was put on waivers and claimed by Oakland, should have traded him and gotten something for him last offseason. Seems like Moe Hendry has pulled off another solid post July 31st trade.
    09/05/06 21:20:48

    genrebuster wrote:
    Chucky you mean “Balsa Wood”, right?
    The answer is that the Cubs PR machine is doing what they do best: spinning SHIT.
    09/05/06 21:23:30 edit

    chucky wrote:
    Yeah genre. Balsa Wood is right. But I’m confused. Is that the Cubs PR machine or the White House? Or do both spin THAT much shit?
    09/05/06 21:29:32

    MadCityMac wrote:
    Chucky, well put! The Cubs and the White House are both inept top to bottom.
    09/05/06 22:05:39

    chucky wrote:
    Thanks MadCityMac. But calling both of them inept is being too kind.
    09/05/06 22:10:32

    jimmy d wrote:
    FUCK YOU DEMPSTER…YOU INEPT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!! Why in the fuck do we continue to go to this fucking well that is as dry as the SAHARA??? Another stellar performance from our outstanding closer…1 inning, 25 pitches, 1 hit, 2 walks, wild pitch, loss. 1-8 on the year you lame piece of shit. I’m glad that this one is happening, only because it moves the “butt Pirates” a half game ahead of our beloved Cubs.

    Oh yeah…one more thing. DUSTY…GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU LOSER!!!!!!!!

    Somebody find Bobby D. so we can get a new thread going. This one is almost as long as our wait to get back to the playoffs.
    09/05/06 22:11:18

    MadCityMac wrote:
    Jackoff Jones; if ever there was reason for Hendry to get rid of Baker it would be for continuing to play that useless piece of shit. Then again, it was Moe Hendry who signed this poor excuse for a little leaguer in the first place. The rightfielder on my slow pitch team is better than that hack; better arm that’s for damn sure, not to mention a cast-iron liver; a pre-requisite for our team!
    09/05/06 22:13:17

    jimmy d wrote:
    Wait to go Freddy. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Steeeerrrrikkkeee 3333333!!!!!!! Yer out!!!

    DIE FUCKERS!!!!!!!!
    09/05/06 22:14:45

    chucky wrote:
    And Len Casper the friendly ghost just had an interesting stat: Cubs have 15 hits and are 3 for 15 with runners in scoring position,and Bynum just struck out to end the game. AT LAST, WE ARE FINALLY IN LAST PLACE IN PERHAPS THE WEAKEST DIVISION IN ALL OF BASEBALL! YOU FUCKING SUCK DUSTY!!!
    09/05/06 22:15:30

    MadCityMac wrote:
    Jimmy D, I guess Dumpster is another one of “Dusty’s boys”, eh? The token cracker in that biggot’s “arsenal of shit”.
    09/05/06 22:17:59

    chucky wrote:
    3 for 16 with RISP. Thanks Bynum,you scumbag!
    09/05/06 22:18:32

    MadCityMac wrote:
    Last place in the entire fucking Naional League. Way to go Douchebag, you did it! If Tampa Bay wins tonight, the only team worse than the Cubs will be the Royals.

    Heard on the Score today that if the Cubs somehow manage not to get a complete game the rest of the year, they will become the first team in major league HISTORY to not have a single complete game in a season. How many more milestones can this group of losers hit this year? 100 losses? Hell yes!

    Dusty is now below .500 with the Cubs, right?
    09/05/06 22:26:20

    jimmy d wrote:

    You know what? You don’t want to be remembered for the past couple of months, so for everyone on this site (I hope that’s okay with everyone), we promise not to judge you for the past few months. Instead, we will forever remember you as the FUCKING LAZY AND INCOMPETENT (YET OVERPAID) USELESS PIECE OF RHINOCEROS JISM THAT TOOK US FROM FIRST TO WORST!!!!!! Nobody can ever take that prestigious distinction away from you.

    09/05/06 22:26:38
    MadCityMac wrote:
    I just checked the box score from tonight’s game. NOW I know why Douchebag doesn’t like to play Theriot; he walked twice! Clogging up those damned bases again!

    Tampa Bay lost, dammit!
    09/05/06 22:42:36
    LouCub wrote:
    Bynum not only is the uglisest fucking player since Otis Nixon or Willie McGee, but he’s the worst fucking unclutch piece of shit since Jose Macias!!! I’d of pinch hit Buck Coats for Ronny and had assface Bynum run for Hank White, but once again Dustdick’s stupidity is in full force!! Jimmy D your right on, get him the fuck out of our faces forever!!! I’m so sick of seeing that piece of shit sucking on those toothpicks like a two bit whore, dear God let this month pass, please!!!!!
    09/05/06 22:48:58

    jimmy d wrote:

    I love the comment about the requisite cast-iron liver. That’s pretty much how it is on our slow pitch team. I need to drive down to MadTown to catch a game and party with your team some time.

    By the way, has anyone heard from that little whiny bitch “StayDusty”. I didn’t think so. It’s so cool how they come out to support Dusty the Retard during a little win streak which is the equivalent of a “white head” pimple on the ass of an elephant. However, the minute that fucker rips off his mask and shows his real self his supporters are nowhere to be found. Except of course for Neifi, Freddy and all the other loser’s that want him to stay around because he has no rules. No rules let’s you still carry your rag arm out to the mound when you’re 1-7 (as a closer) and you can’t fire your heater past a little leaguer. Dempster wouldn’t be pitching on any other team in this league or even in the California Penal League…but he’s Dusty’s “guy”.

    And one last thing. From cubby’s post above, it appears that Hendry wants to roll up the sleeves and go to work in October. That’s the equivalent of me rolling up my sleeves and going to work on Saturday night. Hendry, why don’t you just roll ’em up in 2019 and then go to work. You stupid motherfucker…you should be working all the time and you should have fired Dr. Toothpick before the All-Star Break. LOSER!!!!!!!!
    09/05/06 22:56:33

  8. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Another 9th inning come-from-behind victory.

  9. erniesarmy Says:

    He Genre, here comes my first prediction.

    If the Cubs come out of that nine game West Coast road swing 6-3 or better, they win the Division. Mark It!

  10. genrebuster Says:

    You’re probably right Ernie, and I hope you are…but anything less than a WS win will feel like a failure.

  11. erniesarmy Says:

    I’ll make my playoff predictions after the season is over. Cubs still have glaring weaknesses that need correction before I can see them going far in the playoffs. But, we still have two more months to see if they can be corrected.

  12. Dave Says:

    A good Mark Prior interview. No longer plays, but is a good pitching coach for a SD Padres farm team. His praise of Dustdick and Towel drill Rothschild, I could have done without, however.

    Happy Anniversary,!! And GO CUBS!!

  13. genrebuster Says:

    Dave, I’m going to post the article as a separate thread, along with your comment. I just saw it, right before I saw your post.


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