Rock Bottom: Jaguars 17 Bears 16


Miserable. Just fucking miserable. The Bears were 13-0 and 16-7 in the 4th quarter and should have been up by much more. Instead, the offense just stalls in the red zone and kicks field goals.

This is a game that is grounds for firing John Fox. There is no excuse. Not a single excuse. I know, this helps the Bears get a better draft pick. It’s not in my nature to cheer against the Bears. I just can’t do it. And let’s just say the Bears get a high draft pick. Do you trust that Ryan Pace will pick the right player? I don’t.

Fuck this PATHETIC organization from top to bottom. Fuck these worthless pieces of shit.

18 Responses to “Rock Bottom: Jaguars 17 Bears 16”

  1. Nemo Says:

    Fuck Hoyer and his 70% completion rate!! Every time a pass really matters he badly overthrows it. Yay-threw to Alshon on 4th down today-he was covered. Inability to find an open man when it matters.

  2. Nemo Says:

    Hey Guys, what happened to Jiggs for postgame? Is he sick or did they just decide not to use him this year?

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    For sure. Hoyer’s stats (cue Yeti) have been nothing but a mask. It’s just a trend that the Bears have with their history of offense. They drive down the field with ease and when they get to the red zone, it’s either a field goal attempt or turnover of some sort. They can’t get touchdowns with consistency. That’s how it was with Lovie and Trestman, too. The Bears need to draft a quarterback in the first round next year. Cutler isn’t going to change and today was definite proof that Hoyer is just a shitty quarterback.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    By the way, I am not sure what happened with Jiggetts on Comcast SportsNet. I thought he did the “Bears Blitz” shows or whatever else ones they have during the week. I don’t remember.

  5. Nemo Says:

    Thanks, Fro. Maybe they knew he wouldn’t be drinking any gatorade this year.

  6. Tony Cossio Says:

    Glad, hope they lose every game here on out. I want them to draft a decent QB – nevermind. With Pace at the helm he’l be drafting the next Ryan Leaf.

  7. dvxprime Says:

    I’m done with the Bears and the NFL for the year. Last thoughts:

    1) Kaepernick is a goddamned fraud. Have fun with your SJW QB of the future, Niners.

    2) Must be nice, ‘Frisco. You’ve got a massively overpriced stadium an hour’s drive from the actual city of SF; it’s situated so it’s an absolute OVEN for the first quarter of the season, your turf sucks ass, the stadium is geared towards the techbronies and venture capitalists (and FUCK the fans), and you have not one but two worthless QBs on your roster. Yay.

    3) Can’t find the end zone in the second half. Blew a 10 point lead at home to the Jaguars. Couldn’t pull off a two minute drill. I’ve seen all I need to see for 2016 gents.

    4) I’m not gonna belabor the points again. The bears are going to be in a do-loop of suck as long as a McCaskey owns this team. The NFL is turning into a shitshow.

    5) Go Cubs, dammit!

  8. genrebuster Says:

    DVX, how do you really feel?

    The NFL is a shitshow, I give Goodell a lot of credit for that.

    Fox, Pace, and Phillips should be fired immediately. They STINK. As do the McAsskeys. PATHETIC.

  9. erniesarmy Says:

    *Kaepernick is a goddamned fraud. Have fun with your SJW QB of the future, Niners.

    *The NFL is a shitshow, I give Goodell a lot of credit for that.

    I think both of these comments have something in common: Goodell!

    Since he’s come on the scene the NFL is more interested in adhering to a certain political viewpoint than playing the game of football. He is a SJW fanboy.

    I say get a commissioner that keeps politics out of the game!

  10. erniesarmy Says:

    As a long-time Packers fan, I am fed up with the lack of coaching on this team. Either get a new Defensive Coordinator, Offensive Coordinator, or fire Mike McCarthy! This team is dead offensively and confused defensively.

    Rodgers has regressed, and McCarthy has no answers? Seriously?

  11. genrebuster Says:

    …at least Rosenbloom can hit:

  12. genrebuster Says:

    Rodgers…trade him to the Bears for Cutler and Hoyer!

    Just kidding.

  13. genrebuster Says:

    He’d probably jump off the Sears tower….

  14. erniesarmy Says:

    Genre: As funny as it sounds, I would be open to trading Rodgers. If they could get some players that can play solid defense! I like Brett Hundley. I know he’s raw, but he has shown in preseason that he can be special.

    Rodgers looks like he has regressed big time. Perhaps it’s true, Denver exposed him, and now other teams are defending him with the same game plan, and he can’t adjust, or McCarthy can’t.

    If I were Ted Thompson, I would let the season play out. But, if Rodgers doesn’t snap out of it,and if this team continues to play listless, confused, undisciplined football, then I make major changes. I would either can McCarthy, or tell him he has to can Capers. That defense is pathetic! Then, I would dangle Rodgers for the right price. Panic moves? Not really. This has been their m.o. since the Seattle game two years ago.

  15. Fro Dog Says:

    Rosenbloom is the man. I am sure he will get some criticism for his prediction of 10-6, but he was throwing shit to a wall and praying it would stick with that. He’s usually spot on in his opinions and what many of us have had to say seems to coincide with what he says. He’s just as pissed off as we are.

    Ernie, I think the Packers would be really stupid to trade Rodgers. Even if he requested a trade (which he wouldn’t unless it was an extreme circumstance), they wouldn’t do it. He’s been relatively healthy his entire career, so you would think he could go another five years before he regresses. As we have seen in the NFL over the last decade (at least), good quarterbacks are very hard to find.

  16. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Rodgers hasn’t been right the last couple of years. Even his demeanor is off.

    I see Roger Goodell has spoken on issues surrounding the NFL . Here were a couple of his comments. He’s either lying or completely delusional of reality (or both):

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speculates that its television ratings could be impacted by viewers turning off non-competitive prime-time games. He doesn’t think that national anthem protests have impacted the ratings.

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on the increase of taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct penalty calls this season: “People may not like the rule. They may not like the line that’s been drawn. But (we think) that’s part of being a professional.”

  17. Fro Dog Says:

    I saw most of that conference on ESPN NFL Live today. It was him basically being arrogant to everybody. I think the point of the whole conference was: “Myself and the owners are making a bunch of money from all of these rule changes, decisions on calls during games and TV deals. Like it or not, we will continue to do this because a majority will still watch and that’s what matters the most.”

    Yes. The ratings are down because of non-competitive games. Why are they non-competitive? Because idiots like him have ruined the quality of the game by rule changes, Thursday night games and allowing the CBA to say that teams can’t practice as much as they use to a decade ago. That’s why you see a ton of injuries and busts. I know a lot of this has been said, but the fact that Goodell refuses to admit he’s watering down the game is arrogance at it’s finest.

    It doesn’t matter though. The owners all share the pie from TV deals/fines to players and whatever is left over after that percentage (somewhere between $40-$50 million a year) goes right to Goodell.

    You think him or the owners give a damn? If the owners cared about the success of their teams, they would vote to get this idiot out. And they can. I think they need a majority of something like, 29/32 teams or close to that. But they won’t. And why should they? He’s made them many more millions of dollars than they have in past years.

  18. Fro Dog Says:

    Found an article about removing Goodell:

    “And as stated in Article VI, Section 6.6 of the constitution: “All actions and decisions of the Executive Committee must be approved by the affirmative vote of not less than three-fourths or 20, whichever is greater, of the members of the Executive Committee.”

    The Executive Committee is composed of one representative and one alternate representative from each of the 32 NFL teams, appointed by their respective teams. The members must be either owners or holders of an interest or officers of member clubs in the league, and each member holds one vote.”

    Of course, they have to find a legit reason to get rid of him such as “being physially/mentally incapable of peforming day-to-day operations”, but it’s possible. And with that example, he is mentally incapable. Only a Looney Tune would make all of these new rules.


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