Game 4 – How much trouble are the Cubs in now?


For perhaps the first time all season, the Chicago Cubs find themselves in real trouble, according to FiveThirtyEight:

15 Responses to “Game 4 – How much trouble are the Cubs in now?”

  1. Dave Says:

    If we can’t shell the rookie Urias hard and chase him out of the game in the 2nd or 3rd innning, then we never belonged here.

  2. Tony Cossui Says:

    They need to win this game. It’s as simple as that.

  3. chucky Says:

    Hey guys…..First of all, I apologize for being away for so long. I wrecked my car back on Sept. 15, and busted myself up pretty damn good in the process. I’m still not 100% yet, but I’ll get there.

    Now, onto the Shlubbs. If they can win tonight, they have a chance. If not, get the golf clubs ready, because they will be done. Fucking Rizzo has sucked major dick this post season, and quite frankly, I’m calling bullshit on all the so called “experts” who expect this pudwhack to snap out of it the next game. Ain’t happening. This is the Anthony Jizzo we can expect to see for the remainder of this year. He’s the next Aramis Ramirez, racking up big numbers in the regular season, or having monster games in blowout games, but when it’s gut check time he sucks dick. Ernie has been right all along. When the pressure ratchets up, it’s “Choke Cubs, Choke”.

    At least if the Cubs lose this series we won’t have to hear that goddamned song every fucking time the news wants to say something about them. That goddamned song almost has me cheering against them. I wish we could reanimate that cocksucker Steve Goodman so that I could take out in the woods and disembowel him with some rusty fishing hooks.

  4. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I think the series will get back to Chicago. I’m not sure what to think after that. They’re more resilient than past teams. But the offense and bullpen just aren’t that good. Add in our starting pitchers (minus Lester) aren’t pitching to their potential? Problems.

    Hope you’re doing better, Chucky.

  5. chucky Says:

    Thank you Pie. I appreciate that. A lacerated spleen can be extremely painful. I certainly hope none you have to deal with that.

  6. Dave Says:

    Jobu has been summoned, the bats are waking up!

  7. Tony Cossio Says:

    The fuck Montgomery.

  8. erniesarmy Says:

    Chucky, my good friend you were missed! Glad to hear you’re doing better.

  9. genrebuster Says:

    I can’t see the game where I’m at, but it looks like Rizzo woke up….

  10. genrebuster Says:

    More importantly, welcome back chucky. I hope you recover quickly and completely!

  11. Dave Says:

    Urias got shelled, the bullpen and defense’s luck ran out. Got a chance to really put them on the ropes tomorrow going back to Wrigley. There is no way Kershaw shuts us out a second time. And if we lose Saturday, there is no chance Hill shuts us out again. Dave Roberts the rookie skipper is going DOWN!

  12. erniesarmy Says:

    Genre: “I can’t see the game where I’m at”. Yeah, thank you MLB for putting the Championship games on cable so fans can’t watch on free t.v. Thanks a lot!

    Boy, do I ever hanker for the days of NBC for the NLCS, and ABC for the ALCS. Oh well, somebody’s gotta pay those millionaires contracts. Can’t play for peanuts you know. “Oh, where have you gone Ernie Banks?”

  13. erniesarmy Says:

    “Dave Roberts the rookie skipper is going DOWN!”


    remember this is still the Cubs were talking about here…

  14. genrebuster Says:

    as I have previously stated…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock….tick tock….

  15. Tony Cossio Says:

    Hold your horses on Doom and Gloom or getting too confident. That said, what do you guys think of a Clevland/Cubs matchup? Thanks to the stupid all-star break Cleveland will have home field advantage.


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