Your starting quarterback for the 2017-18 Bears is………MATT BARKLEY! – Bears 26 49ers 6


Matt Barkley

Okay, I am just kidding. I swear. But, it was good to see the guy do well. He’s worked his ass off for the last few years and is finally getting his chance.

Yes, the Bears fucked themselves out of drafting a couple of picks higher for this coming draft. But, I just can’t cheer for the Bears to lose as I’ve said many times. I wasn’t planning on doing a recap because a now 3-9 team isn’t one to be excited about. But here it is.

If it isn’t for his asshole teammates, Barkley wins the game last week. That just shows how awful this team is. A bunch of no-name guys are dropping passes, are unable to block on punts (fuck whoever that guy was) and others who just plain suck. For these last four games, the only three players that really matter are Matt Barkley, Jordan Howard and Leonard Floyd.

Jordan Howard once again, rushed for over 100 yards. If that guy can just learn to catch passes and not fumble the ball on the run (I know, that’s a lot), he can be a top ten running back in the league. He is so much fun to watch. The dude scored all three touchdowns for the Bears yesterday.

Next week, it’s the first place Lions. It would be really nice to beat these guys to sweep the season series.

5 Responses to “Your starting quarterback for the 2017-18 Bears is………MATT BARKLEY! – Bears 26 49ers 6”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    As far as the draft order…well, the Bears made NINE picks last spring and look where they are now. The Bears haven’t drafted well enough to be in contention for the last few years, and the last two or three that they’ve drafted are long out of football. What good is a first round QB if the bears turn him into the second coming of Tom Collins?

    I am glad that the defense exposed Colin SJW Kaepernick for the phony that he is. Remember when he assclowned the bears a few years ago during his rookie season? Remember when he was about a week away from being cut by the Niners in the preseason? Hubris, meet nemesis.

    Btw Kaep, if you wanted to talk about “oppression”, maybe you should have had an open house with some of the Miami residents who made the 90 mile “boat ride” to escape Castro’s Cuba.

    So nice for the bears’ D to make an appearance and hand Colin his ass.

    In other news, the Bears, and maybe football will continue to suck for the near-term. Thursday Night Football Presented By Rob Zombie is coming back, and Ginny (Ma Fratelli) McCaskey “wouldn’t dream of selling the team,” even though she’s done nothing to help the team or contribute to the game but wasting money.

    Georgie-boy needs to take a long, hard look at why this team is so fucked up, but he’s been running this team for years (w/Teddy-bear Phillips). How exactly is he going to break the Bears out of their rut (and keep them competitive afterwards) if he’s going to do the same shit he’s been doing since Ma Fratelli put him in charge?

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    A report in the Tribune said that Vic Fangio is on his way out after this season. I am fine with this because that defense still sucked this year. He is not the “defensive genius” that many claimed him to be. When a team is up 17-0 or whatever it was against the Jaguars, a “defensive genius” doesn’t let his crew blow that lead in the 4th quarter. That was horrible.

  3. Cbears523 Says:

    I would fire fox and keep fangio as head coach. Honestly why not give him a shot? His defenses so far haven’t been amazing but they are the strength of the team. He turned them into a respectable defense with little talent on it. Imagine what we could become if we had actual talent on defense

  4. Dan from Madison Says:

    I am done with tanking. Brady was a sixth round pick.

  5. erniesarmy Says:

    Having people who know how to judge talent and draft accordingly (the best teams always get their top players out of their 4th – 6th rounders), is the key to success. The Browns, the Bears, the Rams, and now my Packers are horrendous at it!

    It also helps to actually have a plan. You know, like a goal and stuff.


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