An article that I laughed at


Genrebuster posted this in one of the threads and I had to re-post it:

My thoughts:

I don’t know who David Mamola is, but he must not know that Ted Phillips is the President of this franchise. That’s the same Ted Phillips who was an accountant for the team before being appointed President. Now, I am not a genius myself. But, I would think someone who had a career as an accountant should be not running a football team by hiring a general manager and scouts. I am just saying.

Your thoughts in the thread.

6 Responses to “An article that I laughed at”

  1. firelovieshitz Says:

    Fox MUST GO! He cannot close games for shit! He turns to Langford and Bellamy over much better options far too much on key spots of the majority of the close losses! To not blame him for the team is asinine! He has regressed as a head coach shows barely any emotion and doesn’t even try to fire up the damn team!

    Perfect example Kyle Long in a cart is trying to fire the team up and Gramps could care less staring at the sky! He is the worst coach possibly this franchise has ever had! You promote the only good coach Fangio to HC!

    It’s common sense! It has worked ten fold with NYG and Tampa with both teams struggling to close games last year! Fox cannot close games so really give him another chance to suck??? What FA will want to play for him? He’s a joke! Just like that NFL writer!

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    “He has regressed as a head coach shows barely any emotion and doesn’t even try to fire up the damn team!”


  3. genrebuster Says:

    “If Bill Belichick was coaching this team, the Bears would probably be in the same situation as they are now.”


    It’s official: Mamola is an utter “moran”. Somebody, anybody…take away his crayons.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    I am torn. If the Bears lose, it gives the Bears more of a reason to can Pace and Fox. If they win and Barkley plays well, it gives at least me, some prayer for next season. Am I am meatball?

  5. Cbears523 Says:

    I have good news. The jaguars won which means if the bears lose next week we will have the 3rd pick in the draft.

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    You are probably the only one at this website who has posted thoughts with optimism in it. I thank you and pray you are right. This losing is driving me nuts.


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