For the Bears, it starts for real on Sunday.


The picture above was my screen after I had won the Super Bowl in Madden. According to that game, the Bears will beat the Broncos 26-14 to win the Super Bowl. You heard it here first.

In the bottom left, you will see messages from certain TV sports’ personalities. The thing I find funny about this is that for the second year in a row, I won the Super Bowl with the Bears. Last year, there was a “congratulations” to Ted Phillips for winning his first Super Bowl as president of the Bears. In the picture above, Heath Evans said it was “well deserved” for Teddy.

I must say, the only thing he deserves is a firing from George. Sadly, it isn’t realistic.

On Sunday, it’s all for real. The Bears play the Falcons in the season opener at home. I don’t think the Bears will win. However, history has shown us that teams who lose the Super Bowl the previous year tend to really suck the following year. Maybe the Bears will catch them on that surface.

Here are some news/notes this week:

1. Free agent bust and village idiot, Lamarr Houston, was mercifully released from the Bears after three seasons of two ACL tears and other injuries. Let’s take a second and remember the sack he had on backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo with the Bears down 79 points to the Patriots. Now, let’s remember him doing that stupid dance and pose afterwards which lead to his first ACL tear.

2. This season is crucial for wide receiver and current bust, Kevin White. The Bears lost their only good wide receiver in Cameron Meredith to an ACL tear in the third preseason game. It’s up to this guy to try to create an NFL pass-offense for Mike Glennon.

3. Speaking of Glennon, it’s up to him to actually throw the ball to players with the same colored jersey as he has. One half of a preseason game isn’t enough to win me over, but we’re stuck with him. Hey, I don’t hate this guy contrary to what some of my posts have said about him. If someone comes by and says they want to give you $15 million to suck ass at football, don’t tell me you’re going to reject it. That’s what the Bears did and no other team was dumb enough. Glennon would have been stupid to say no to that. I want the Bears to go 19-0 and win a Super Bowl and if Glennon is the starter, so be it. I’ll be glad to eat my words. You would too. Mitchell Trubisky is ready to drive the car if/when Glennon shits himself.

4. Is Kyle Long ever going to play? The offensive line isn’t the same without him. He’s their best player. And Pernell McPhee is supposedly going to play on Sunday. We’ll see how that goes.

5. The defense will still let offenses run and pass the ball at will. I know the front seven is much better. But that doesn’t mean shit when the secondary can’t cover a receiver to save their lives. I like Quentin Demps and Prince Amukamara, but they’re older and slower than the average player for their positions. Ryan Pace needs to draft a bunch of safeties and cornerbacks next year.

Win or lose, there will be a recap after the game ends on this very website.

Until then, fire away.

7 Responses to “For the Bears, it starts for real on Sunday.”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

  2. dvxprime Says:

    Hey everybody: in which week of the 2017 NFL season will you say “Fuck the NFL” and turn your back on it for the rest of the season?

    I may have said all this before, but it Bears repeating;

    1) Your typical NFL player coming out of college, whether he’s drafted or a UFA: four years of the college football environment and whatever politically correct/social justice bullshit he’s absorbed while in school, and he’s pretty much a two-legged meatball.

    2) NFL players can’t perform the basic fundamentals of their job: they can’t block and tackle, can’t stop jumping offside on snap counts, can’t block w/o drawing a drive-killing holding penalty, can’t catch a pass.

    3) In the year 2017, with all the advancements in weightlifting, diet and nutrition, and sports medicine, the NFL player cannot stay healthy to save his immortal soul.

    4) Despite quantum leaps in player analysis and saber metrics, today’s GMs cannot stop themselves from awful drafts and/or fee agent signings.

    5) Going back to the players: between DUIS, assaults on their ladyfreinds/babymamas, and general “liquid courage” at the club, players can’t seem to stay away from the clutches of John Q. Law.

    6) Fuck Colin Kaepernick. He’s a sJW scam artist, and BLM is a big fat civil rights scam. Nuff said. Yes I’ve seen the list of starting QBs for week one, Kaep can go fuck himself with a NoKo missile.

    7) …and when he’s finished he can pass that missile to Zeke Elliot and Michael Bennett. Dumbass motherfuckers.

    8) The owners stopped giving a shit about the fans and the players years ago. It would be nice if the remaining sports journalists in the press and online started speaking out about this more (looking at you,

    9) Fuck every one of these sports journalists who want to be social justice warriors and cause advocates. Double fuck the ones who want to see the sport get shut down.

    10) Fuck Roger Goodell. Nuff said.

    …but the good news is the Cubs are still in first place in the NL Central! Go Cubs Go (like we really have anything else until the Black hawks season starts?)!!!

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    Can we stop discussing “SJW’s” and Colin Kaepernick. I get what you’re saying, but this site is a political-free zone.

    As far as Roger Goodell, he’s fair game. Roast that asshole all you want.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    Mmmkay. Just wish the players and the sports media felt the same way.

    Meanwhile, the Cubs host the Brew Crew tonight, leading them by 4.5 (cards are in second, 4 back).

    Shit finna get REAL.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    It’s fine man. But, I think there are other topics that are more important to discuss. Yes, the media is at fault.

  6. dvxprime Says:

    Speaking of the media… is steadily going downhill as far as content. It used to be every Friday before the game, SI would have Paul Zimmerman (long ago sidelined by strokes), then Don Banks (up until about a year ago) or someone writing a column about his picks for the upcoming NFL weekend. This year I go to se the NFL picks and its a bunch of the SI staff using the team logos to make their picks. No more write-ups of any kind.

    Tim Baffoe (The Score online writer) said that online sports journalism is slowly going away. He pisses me off on a regular basis, but i think he’s got a point on this one.

    …and the Bears D holds the Falcons to a field goal. Ummm…progress?

  7. dvxprime Says:

    I will take coulda/woulda/shoulda over being down 42-0 at the half on a weekly basis.


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