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I know this time of year can be really slow around these parts of the internet. None of our teams are giving us any type of excitement. This usually results in low traffic. Our friends over at Fire Ron Turner are experiencing the same thing over the last year. Lousy teams equal lousy traffic in this dark area of the internet. It’s such a sad thing. If only the Bears were in the Super Bowl, I am sure this place would be electric. Instead, another sub-.500 season and a high pick in the draft.

This long winter continues in Chicago. Fire away.

4 Responses to “Open thread”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Wednesday night,I watched the Black Hawks lose at home to Toronto in OT. Last night they blew out Detroit on the road. There’s a lot of hockey between now and April, but the Hawks look like they’ll be cutting it close.

    I wish the sports journalists and bloggers in Chicago (well, Tim Baffoe, anyway) would shut the fuck up about how the Bulls should be tanking. Look at the Philadelphia 76ers after five years of The process: one breakout player, making up for lost time for sitting out all last year (Ben Simmons); one fifth year NBA “star” on a minutes restriction (Joel Embiid), and a rookie who lost his shooting skills (Markele Fultz). Barely in the playoff hunt for the eight seed and the right to be the Celtic’s scrimmage partners. Do we really want the Bulls to eat a few sixty-loss seasons for the chance to draft a pu-pu platter like that?

    I don’t expect playoffs for this team for this season and the next, but I DO expect Fred Hoiberg to show that he can develop and train the players to work in a successful system.

    Sooo…who do y’all like/want to win in the Super bowl???

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    1. The “tanking” concept is bad karma. I just feel if a team lost on purpose, that would come back to bite them. Besides, the Bulls drafted Markkanen at number seven. There is no excuse why they can’t get someone towards the tenth spot.

    2. Patriots. The idea of Philadelphia getting any championship is just terrible. Those fans deserve losers.

  3. Dave Says:

    I think the “tanking” concept really only works in baseball. Baseball has a deep extensive multilevel farm system where draftees play full seasons of games. NBA has a D-league but that’s it. NHL has minor leagues which players from that I think helped the Blackhawks win their cups. But the NFL only has a practice squad, I suppose college ends up being the NFL’s “minor league.”

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    Well, the Bulls are having a fire sale. It was crazy how they played so well when Niko returned. They probably freaked out and had to trade everyone off just to suck again.

    It bears repeating: Tanking could backfire. Look at the 76ers. They are fighting for the eighth spot after countless high draft picks. They don’t always pan out, especially these days with so many unproven talent.

    I wrote about this years ago on how “one-and-done” is watering down the league. This is a prime example of it. Only two or three teams have a legit shot at contending while the other 27 are just playing out games for shits and giggles. I know some may say, “Well, look at the Bulls in the 90’s.”

    That’s fine and all. But know this: The Bulls played five different Western Conference teams for those six championships. Had Jordan stayed before the first retirement, they would have played another in the Rockets. That shows Jordan was above many others. And teams like the Knicks and Pacers didn’t make things easy for the Bulls either. Those were very tough series.

    Many teams in the Western Conference had a legit shot to get to the Finals. These days, it’s nothing but the Warriors and maybe the Rockets.


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