Thx for the memories…


Arrieta to the Phillies. Expected deal is 2-5 years.


2 Responses to “Thx for the memories…”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Fro Dog, Imma let you finish but i gotta get this off my chest:

    Bears free agent signings:

    WR Allen Robinson reportedly intends to sign when free agency opens on Wednesday

    WR Taylor Gabriel will sign four-year deal

    TE Trey Burton will reportedly sign a four-year, $32-million contract

    K Cody Parkey will sign with Chicago, contract unknown

  2. dvxprime Says:

    As for Jake, I hate to see him go, but it’s the sign of the times. LOTS of free agents didn’t get signed until lately.

    What’s gonna suck is if Jake catches a “second wind” with the Phillies and becomes a 20-game winner.

    Hope the Cubs have some good young pitching prospects in the minors. he won’t be that easy to replace.


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