The schedule is out for the Bears.


Here it is, folks. This is not looking good. And what’s with networks always wanting Bears vs. Packers in Green Bay for the whole world to see? It’s the same shit everytime. “Packers win easy.” Every. Fucking. Time.

Here’s the prediction machine courtesy of yours truly: 4-12. Wins against the Cardinals, Jets, Vikings and Giants. The Bears always have one game every year where nobody expects them to win and they end up doing so. I pick the home game against the Vikings for that. Everything else is, as it stands now, common sense.

Share your thoughts in the thread. The Draft is next weekend.

6 Responses to “The schedule is out for the Bears.”

  1. dvxprime Says:


    I thought a 6-10 record got you an easier schedule the next season. Dafuckisdis?

    Versus the NFC West, arguably the strongest division in the NFL: Rapidly improving Niners and Rams, competitive Cards, reloading ‘Hawks.

    Versus the AFC East, starring the Pats and the surprise playoff team in the Bills.

    Have fun, Mr. Nagy…and Welcome to the Chicago Bears!!!

  2. genrebuster Says:

    …could be a long season.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Genre, your statement is a correct one. I wish you were wrong, but history doesn’t say you are often.

    For some reason, I was actually thinking about going to that season opener in Green Bay since I’ve always wanted to go to Lambeau. Jimmy D. even said he would be more than happy to help me get a ticket and either sit by him or just go in general. Then, I asked myself if I was that really stupid to want to drive four hours and change up there to watch the Bears take yet, another beating.

    Yes, I am.

  4. Jimmy D Says:


    Book it! C’mon up and we’ll take in the game. I’d love to finally meet “the man, the myth, the legend” who picked up the baton (when Bobby D left us all hanging)…and created this deep, dark, corner of the internet.

    Maybe Genre could travel here from NC, too. Then, we could get MadCityMac to come up and join us. Holy Shit!!! That would be a FUN group.

    I can secure the tickets for whatever size group we put together.

    Just let me know.

    Jimmy D.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    I’ll have to text Genre and ask. The night before, I will be in my hometown just south of the stateline for an annual Fall Festival where I am with friends I grew up with. It would be a shorter drive if I left there the next morning. I still have Mac’s number and I’ll see if he wants to come by as well.

    I agree it would be a blast. I am already expecting the Bears to lose by three touchdowns, so I might as well hang out with you for a few hours just to bullshit. I’ve always wanted to check out Lambeau.

    Feel free to let me know details on prices. I know those tickets aren’t cheap, so as long as I know in advance, I am more than happy to cover my part.

  6. Dave Says:

    Good draft for the Bears, analysts gave them an A-. Their first round pick was very impressive, a good upgrade to the defense. A new wideout in there too. I’ll await Fro’s analysis, but I think the Bears may go 8-8 or better this year.


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