And I thought Ryan Pace was going to trade away picks for a punter! (2018 Draft Review)


The excuses are over for Ryan Pace. In fact, they were over when he took over. I wasn’t pleased with contract extension at the end of last season. And while I am not a fan of trading away draft picks as he traded up in the second round, he was still able to walk away with seven picks. Looking at the selections, I still wish the Bears would have added help in the secondary and more on the offensive line, but this will do. Roquan Smith was the Butkus Award Winner for best defensive player in college. Of course, it would be so “Bears” if he and the others either got hurt all the time or sucked. It’s the Bear way.

This isn’t a post meant for pessimism/criticism. That being said, history is not on our side. We shall see what happens. Share your thoughts in the thread.

Roquan Smith – Linebacker

James Daniels – Center

Anthony Miller – Wide Receiver

Joel Iyiegbuniwe – Linebacker

Bilal Nichols – Defensive Tackle

Kylie Fitts – Defensive End

Javon Wims – Wide Receiver

4 Responses to “And I thought Ryan Pace was going to trade away picks for a punter! (2018 Draft Review)”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Fangio better work with his draftees to build one hell of a pass rush. Somewhat peeved that Pace couldn’t spend a pick on any defensive backs.

    Hope Nagy can grow some WRs.

  2. Cbears523 Says:

    That anthony miller is my favorite pick. That guy looks like a clone of antonio brown. Just watch 5 minutes of highlights and pray he can replicate it in a beard uniform.

  3. Cbears523 Says:


  4. Fro Dog Says:

    We’re going to find out a few games into the season whether or not any of these guys are going to be worth a damn. History tells us that this team along with these draft picks will suck. Until I am proven wrong, that’s what I am standing by.

    Trubisky seems pretty awesome as far as a human. I don’t think he’s Ryan Leaf. But, I still feel that Pace made a stupid decision by not getting DeShaun Watson instead. And once again, time will tell.


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