WHOA! Daniel Murphy to the Cubs.



Does anybody remember the 2015 NLCS? I sure as hell do….by the end of it, I was almost as disgusted with Murphy as I still am to this day by the thought of Steve Garvey (google it). Murphy was a one-man wrecking crew.

Hopefully he inspire the offense to wake up…the pitching isn’t going to be enough for a deep run in the playoffs, IMOP.


4 Responses to “WHOA! Daniel Murphy to the Cubs.”

  1. Dave Says:

    Murphy was like that line from the Bugs Bunny Baseball cartoon.

    Wham! A homer!. Wham Anuddah homer! Wham! Wham! Wham!

    Anywho, I really hope the offense wakes up, 1 solo homer per game as the only scoring effort and they aren’t gonna win much.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    Hey, fellas! It’s been awhile.

    As of this morning, the Cubs lead the Cards by 4 games and the Brew Crew are half game back of the Cards.

    I haven’t had a TV in over five years, but I think I will attempt this streaming thing over my internet provider (via my iMac) and see if I can’t catch a few Cubs games…now that they’re actually in a pennant race and all.

    My luck with this newfangled technology has been awful lately: I am sitting in my apartment with no A/C, and the backup plan blew out power to my apartment’s living room. Deposit your paper check online? Not if you need/want your money right away. My handheld timer/pedometer went out on me last week; I probably just need to replace the battery, but I need the world’s smallest Phillips screwdriver to do so. My MapMyRun app on my smartphone has a habit of the GPS going “off the reservation” when it comes to tracking my runs. My smartphone is not the greatest at taking pictures. One of my handheld cameras takes blurry pictures, and the other one inexplicably drains the batteries, even though I rarely use it. There are holes and hotel chains that skimp on sports packages (ESPN, Fox Sports 1, etc.). There are eating/drinking establishments that have $5K~$10K in big-screen TVs but no one knows how to use the remotes to change the channels by request.

    Did I say I was going to try streaming Cubs games over the internet?

    Back to the Cubs, two things that I saw last week kind of scared me in regards to this final month-plus of the season: 1) Cubs hitting .147 with runners in scoring position for most of August. 2) No Yu Darvish for the rest of the season and the rest of the SP still an issue.

    …and this is the best that Chicago sports has to offer. “Mitch” is an unknown quantity and the rest of the Bears’ new adds and coaching staff are still “new;” not sure how much “upside” the “new” Bulls will have. Black Hawks: rebuilding or reloading? Red Stars and Fire and Passion (women’s and MLS soccer)? Less said the better.

    Ummm…GO CUBS GO!!!

  3. dvxprime Says:

    If DaBears fall flat on their face, the Cubs’ pennant race is an excellent Plan B (sorry, Fire and Passion…maybe next year). After Milwaukee (3 A, 3 H) and Washington (4 A), this is the Cubs’ September schedule:

    Cincy: three home games against the butt of the NL Central

    Arizona: road trip to the NL West co-leaders

    White Sux: If the Cubs can’t get a home sweep of this mob, maybe they don’t deserve the postseason

    P’burgh: Sitting above Cincy at the butt end of the division

    Saint Lou: Three at home to end the season.

    Brew Crew and Nats will be real big the next two weeks.


  4. Erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs just got swept in a doubleheader by the Washington Nationals. Now their lead in the Central is a measly 2!/2 games. This feels like 1969, fellas. I don’t think this team can hang on. I think Milwaukee catches and passes them. And if that happens, I ‘m for firing Maddon and the entire coaching staff. No excuses for a team with this much talent and this much experience.


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