Annoyed: Patriots 38 Bears 31


Another double-digit lead blown by the Bears. I know it was early, but special teams and idiotic play-calling lead to this demise. A team that should have easily been 5-0 to begin this day is now 3-3. This is PATHETIC.

Mitchell Trubisky – When the deep ball isn’t working, you should tell him to stop doing that. Interceptions, near-interceptions and just poor passing isn’t going to get it done.

Special teams – A kickoff return for a touchdown is inexcusable. So is a blocked punt. This was the difference. They were up ten with the ball being kicked off when Cordarrelle Patterson took it back for a touchdown.

Defense – I get it. Tom Brady is Tom Brady. However, not knowing how to tackle for the second game in a row is a big problem. If “defensive genuius” Vic Fangio can’t show these gutless assholes how to tackle, then find different players.

The Bears are no longer in first place. Now, irrelevancy is staring them in the face because the Vikings and Packers aren’t going to be losing many games the rest of the way. Matt Nagy is not the answer for the Bears.

The Jets are up next week. Let’s see how bad this one is going be.

2 Responses to “Annoyed: Patriots 38 Bears 31”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Also, was it too much for Da Bears to try running the ball a few times in the second half?

    I should consider buying a flatscreen TV. I should consider how to stream live NFL games. I should Uber to Buffalo Wild Wings so I can watch the Bears and get Sunday lunch/dinner. Bullshit like this make me glad I’m not wasting so much time and money.


  2. Fro Dog Says:

    “Also, was it too much for Da Bears to try running the ball a few times in the second half?”

    It is. That’s because every Bears coach in my lifetime is a fucking idiot and doesn’t realize that running the ball can help immensely. Even on the touchdown that Cohen had, it wasn’t without awful play-calling on the previous two plays where Trubisky nearly threw an interception in the end zone.

    I wish I was as smart as you. I’m not wired in the way normal people should be when it comes to the Bears. This team is a tire fire.

    And the Blackhawks didn’t help much either in the evening. Their defense is very bad too. They are in a lot of trouble.


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