11 wins will be needed for the Bears to make the playoffs.


Well, the bye week has come and gone. The Bears didn’t get much help from teams they needed to lose. I am typing this after the Packers beat the Lions. It appears that barring an unforeseen collapse, the Packers have the division. That leaves the Wild Card as the only way in.

The Bears did this to themselves. They lost to the Raiders in which they didn’t show up for the first half nor in the last few minutes. They had no chance on Opening Night against the Packers. And they aren’t getting much help from other teams either. At 3-2 and a stacked conference, 11 wins is probably going to be needed to come in.

I can just think of seven years ago when the Bears finished 10-6 and missed the playoffs. There were at least two games that they completely shit themselves in.

I highly doubt the Bears can do this due to their piss-poor excuse of a head coach and defense that always seems to falter in crucial moments of games (last few minutes of losses the last two seasons?).

Your thoughts in the thread.

8 Responses to “11 wins will be needed for the Bears to make the playoffs.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Why are cranking on those two games the Bears lost seven years ago Fro? Those games were obviously not “must win games”. Just relax. The Bears have 11 games that aren’t “must win games”.

    Goddamn, that sounded so fucking ignorant and stupid. Never mind, I still fucking hate Lovie and his fucking WHITE beard. (by cracky)

    Now back to our regularly scheduled bitchfest.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    Lordy Da Bears are in trouble.

    Nobody worth a damn at QB. O-line is shit. Defensive backs couldn’t cover Girls Scouts. In other words, the same shit we’ve been bitching about for the last decade.

    Oh, and if the Saints find a way to double team Khalil Mack, the bears won’t have a pass rush either, which means no more trying to win games 10-7.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Chucky just had to bring up that press conference (I believe it was after the loss to the Vikings that year) where Lovie told everyone that the game wasn’t a must-win. It was a game in December and Robbie Gould missed two field goals that would have won the game (one in the fourth and the other in overtime).

    Then, the very next week, yours truly was sitting in the South endzone as the Bears pissed away a game against the Seahawks where Pete Carroll was jumping all along the sidelines like a 12-year old girl at her birthday party.

    Not only did Lovie piss that game away as well late, that was Urlacher’s last game ever as he pulled his hamstring chasing down Russell Wilson.

  4. chucky Says:

    Sorry Fro. I was just trying to talk you off the ledge. I thought you were teetering there a little. You’ll be happy to know that as soon as I finished typing that mess I thought it was complete bullshit. Maybe even a little before that. If, in the future, I ever fuck up like that again, I hereby authorize all of you, the members of the darkest corner of the internet, to bash me in the face with a piece of heavy mining equipment, disembowel me with a wooden cooking spoon, then throw me screaming from a helicopter. OK?

  5. Erniesarmy Says:

    Hey guys, look who’s being looked at for manger of the Phillies, “Dusty Baker and the Philadelphia Phillies reportedly met for a second time Thursday as the team continues to search for a new manager.” ESPN

    Hey Chucky, maybe the Cubs will re-hire Dusty and bring back some great memories of Cub baseball. LOL!!

    And the Bears can always bring back Lovie Smith. Chicago sports, what a concept!

  6. chucky Says:

    Ernie, if Epstein does something galactically stupid, then he deserves to be bashed in the face with a piece of heavy mining equipment, disemboweled with a wooden cooking spoon, then thrown screaming from a helicopter.



  7. dvxprime Says:

    The staff at 670 The Score got some GOOD weed:


  8. chucky Says:

    That’s not weed dvx. That’s too many shots to the head with a ballpeen hammer.


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