What can/should the Bears do now that they’re mathematically eliminated?


This was a very underwhelming season (as the others have been as well). For us regulars here at this site, we all saw it coming. For some stupid reason, many on the outside didn’t. And what exactly did they see that we didn’t?

I just feel like I write the same shit all the time. Every year. It’s the defense not being able to cover receivers and stop teams in the most crucial of times. It’s the inept offense that’s consistently inconsistent. It’s a head coach who doesn’t understand that running the ball on second and inches is much smarter than goofy ass end-arounds and bubble screens that go for negative three yards. It’s kickers not being able to make field goals when they matter the most. There are many more scenarios, but those are just a few. There isn’t a reason to blame the refs despite their ineptitude. Calls go both ways in a season. The Bears have had plenty of chances to win games after shitty calls.

I can’t stand that this team is basically eliminated by Halloween every year. There is no difference between this team and say, the Bengals. There really isn’t. Both teams suck and will be ending their seasons on the same day. It’s win the Super Bowl or bust. That’s how it should be every year. But the fact that this team can’t even be a consistent contender is inexcusable. It’s not a money issue. It’s already shown that the McCaskeys (despite their lack of football knowledge), spend money. It’s just a lot of that money is spent in the wrong places.

Blame Trubisky. Blame Pineiro. Blame the shitty defense. Blame the shitty offense. But the two who are to blame the most are at the top with Pace and Nagy. Pace is the catalyst for this disaster. He’s the one who hired a fraud in Nagy. Trubisky has sucked. No doubt about it. However, I also believe he was put in a position to fail and fail miserably. I’m not going to sit here and say he should be given an extension. But the fact that he has yet to have a real head coach at this level isn’t very good. Confidence can get shot and he may never recover.

I find it absolutely ridiculous that as a fan of this team, I have yet to see an actual head coach. How fucking difficult is it to find a head coach that knows to run the ball when the team just needs a yard? Maybe in these stupid interviews, they should ask what play they would run in those situations because honestly, sometimes just having someone with football common sense is the best option.

I don’t know when I’ll see a decent head coach for the Bears. I’m praying it’s soon. At this rate, the idiot with the visor and the “BE YOU” slogan on a play-calling sheet isn’t going anywhere at least for another season. I don’t have it in me to root for this team to lose a lot. I knew the second he was hired that this was going to be a shit show. That’s been proven to be true.

With that, sound off in the comments. What should they do first with the Draft? Who stays and who goes? Any other ideas/questions are welcome as well.

2 Responses to “What can/should the Bears do now that they’re mathematically eliminated?”

  1. Erniesarmy Says:

    Fro, as you know I am a Packer’s fan, and I don’t want to see the Bears improve. However,, as a football fan, I would start by firing Matt Nagy and hiring Urban Meyer ASAP. I think he is one of those special coaches who does well wherever he goes, including the NFL>

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    I am not okay with Urban Meyer. He is a legit scumbag. He allowed a wife-beater to continue being a coordinator at Ohio State long after knowing about it. This woman was friends with his wife and he swept it under the rug. There were also some rumblings of him hiding issues when he was at Florida. It has nothing to do with whether he can coach the game or not. This guy just has “scumbag” written all over him.


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