The Bears have made me more fatigue than I was before the season started.


Okay, I’ve been meaning to write this for a couple weeks. I’ve just had so little motivation. It’s time to get some of that back.

After that PATHETIC excuse of a press conference on the morning of New Year’s Eve, the Bears (after basically saying no changes were being made) announced that they relieved four assistants of their duties (offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich, offensive line coach Harry Hiestand (by cracky), tight ends coach Kevin Gilbride and assistant special teams coach Brock Olivo).

Since the Bears enjoy keeping the assistants that in witness protection programs all season, I am already going to assume (and with good reason) that these assistants had absolutely no bearing on whether the team won or lost games this past season.

This is classic Chicago Bears. It’s upper management lying to us. It’s the owner literally saying after the press conference that he has 100% confidence in Pace and Nagy. It’s Pace and Nagy saying that they will get shit corrected. WHATEVER THE FUCK THAT MEANS.

We heard it with Lovie Smith. We heard it with Marc Trestman. “We have to look at the tape and grow from our mistakes.” FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

When is there going to be accountability? When are the inmates going to stop running the asylum? When is the owner of a professional football team going to say that this shit won’t be tolerated? George McCaskey seriously has no clue what he’s doing. Trust me, this is not me saying he isn’t trying to win. I am sure he wants his team to win. But he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing. He’s being scammed by two masterminds in Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy. This guy is blind as a bat.

If George had some kind of fucking knowledge, he either wouldn’t have hired Pace in the first place or would have fired him the second he hired Nagy. I SAW THIS COMING A MILE AWAY. Just look at Matt Nagy’s last game as offensive coordinator right before Pace hired him. A 21-3 lead at halftime and it’s blown because he didn’t run the ball. The Chiefs lost that game due to Matt Nagy’s ineptitude. And now, look at the Chiefs for the second year in a row being one win away from getting to the Super Bowl. Whether they win or lose on Sunday doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that they are that close for the second year in a row after getting rid of that fraud, Nagy. It’s not a coincidence. And don’t get me started on last season’s season opener where they blow a 20-0 lead against the Packers and blow a two-touchdown lead weeks later against the Dolphins.

So, here we go again. Another year of this bullshit. Ryan Pace is going on his sixth season as the general manager and nothing to show for it. I was saying from the start that they should draft DeShaun Watson. What does he do? He trades away two or three picks just to move up one spot to get someone no one else was certain of. Mitchell Trubisky is getting his criticism and maybe deservedly so. But let’s not forget this very important fact: He has been put into a position to fail and fail miserably by his head coach. We will never find out what he can do with an actual head coach. Maybe if he goes to another team with an actual head coach, then we could find out. But until then, this is what we are dealing with as fans. Ryan Pace trades those picks to get him and he’s stuck with it.

By the way, the team that ripped him off that year in that deal? The 49ers with first-time general manager John Lynch. How are they doing? Oh, they are only one win away from the Super Bowl.

Fuck. This. Team.

14 Responses to “The Bears have made me more fatigue than I was before the season started.”

  1. chucky Says:

    “When is there going to be accountability? When are the inmates going to stop running the asylum? When is the owner of a professional football team going to say that this shit won’t be tolerated?”

    I know when. When THE OLD BITCH sells this goddamned team. As I’ve been saying, the Bears will continue to be hammered dog shit as long as the motherfucking McCaskey family owners this goddamn team. IT WILL NOT END! Anybody find it kind of strange how every fucking coach since Mike Ditka have all sounded the same? Wanny, Jauron, Smith, Trestman, even John Fox, and now Matt FUCKING Nagy. Each and every one of these useless cocksuckers had the same boring, monotone delivery, and all of them said basically the same line of bullshit. I find it impossible that there are that many head coaches out there who truly sound like that, And what, the Bears just got lucky in finding all of them? Fuck that horseshit. No, these head coaches are programmed to speak to the press and the fans on what to say to us. Who is programming them? The motherfucking McCaskeys goddamnit! This team will be a steaming pile of fucking shit as long as they own it. Simple as that. So, as you say my fitness frendt, FUCK! THIS! TEAM!

  2. jerbates Says:

    Ryan Pace traded up to draft Mitch Trubisky. Remember that.

    Sure, Jerry Angelo was a bad general manager. But the idea was that the Bears would do better with selecting a GM after firing Angelo with one year remaining on his contract following the 2011 season. They have not. It could be argued that they have actually regressed. The organization made another bad hire by replacing Angleo with Phil Emery. The best part of his tenure with the Bears is that ownership recognized their mistake and fired him after only three seasons. Sadly, they did not learn from that mistake. This is proved by the team sticking with the man who traded up to draft Mitch Trubisky.

    But the mistake that is Ryan Pace as Bears general manager didn’t begin or end with that franchise-decimating flub. Pace made it clear who and what he is with his very first NFL draft pick when he selected an injured wide receiver following one flash-in-the-pan season. Kevin White’s NFL career amounted to 14 games, 25 catches, 285 yards and zero touchdowns. We knew from that point on that Pace falls in love with a player and lets nothing stand in his way of getting him. Too bad he falls in love with so many players who just aren’t that good.

    Pace appears to have convinced himself that he is more clever at talent assessment than everyone else in the NFL. His specialty seems to be tapping heretofore undiscovered football hotbeds like William & Mary, North Carolina A&t and Kutztown. In 2017 Pace followed up his Trubisky mistake by drafting Adam Shaheen out of D-II Ashland in the second round. Yes, tight end was viewed as a position of need in Chicago. It still is (lookup Tre Burton). But so was wide receiver (see Kevin White whiff above). Still available at that time were JuJu Smith-Schuster, Cooper Kupp, Chris Godwin and Kenny Golladay. So were playmakers like Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt and James Conner. Sure, it could have been said at that time that drafting any of those players would have been a reach. But if those would have been a reach, snagging a D-II tight end in the second round was a feat that would impress Gumby. What about Tarik Cohen? Can’t big talent be plucked from small schools? It’s true that Cohen can be exciting. It’s also true that Cohen tied for the fourth most dropped passes in 2019.

    Pace’s poor picking in the draft isn’t his only downfall. He spreads his bad decisions around. Prior to the 2017 draft Pace fell in love with Mike Glennon, signing the quarterback to a three-year deal worth a reported $45 million with $18.5 in guaranteed money. But love is fleeting. A month later Pace fell in love with another quarterback and he traded up to draft Mitch Trubisky.

    Pace was the mastermind behind the decision to cut Robbie Gould, the franchise’s leading scorer and one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history. This weekend Gould and the 49ers will be competing for the NFC championship. On the other hand, how has Chicago’s kicking game fared since Pace decided Gould wasn’t good enough? Two words. Doink. Doink.

    There is even more to talk about than drafting players, free agents and cuts. Analysis of Pace’s performance also includes trades. Of course the focal point is the trade to acquire Khalil Mack. Mack seems to be a generational talent, but is his talent (and the two first round draft picks that Pace gave up for him) being wasted? Chicago’s defense was formidable in 2017, ranking ninth in team defense and scoring defense. With the addition of Mack the Bears vaulted to first in both categories in 2018. In 2019 Chicago dropped to fourth in both team defense and scoring defense. That coincides with the Bears offense ranking a disappointing 21st in 2018 and falling to a dismal 29th in 2019. So why is the team moving backwards?

    Flashback to April, 2017. Ryan Pace has fallen head over heels for a one-year starter at quarterback out of North Carolina. Pace wasn’t the only person who misfired on Mitch. Numerable “experts” had Trubisky ranked higher than both Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. This despite Watson’s far superior resume and experience and the surreal stats put up by Mahomes. ESPN’s player rankings had Trubisky as the top-ranked QB (although just the 27th player overall). That was one spot ahead of Watson (28th overall) and well ahead of their third-rated quarterback, Mahomes (44th overall). Despite Watson having the most polished body of work, the Chicago Tribune’s Dan Wiederer and Rich Campbell reported that Mahomes was actually Pace’s second choice at quarterback. But Pace was determined to make sure he wouldn’t have to resort to his second choice.

    So infatuated was Pace with his man that instead of sitting tight and taking Trubisky with Chicago’s pick at number three, he got fleeced by a first-year GM when San Francisco’s John Lynch conned Pace out of four draft picks to move up one spot to number two and take Trubisky. If you listen closely on a quiet evening you can still hear Lynch’s laughter on the breeze through the windy city. No one else was trying to trade up that far to take Trubisky. Not only did Pace not need to mortgage additional draft capital to secure Trubisky, looking at team needs below number three in 2017, he could have likely added draft picks by trading down and still getting his guy. Worst case scenario, someone else would have snatched up Trubisky and the Bears would have been stuck with Mahomes. Sorry, did I say worst case? I meant best case scenario. It’s worth noting that Kansas City (17 spots) and Houston (13 spots) both traded up to get the quarterbacks they wanted as well. They just made better evaluations than Pace.

    Jump ahead to 2019. Patrick Mahomes was second in NFL quarterback rating. Deshaun Watson was sixth. Mitch Trubisky? 29th. Trubisky’s stats, along with the offense as a whole, was even worse than that through the first half of the season when they led the league in three-and-outs (thus overworking and wearing out the defense). The team’s win-loss record only rebounded in the second half of the season when Chicago’s beat the Lions twice, the Giants, Cowboys and Vikings. Of those teams, only Minnesota finished the season with a winning record and the week 17 victory over the Vikings was meaningless game for Minnesot. The week prior to that, Trubisky and Mahomes faced off at Soldier Field. The head to head result? Mahomes accounted for three total TD’s and no turnovers with a passer rating of 112.1 and a QB rating of 85.1. Number two overall pick Mitch Trubisky had no TD’s, no turnovers, a passer rating of 65.4 and a quarterback rating of 5.4. That’s not a typo.

    But it didn’t take until week 16 of the 2019 season to realize that Pace screwed up by drafting Trubisky. The fact that Ryan Pace hired Matt Nagy as good as proves he botched the 2017 draft. Instead of verbally admitting he drafted the wrong quarterback in Trubisky, Pace doubled down when he hired Nagy to be a first-time head coach. Kansas City was fifth in total offense in 2017 with Nagy calling the plays and Alex Smith starting at QB for the first 15 games. Mahomes didn’t get his first career start until the final game of the season. Even with at top-five offense, the Chiefs made it clear that Mahomes would be their 2018 starter and they designated both Smith and Nagy expendable.

    All the Chiefs did in 2018 was jump from fifth to first in offense and led the NFL in scoring offense while Mahomes threw for over 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns and was named league MVP. Chicago was 30th in total offense and dead last in passing in 2017 with Trubisky as the starting quarterback for three-fourths of the season. The offense did improve in 2018 but why wasn’t the Bears offense the best in the NFL when they had both Nagy and Trubisky? Because the Chiefs had Patrick Mahomes. As stated above, the offense and defense both took a step backward in 2019. And wasn’t the team, especially the offense, supposed to improve under Nagy? As for Deshaun Watson, his rookie season was shortened by a torn ACL. But he rebounded in 2018 to finish 15th in both passer rating and QBR and in 2019 he improved to 11th in passer rating and sixth in QBR.

    Granted, you can’t blame Nagy for drafting Trubisky. But you can blame him for a lot of other things. Most notably his play calling. There are many head scratchers to choose from. But one of the best examples is his infatuation with passing that resulted in a franchise low seven rushing attempts in week seven during a loss to the Saints. Nagy committed to the run the next week, handing the ball to rookie David Montgomery 27 times for 135 yards against the Chargers. But in the game’s closing moments he decided he didn’t dare attempt to get closer to the goalposts or even get the ball off the hash mark into the center of the field by handing it off because, “I have zero thought of running the ball and taking the chance of fumbling the football… They know you’re running the football, so you lose three, four yards, so that wasn’t even in our process as coaches to think about that.” You don’t even think about your offense being better than the opponent’s defense? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t offensive success supposed to be your specialty, coach Nagy? Instead, Nagy chickened out, called for Trubisky to take a knee on first down. Then sent out Eddie Piniero to kick a 41-yard field goal on 2nd and 11. The kick was wide left. The Chargers won 17-16.

    So the coach is bad, the quarterback is bad and the GM is bad. Where does the team go from here? The Bears wouldn’t have had a chance to draft Joe Burrow no matter how poorly they had played this season (see Mack trade above). It’s theoretically possible that the Bears could enact a plan now to salvage their future by sacrificing this season. Some team in the NFL will certainly adopt the strategy “Tanking for Trevor” in 2020. But it seems foolish for Bears fans to hope it will be Chicago. Not when at the conclusion of the 2019 season the team failed to admit that they still need a franchise quarterback. They passed on the opportunity to fire Nagy and try to lure Ron Rivera (who would have brought in an offensive coordinator whose only job is to focus on calling plays rather than trying to simultaneously coach the team) back to Chicago. And, worst of all, they have still refused to admit that Ryan Pace is a disaster of a general manager despite the overwhelming evidence against him. And perhaps all of that evidence could be ignored except for one immutable fact. While Deshaun Watson and Patrick Homes were available, Ryan Pace traded up to draft Mitch Trubisky.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    This is a brilliant post. Everything you said was supported by actual facts. Your eyes are not deceiving. All of this was just amazing.

  4. Erniesarmy Says:

    You can have a doofus for an owner and one of the Three Stooges for a General Manager, but you cannot, under any scenario, win without a good quality coach! Every consistently good to great team has had a good to great coach; Lombardi, Shula, Landry, Noll, Walsh, Johnson, Parcells, and Belichick. A good General Manager can have great drafts with solid players at every position, but without a quality coach, you don’t win! Example #1 Jason Garrett. Put Bill Belichick in Garret’s place and guess how many Super Bowls that team would have won. Coaching wins, period.

  5. dvxprime Says:

    Because I can:

  6. dvxprime Says:

    I don’t know when Tedy Bear Phillips sends out his mass mailings for season ticket holder buys/renewals, but we gotta find some way of getting jerbates’ rant into the mouths of one of 670 The Score’s main show hosts, or into print in the Sun-Times or Tribune. I want to see Da bears’ season tickets sales hit crush-depth.

  7. chucky Says:

    I agree with dvx 1000%. Let me know how I can help. And this goes out to our new friend jerbates. You good sir, are an absolute genius. You have my respect, and I will try to do whatever I can do to get your message out. That is no lie, or bullshit on my part. I thank you for post. It was excellent, and very well stated. I believe we have a brand new “fitness frendt” gentleman, one with one hell of a powerful voice. You have my respect.

  8. chucky Says:

    Headline on “Patrick Mahomes goes beast mode with incredible rushing TD”. That was a 27 yard run with 11 seconds on the clock in the second half, by the way.

    Now he just slings a goddamn 60 yard pass, off balance, in the forth quarter with 7:33 left.

    Anybody else want to say that Ed O’Bradovich is wrong, and that Ryan Pace got the right guy in Bitchell TurdBiscuit? This game SHOULD end any fucking discussion about the geniusness of Ryan FUCKING Pace, my frendts. Unless, of course, it comes from the biggest uber dipshit assclown family on the fucking planet, the motherfucking McCaskey family. And for any leftover defenders of that USELESS BAG OF FUCK Lovie Smith, that goddamned shitstain would have killed the fucking clock and gone into the goddamned clubhouse where it was nice and warm. I’m so motherfucking PISSED OFF right fucking now as a Bear fan that I’ve got goddamn blood in my eyes!

  9. chucky Says:

    And here’s another indictment of Pace’s genius.

    23/35 294 3 0

    No, that’s not Pace’s girlfriends measurements. That’s Patrick Mahomes passer stats. I’m done for now. I need to toss some serious chucks as I go and violently throw up.

  10. Erniesarmy Says:

    Hey Frendts, guess who just hired Dusty Baker as their new manager…the Astros. I guess they decided one W.S. win was enough. Don’t worry Astros, if this was your penance for stealing signs then you will be forgiven for being forever stupid!

  11. chucky Says:

    Ernie….I laughed my goddamn ass off when I heard that the Assholes hired Dustfuck. With his record they must have decided to start tanking and rebuild, which is what will be need to be done on most of Houstons pitchers shoulders. Hope they know a better orthopedic than the Cubs did in 03.

    Speaking of the Cubs and rebuilding, looks like they’re in rebuild mode again. And fucking Theo the douche hasn’t learned a fucking thing about signing injured or often injured players. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Steven Souza.

  12. genrebuster Says:

    Are you kidding me? The toothpick chomping idiot rides again? bahahahahahahahahahaha

  13. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Lance McCullers just came off TJS. Yikes.

    I read somewhere that the Cubs were considering Jacoby Ellsbury. Bullpen still looks like poo. Farm system is depleted. SPs are old. Bad contracts.

    Honestly expected more from Theo. At least we got one WS title though. So I’m grateful for that.

  14. Sebastian Hawks Says:

    Mahomes should thank Pace for not having made him come and rot his career with this clown organization the way Vinny Testaverde’s career was ruined in Tampa Bay. He can also thank Pace for not having to work under Nagy as well.

    I noticed the 670 score has become unlistenable this month. We’ve got the NFL playoffs going on and they seem to be only talking about baseball in the middle of January. They seem to have no broader interest in the NFL the way ESPN radio does with it’s larger format of national shows. Basketball and Hockey are actually in season, the NFL is at it’s pinnacle of excitement this month, and the score is spending the whole day talking about some overpriced premium TV network the Cubs are trying to start to piss off the fans who remember the days when they were on WGN for free. As I was driving to get a burger last night I noticed even the females they have on Saturday were talking about baseball. Really? Other than the Astro’s scandal why so much focus about Baseball in January? Other than the draft in April we don’t get 24/7 football in May and June during the actual baseball season and pinnacle of the NBA and NHL playoffs.

    I also noticed way to much talk about this degenerate disease of gambling that the politicians have been overdosing us with recently. i.e. the damn slot machines everywhere in mini malls and gas stations, was it too much to just leave the gambling on the riverboats? And talk about betting on the national anthem or whether the Walrus coach of the Chiefs wears a hat? Can the politicians at least restrict wagering to the actual game? I worked with some mopes who gambled away their paychecks at online Caribbean sports books and it was pathetic. Now these hosts all seem to be pimping this as a wholesome activity. All these “experts” have been picking San Francisco so it will be interesting to see how accurate they really are. They seem to be expecting a replay of Denver Seattle, they forget that Peyton Manning had a history of being a choke artist in the big games, Mahomes on the other hand is a winner.


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