“What they said”


Alright, I’ve shut my mouth long enough about this. Keep in mind, this is not a political rant taking a certain side. This website is still a “political-free zone.” I was a Political Science major in college and that was enough for me to realize I shouldn’t have a bias either way. THIS IS NOT A LEFT OR RIGHT ISSUE. THIS IS AN ISSUE CAUSED BY PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST FUCKED UP TO BEGIN WITH. But this shit needs to be addressed. I know I don’t write here that much anymore. But this is still the place I go to air my annoyances with sports.

Long-time and loyal readers Erniesarmy and Pie In the Sky have posted their thoughts on the current climate with sports and the shitty, sensitive humans who are trying to ruin whatever is left of sports. Their comments can be read in the previous thread by Genrebuster or by clicking here.

Now, onto my thoughts:

Sports brings us together. I cannot really put it any simpler than that. Whatever is left of the group of people that came together about 15 years ago to talk about how shitty Dusty Baker was is still hanging around here. We all had a common belief in that the Chicago Cubs sucked fucking ass for our entire lives and we needed a place to rant about it. To this day, I still cherish the conversations we all had about that and the silly shit that came with it. We talked other sports as well and found common interests. The worst thing that is now seen as silly were some of you were Packer fans while the rest of us cheered for the Bears. That’s sports, though. We can give each other shit for that and even make fun of ourselves.

I am getting tired of this fucking bullshit that nobody logical asked for. Politics have no place in sports. Sports brings people together of all different opinions. When I am at a game, I don’t ask myself what the person next to me thinks of what the governor did last week with a certain bill or what the shitheads in Washington are doing. I go to a game to watch the fucking game and not to think of politics or really anything else that’s pissing me off in life. Anyone who posts at this website does so for the same reason. It’s an ESCAPE.

Are there issues in this world? Absolutely. Are they more important than sports? Sure. But when you mix the two together, that’s like mixing oil with water. You are just going to make things worse.

Michael Jordan said it best almost 30 years ago: “Republicans buy shoes too.” This is the greatest basketball player I have ever watched in my life and someone who is known by everyone, even the people who don’t know the first thing about basketball and he’s saying this. Take notes, current athletes. It’s okay to feel a certain way and have a certain opinion. But keep it to yourself just like people did 30 years ago. That’s why they have curtains in voting booths.

I don’t want to see political propaganda on basketball courts or jerseys. I don’t want to hear any other kind of anthem other than the National Anthem that’s been played in sporting events since I can even remember.

I saw stories online that teams like the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians are possibly changing the names of their team. I am not going to touch the Redskins issue. But how the fuck is “Cleveland Indians” racist? HOW? That’s been their team name since they started over a century ago, right? History books taught us that Indians were kind people. There are reservations in our country that show their history. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT OFFENSIVE? Fuck. Do fans of their team not want a name that describes a group of people that are known to be strong? Warriors? Great, now I’ve opened up the can of worms about the Golden State Warriors. My bad.

I cannot stand baseball due to how much the game has changed since I stopped giving a shit almost 12 years ago. All of the rule changes that I heard about ruined the game for me (who use to love it more than life during childhood). Now, with all this going on, I took off when I did. This shit is unbearable.

Now, I’m hearing the Kansas City Chiefs are being scrutinized as well. A “Chief” is a leader of a tribe, right? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH A NAME LIKE THAT? Do you want your team to not be leaders? How about if they changed their name to the Kansas City Subordinates since that’s the opposite of Chiefs? Your team will have a mascot that’s just starting out and has to work their way up the ladder. YEAH! This will appease the sensitive little fucking pricks.

Even I, a 34-year old guy of Middle Eastern descent that was born and raised in the cornfields of Illinois is fucking tired of this shit. I’m getting very exhausted from sports and that’s with all of it still being paused. Can you imagine how much worse this will be when things resume? This is why many don’t give a shit about baseball anymore. This is why fans will start tuning out of the NBA. The NFL will probably see a dip for a while as well. What’s next? Are the Detroit Lions going to change their name because it’s offensive to zookeepers who take care of lions? Lions are fierce animals. You want your team to be fierce and aggressive. Not be a bunch of fucking pansies.

This is so unfortunate. I am glad I have this website and it will turn 12 years old next month. So much has changed. But bullshit like Twitter and Facebook have killed our society and sports as well. I am so glad I never had any social media. I am so glad it wasn’t around when I was a kid. This is fucking brutal.

So, to Ernie and Pie, thank you for expressing your thoughts. I am with you on all of this. It seems like the entire fandom of sports is on a collision course to divide us because of bullshit like this. I wanted to say you both have always been great posting here. And I hope the both of you and others will continue to chime in. It’s important that we do. But we cannot let this shit divide us. Not at this site.

4 Responses to ““What they said””

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Good Lord…where do I begin?

    I have been teleworking from home since March 21. The radio has been off because there’s only one adult oriented (60s/70s/80s/90s) slash former classic rock station out here in southern Maryland, and I grew tired of the DJs running their mouth about COVID-19.

    No Colin Cowherd on FS1; no Jim Rome on CBS Sports Network. What’s the point, without any live sports?

    Pull quote from “The Wire:” “Americans don’t fix shit anymore; they just look to stick their hands into someone else’s pocket. No solutions, just pointing fingers; thus, no TV news or political fights on Facebook.

    I rarely go on Sports Illustrated’s website because I’m tired of their political stances and virtue signaling and other bullshit which is fucking up sports. I have all but retired from going to Deadspin because they are politics + sports ON STEROIDS. On their day, they had sports writing that was sharp as hell with well-yield humor; now they’re just a bunch of goddamned whining hipsters like the rest of their Gawker comrades.

    It was nice seeing English Premier league soccer back on TV a few weeks ago…until I sw both teams take a knee at the midfield circle and Black Lives Matter across the backs of their shirts. Stupid English motherfuckers.

    If the NFL is so goddamned scared of BLM and their buddies rioting at the football games, HIRE EXTRA SECURITY YOU CHEAP STUPID BASTARDS.

    NBA: See above.

    Colin Kaepernick is the biggest fraud in NFL history. Remember, he was about a week or so away from being cut by the 49ers.

    Black Lives Matter is the biggest fraud in civil rights history. All of their “martyrs” were killed because they we’re resisting arrest. BLM’s mission statement doesn’t even mention any of their so-called martyrs, let alone have anything to do with unarmed black men being shot by the police.

    If people did any research (on and off the internet) and fucking grew a spine and some balls, a lot of this bullshit would have been shut down a week after George Floyd was killed. But no…

    The really sad part about the NFL’s “stance?” They can piss of the US fanbase enough where their TV rating plummet and…well, I still think game-day attendance is still an issue in doubt for 2020…but if the NFL loses US viewers, they can always sell their bullshit to Europe and China. It’s just a real cool novelty; viewers in Beijing or London don’t care about the jets and the Jaguars playing in those ridiculous uniforms for Thursday Night Football.

    In closing: “having the conversation:” If the NBA and the NFL players supporting this BLM bullshit had the guts and the balls to come clean about their personal and professional lives, all this bullshit would come to a grinding halt.

    Fuck I’m so tired of all this bullshit.

    And GODDAMIT LEAVE THE FUCKING BLACK HAWKS’ LOGO ALONE. A FUCKING NATIVE AMERICAN DID NOT GET KILLED BY THE POLICE. Seriously, has all this changing of nicknames done anything to improve the lives of the surviving Native Americans?


  2. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Fro Dog great post (ernie too). 100 percent dead on. I know you don’t like when sports and politics mesh. Neither do I. Typically, I can mute out the noise and be open-minded about things.

    What’s happening now is becoming unbearable. I figured you might delete my post. I appreciate you leaving it up. Oh, and you staying away from FB/TW is a great decision. Honestly, that place can break your spirit with its negativity. I mean that literally.

    I’ll say one more thing about this upcoming season. I’m a fan of a blog called Outkick. They’re a rapidly growing sports blog that squashes all this nonsense from the sensitive folks. I’ve followed their owner (Clay Travis) since his early radio days in the Nashville market (early 10s). Basically, the entire media hates him because he’s a moderate who isn’t PC.

    One of their writers brought up a potential scene that will occur from this “Black National Anthem.” NFL plays TBNA. Players stand with hand over heart. NFL plays NA. Everyone kneels. Drew Brees will kneel too (just to appease this cancel culture crowd).

    I don’t know anymore. I started a sports blog this year. Was looking forward to playing DFS and writing some editorials. Was ready to get serious with the stock market. Had a laundry list of things to do.

    Then COVID-19 comes. The world stops. Madness ensues.

    Now I’m wondering whether I can even support sports even when things go back to normal. BLM supports removing Jesus from churches because he’s white. Now we’re bringing religion into this? I literally can’t support any organization that supports interference of my religious freedoms.

    What these sports leagues think they have to gain? No idea. They’re so disconnected with the real world.

  3. Jimmy D Says:

    Hi All,

    Yup, it’s me…Jimmy D is “in da houz”!!!

    Yeah, I’m fuckin’ fed up with all the rhetoric and bullshit, too.
    What about our beloved hockey team. The team name has got to be on the “chopping block” too, right? I mean, c’mon…it’s as racist and offensive as it can possibly be!!! Right?

    We are making rules for the “few” right now, not the “many”. Hey, if people are offended by statues, so be it. BUT, when the fuck did it become okay to deface and destroy property? HUH? WTF??? A group of pissed off people in Baltimore decided it was time to topple a statue of Christopher Columbus; breaking it into pieces and then dumping it into the river. Who is doing jail time for that? I want some fucking justice for this “mob mentality” behavior.
    And, just to be clear…if we’re getting rid of statues, so be it. BUT, then ALL fucking statues come down. ALL OF THEM!!!
    Glad I’ve got my 9 mm on my side; this whole world has turned upside down and into a total shit show!

    Jimmy D.

  4. erniesarmy Says:

    12 years? Wow, I am getting old! I remember following the “Fire Dusty Baker” blog when it was run by “Bobby D” and enjoying a site that could talk Cub baseball without worrying about offending the “Cubbie fan.” I am happy the Cubs finally won a World Series in 2016, now I can relax and go about my life feeling content. Fro, I will keep checking in now and then to comment on something about sports that interests me, but I will no longer be following pro baseball, football, or basketball until somebody arrests the malignancy of politics in sports. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.


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