Inept: Saints 26 Bears 23


I have just a few things to say because that game left me exhausted.

The defense of the Bears fucking sucks. Don’t let anyone else fool you. They can’t stop anyone. This game was proof. In overtime, with everyone fucking exhausted, they couldn’t stop the Saints. Alvin Kamara with 163 scrimmage yards is all you need to know about this “great” defense. Jaylon Johnson fucking sucks. With the game at 13-3, he was caught napping on the touchdown right before halftime. That changed the entire game. Fuck him and fuck Ryan Pace for drafting him. And fuck Ryan Pace for giving us this team made of horse shit.

Fuck that bald-headed dipshit. Where was David Montgomery in the second half? Why was Nick Foles taking forever during plays only to get sacked? Fuck this entire offense.

Newsflash: The Bears aren’t going to the playoffs. They’ve played two actual teams the last two weeks and both times, they were embarassed. The Packers and Lions lost today. The only path to the playoffs is winning the division and there is just no way that’s happening. Other teams chasing them are much better.

One last thing: Fuck Javon Wims.

12 Responses to “Inept: Saints 26 Bears 23”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Oh, look…I get to see Da Bears on national TV twice in one week. Yaaay.

    To be honest, I had the Bears at 0-7 with Nick Foles injured and out for the season, and Trubs QBing the Bears to a franchise worst ass-whippin’ to put them at 0-8, making Nagy and Pace viable candidates for midseason firings.

    That being said: two losses to quality opponents, and pissing away a winnable home game due to the usual Bear stupidity. The wheels haven’t fallen off yet, but they’re looking mighty wobbly.

  2. chucky Says:

    I know a lot of people around here, myself included, love Dan Hampton and Ed O’Bradovich. But I have one serious disagreement with them. They continue to say that this is a Super Bowl quality defense. BULL-FUCKING-SHIT! As you said Fro, this defense is dog shit. And the offense is completely fucking useless. But what was really interesting to me was Buck and Aikman ripping on Nagy for his play calling. Hamp and OB have saying it too. This dink an dunk passing is a colossal fucking failure. Nagy simply can’t be calling plays for this offense any longer. He has no idea what the fuck he’s doing. When he’s getting called out by the game announcers it’s time for serious change. I wonder if THE OLD BITCH is pissed off yet. Or is she still in her goddamned coma.

    I have something else to say about the post game show. I’m getting really tired of of Glenn Kozlowski making excuses for Nagy. “After all, he IS 5-2.” So fucking what? They got there in spite of Nagy, not because of him. And Mark Carmen is just fucking annoying. He’s approaching Hub Arkush levels of arrogant stupidity. And I detest Hub Arkush, by the way. Annoying, pompous douchebucket.

    Finally, as myself and Fro have stated, this team is going nowhere until the fucking goddamned McCaskey family sell this team. And they have no intention of doing so. So, as I see it, we have two choices. One, we stay loyal to this franchise, while ownership continually flips us the middle finger, or two, we find a new team to cheer for. Personally, I hate both options.

  3. Cbears523 Says:

    The bears are a soft football team. They get blown off the ball on both sides of the ball. No physicality at all. No maulers wanting to get after it.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    To show you the how much of a fine line there is in the NFL, the Bears went from nearly the top of the conference to out of a playoff spot in just two weeks. 5-3 and on the outside looking in thanks to tie-breakers as I type this.


  5. Mark Johnson Says:

    Chuck..Love your comment here. I HAVE changed teams, 2 days after Nagy came here. I have Colts season tickets, actually affordable and they use HIGH round draft picks on offensive lineman (The Saints do also, could you tell last night?). The assholes in Chicago decide the problem with that team is the Elite offensive line coach Harry Heistand is the problem, fire him, and pay him 2 million dollars to stay away. Really? Coach Castillo is gonna fix this shit show??
    Chicago sports media is a Joke, they know as much about football as I do about the backside of the moon. Score morning show said the week before this years draft that the Bears don’t need lineman, just position players that can make something happen. Uh Huh…like Pace can draft either of those but at least a shot at a lineman would show he has some idea of how football is played.

  6. chucky Says:

    Just in case any of you were wondering why I hate Hub Arkush, THIS should tell you why.

    CHICAGO – In the end, the Bears’ 26-23 overtime loss to the New Orleans Saints wasn’t just a game the Bears could have won, it’s one they should have won. That’s what will make this one ache a lot more and a bit longer than last Monday night’s embarrassment in Los Angeles.

    This is who these Bears are, one of the best defenses in the league, capable of playing with and beating anyone on any given Sunday, and one of the most incompetent offenses in the league, capable of losing to any average or better team on any given day.

    Let’s stop all the silliness about writing off the second half of the season and assuming the Bears can’t contend, while we also waste no more time thinking a great defense is enough by itself to get you to a Super Bowl.

    The second half of the season is going to be a roller coaster ride worth taking and whether or not there are more dips than climbs will be decided by how the Bears react to this loss.

    The reason the Saints won and are one of the top teams in the league is because at almost every key turning point with a play to turn the game in their favor or against them, Sean Payton, Drew Brees and the rest found a play that worked.


  7. chucky Says:

    In the same situations the Bears defense did the same, but the offense found a way to fail most of the time and most of the blame has to fall on Nick Foles.

    Asked after the game about the lack of discipline and poor communication that continues to happen Matt Nagy said, “There [are] issues there. That’s what bothers me and that’s what [angers me], is that there is that issue still going on. Excuse my French.

    “But, you know, we’re reading it from a wristband, I just, I’m struggling with that right now. It’s getting you into a hole. And so, that has to, that has to change.”

    There is only one guy out there reading from his wristband and that’s Foles. But he said after the game, “Yeah, it’s just… we just need to communicate better, and that’s something that we’ll have to talk about as we go forward.

    “That’s something that we as players and coaches will get together and figure out where the issues are lying because I don’t have an answer for you.”

    Nagy doesn’t seem to blame the coaches and yet Foles is his guy.

    He has done far more wrong than Mitch Trubisky ever did to deserve to be yanked.

    It was particularly egregious Sunday, most notably in the middle of the third quarter when Foles threw a ludicrous interception to Marshon Lattimore that led to a 39-yard Saints field goal to give them a 16-13 lead.

    If Nagy didn’t go to Trubisky Sunday, and he didn’t, how are we to believe anything but Mitch is done as a Bear at least as long as Nagy’s in charge?


  8. chucky Says:

    Perhaps that’s the right call. I don’t know, but it does take us right back to the top.

    A defense that held Brees to just 2-for-13 on third down Sunday and allowed him to reach the end zone just once in four trips inside the red zone deserved much better.

    It deserved to win.

    Sunday wasn’t about play calling or scheme, many fans’ favorite refrain.

    In fact Nagy fixed most of what went wrong in L.A., even stole a page or two from Sean McVay’s script and probably had his best game on the sidelines this season.

    There were strong, praise-worthy performances on offense from David Montgomery, Allen Robinson, Anthony Miller and Darnell Mooney.

    And Foles wasn’t the only culprit. Jimmy Graham had an awful second half, and if Javon Wims is still a Bear by the time you read this shame on Nagy and Ryan Pace.

    Yes, Foles is under tremendous pressure at times due to the failings of his line, but at the end of the day isn’t that part of the job description?

    The Bears lost more than anything else Sunday due to Foles’ poor decision-making and execution, happy feet and persistent inaccuracy.

    If Nagy refuses to try anything else all we can do is get back on the roller coaster and someone will have to pay if the dips keep outnumbering those climbs.

    Really? Is that how you see it Arkush? You are an overrated, overpaid FUCKING, GODDAMNED HACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know fucking nothing….NOTHING……about football. Football you moron, is a four legged table. Offense, defense special teams, and COACHING. A four legged table can stand just fine, but guess what happens when one of those legs gets kicked out. IT FUCKING FALLS OVER YOU WORTHLESS DUMBFUCK! Right now the Bears are missing two of those legs, offense, and head coaching, namely Matt MOTHERFUCKING Nagy. And until they fix those two missing legs the Bears might win only two more games this year. So get your goddamn head out of your motherfucking ass and start seeing what we are seeing. And yes, Sunday WAS about play calling and schemes you fucking retard.


  9. dvxprime Says:

    Bad enough that the Bears draw stupid ass, drive killing, soul crushing penalties at the wrong moments…but this shit here:

    Why…GOD, WHY???

  10. chucky Says:

    Because Matt Nagy doesn’t coach discipline, and Javon Wims is an asshole, that’s why.

  11. chucky Says:

    So………does anybody miss Lovie FUCKING Smith still? This should put to rest any debate on how much he fucking sucks ass.

    Seriously. just how in the goddamn hell does a football team get to first and goal……………AT THE MOTHERFUCKING 48 YARD LINE?????

  12. chucky Says:

    JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!! The useless fucking goddamned Bears can’t do fucking dick on offense. Motherfucking Nagy is killing this goddamned team! Why the fuck cant George and the OLD BITCH see this? If Nagy is still here at the end of this season I AM FUCKING DONE WITH THESE COCKSUCKERS!!!!!!!!!! You reading this George?



    AND FUCK YOU, YOU OLD BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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