Bye bye Theo.


Having experienced the 2016 Cubs World Series Championship under Theo’s watch, I’ll always be grateful for his part in making it happen.

It will be interesting to see where he ends up….thoughts?

8 Responses to “Bye bye Theo.”

  1. erniesarmy Says:

    There is no question in my mind that Theo was the greatest GM in Cubs history, at least since 1908. With that being said, he seems to be a short term fix for teams that need a boost. After that he slips downhill in a hurry with his lack of talent evaluation in the minors. He is especially weak evaluating pitchers. I mean, Craig Kimbrell? Seriously, Theo?

  2. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I’m forever grateful for Epstein bringing home a WS. That said, his departure doesn’t feel like a big story. It was time.

    Theo CANNOT sign FA pitchers. He has such a long track list of pitchers who outright sucked or had one good season under him. That was a concerned I mentioned when he came over from Boston. I’m surprised at how he allowed the minor league system to fall off. He starts off well then trades whatever talent they have for FAs who rarely pan out.

    As dumb as it sounds, it felt as though he got bored after the 2016 WS. The passion wasn’t there to keep the minor league system fruitful as it once was. The team kept falling off.

    I’d like to see him at a smaller market team where he wouldn’t have the option or temptation to hoard Jason Heyward-type contracts like he did at Boston and Chicago.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    Theo Epstein may be a Hall of Fame GM: building two World Series champions in the BoSox and Cubs, franchises with the longest championship droughts ever.

    If he really wanted a life challenge, he would take a pay cut and build a World Series winner at a small market franchise (San Diego or Milwaukee immediately come to mind).

    But…maybe the Yankees or mets or somebody else will drive Brink’s truck up to his house and have a lawyer ready with a deal to sign.

    Thank you, Theo. Vaya con Dios, bruh…

  4. hoppy303 Says:

    Bring him to Soldier Field!

  5. chucky Says:

    Now THAT is an interesting idea. I wonder if he could work some magic in football like he has in baseball.

  6. Pie in the Sky Says:

    …and not a single peep about the Bulls or the NBA.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Yes…I’d like to see him take a crack at the Bears or Bulls….even if it makes little sense (?).

    All good stuff, my frendts (your comments).

  8. genrebuster Says:

    As for smaller market teams, Cleveland hasn’t won in a while (they came close in 2016, as we know).


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