I don’t have time for this: Packers 13 Bears 3 (2nd quarter)


We all knew the Bears were going to lose this game. So, I am going to just go ahead with the recap now. Two drives and two touchdowns for the Packers. It wasn’t even close either. The “vaunted” defense of the Bears didn’t do a damn thing (like most of the season).

And when the Bears got to first and goal, the same problems existed like they have for the last 15 years. Get all the way down only to get a field goal (or turnover). Regardless of what happens the rest of this game, Trubisky isn’t to blame completely. He’s not playing defense.

The three teams the Bears are chasing for a playoff spot all lost today. That’s happened in many other years as well when the Bears actually had a chance. It’s like the rest of the teams they are chasing are giving them a playoff spot and the Bears are saying “no, thanks.”

It’s over for the Bears. Even if there is an unforeseen miracle tonight, it’s over.

Next week are the Lions at home. Yay?

22 Responses to “I don’t have time for this: Packers 13 Bears 3 (2nd quarter)”

  1. erniesarmy Says:

    Hey, Fro, can I have my prediction forfeited for being too stupid? Forgive me Fro, for I have siinned. You were right all along, the Bears are really that bad! Bring back the Bears of the past! Ditka, Obradavich, Pettibone, Marshall, and McMahon. These aren’t tthe Bears, these are the “Cubbies.”

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    Normally, I’d be sitting here pissed off. But since I knew the outcome before the game started, it’s not so bad.

  3. Mark Says:

    You gave up too soon Fro Dog. Trubisky makes a throw that hangs like a punt directly into double coverage, intercepted by the Pack in the endzone. This kid learned nothing on the bench. This is basically a night for him to make a highlight film for the rest of the league so he can get on another team next year and he can not even help himself
    Bears will probably beat the Lions next week by a good margin, then I can hear Hub Arkush go on about how the Bears are really close to putting it all together. I had a gun around here….now where did I put it….

  4. genrebuster Says:

    Trubisky will go to another team with a fucking coaching staff and who knows, maybe he’ll play well. maybe not. Regardless, he’s DOOMED in Chicago with these asshats.

    chucky, the camera panned to Virginia and all I could think of was there’s the old bitch…

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    As soon as I posted the recap, that was the next play.

    I don’t know why the networks want the Bears on National Television so much. Sure, more viewers. But how many of those viewers actually stick around the entire game? The Bears look so horrible, that many turn it off. Just one competitive team on the field isn’t enough.

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    Holy shit. The Bears actually scored a touchdown in the red zone. And in the last two minutes of the half no less. That’s a rarity.

  7. chucky Says:

    Fuck Arkush. That arrogant, know nothing piece of fucking steaming dog fucking shit cocksucker doesn’t know his ass from a goddamned goal post. He’s far and away the most unlistenable son of a bitch on the Score, even worse than Mike fucking Mulligan. But something else needs to stop, right here and now. Hampton, OB, and Mark Carmen need to shut the fuck up about the vaulted Bear defense being Super Bowl quality. BULL FUCKING SHIT!!! Tell me, in what motherfucking universe are the Bears defense Super Bowl quality? This goddamned defense sucks massive donkey dick, and any talk of them being anything else is sheer horseshit. This fucking team fucking sucks from top to bottom. End of the first half, Bears first and goal. Nothing. Second and goal. Nothing. Third and goal. A pass to no one in particular, and a lucky pass interference call. First and goal again, and Turd Biscuit FINALLY connects. Guess I should be happy they scored, but I’m so down on the Bears right now that I’m not. Goddamn, I fucking hate this team. And yet, at the end of the day, I’m still an idiot fan. Go figure,

  8. Mark Says:

    Who is doing the play calling this week?
    Only the good die young…she isn’t the old bitch, she is Satan’s Mistress.

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    Bill Lazor is calling plays again. It didn’t work last game. Not really working this game either. Then again, it’s hard to get an offense going when the “great” defense is giving up touchdowns every time they’re out there.

  10. Mark Says:

    Chucky..I will tell you what universe the Bears defense is good. The one where they haven’t figured out that they are doomed and the offense, quarterback, coach, GM and old bitch haven’t sold them down the river. Most of them are young compared to me…not STUPID.

  11. dvxprime Says:

    Pre-game wager I posted on Facebook: more Bears TDs or more goals in the MLS game playing at the same time?

    Game is 0-0 going into OT, Bears actually found the end zone.

    Went back to the MLS game full-tile after the Pack went up 21-3.

    Saw more commercials than football in what little time I wasted on Bears football tonight.

    Imma let Playa-Hatin’ Champion Dave Chappelle do my commentary on Da Bears tonight:

  12. dvxprime Says:

    …and of course, somebody scored in the MLS game while posting here. Dammit.

  13. chucky Says:

    Mark……so it’s some Star Trek type parallel universe where Earth is ruled by an evil empire, Spock has a goatee, and Matt Nagy knows what he’s doing. Is that about right?

  14. Mark Says:

    Chucky…close to that. The one where the Bears offense hasn’t stunk for 30 years. All I know is they look good for the first 3 or 4 games each season…get great stats, lead the league in lots of fundamental defense categories, then all of the sudden get bad, offense like bad. I just can not believe that because Hicks is out everything else collapses.
    I hate to say they are on the verge of quitting, but I do think they are beginning to sit back and realize all is lost again. Some ex-player was on ESPN 1000 this week saying 1 or 2 guys start to roll their eyes at the guy in the next chair when the DC starts talking about stopping this weeks opponent. Why when the offense is a joke on post game shows from coast to coast?

  15. dvxprime Says:

    Chicago Bears football 2020: Tricks, marks, mark-ass tricks, trick-ass marks, skewers, skanks, skig-scags, and scallywhops.

    Also, punk-ass bitches and straight-up ghetto motherfuckers.

    Good night.

  16. chucky Says:

    41-10 at the end of the third quarter. Any bets on if Green Bay hits 50? I’m hoping for it. Maybe Nagy it’ll get Nagy fuckin shitcanned. Happy fucking Thanksgiving you dumb turkey..

  17. dvxprime Says:

    MLS game ended with two goals. bears have 1 TD going into the fourth quarter.

    Somebody stop me!

  18. chucky Says:

    dvx…..if they all that they might actually be good.


  19. Mark Says:

    Dungy just said on national TV…”Uhmmmm…it appears the Bears have just given up.”
    I Nagy is employed past Tuesday fuck the entire program.

  20. chucky Says:

    What game has Dungy been watching? The Bears gave up shortly after the end of the National Anthem.

    Hey genre…..when you saw the OLD BITCH, were her eyes open? Just wondering if they brought her out of her coma.

  21. Fro Dog Says:

    This isn’t going to happen, but it should. Nagy and Pace should be fired by tomorrow. The defense didn’t even give the team a chance in this game. Any one of you can blame Mitch. But blame Pace for drafting him. It’s not Mitch’s fault he’s on this team of lousy bastards that no other teams wanted. This team is the scrap heap of “professional” football players.

  22. dvxprime Says:

    Good morning everybody.

    Whilst fasting for my blood draw, I thought I’d be serious for a moment.

    Dave Chappelle and MLS jokes aside, last night’s loss was a midseason fireable offense. Biggest/Oldest Rivalry in the NFL, twelve days off to prepare, nationally televised game…and the best Da Bears can do is their worst loss of the season.

    If George McCaskey actually gave a damn about winning, whether it be The Halas Way or the modern, QB-driven way, Nagy and Pace would be fired this morning. Nagy should’ve been fired over the Green Bay public address system after the final gun last night. Pace should have been fired halfway through Sportscenter last night.

    Speaking of The Halas Way, did somebody on Da Bears see the Titans-Colts game lyesterday? Derick Henry and a top-five offensive line, folks. It doesn’t take that much.

    Agree that we DON”T have an “elite defense.” Not anymore we don’t. Last year, Da Bears held the Discount Doublkecheck to 3 TDs in two games. He had three TDs before halftime last night. The secondary is vulnerable to the deep ball. No the Bears defense is not “elite.” End of.

    At the rise of getting pilloried here, I make a motion for Peyton Manning as the Bears’ next GM/Team President. Yes, open the vault and make Nationwide-is-on-your-side the Team President of the Chicago Bears and shitcan Pace and that worthless turd Ted Phillips once and for all. Smarmy commercials aside, Peyton Manning will eat, sleep, shit, LIVE NFL football like no other Team Prep/GM in NFL history.

    Of course, I will be stunned if Georgie-boy does grow some stones and starts cleaning house. Shahid Khan is probably plotting to move the Jags to England (see: Baltimore Colts 1985) but he fired Doug Marrone as GM after they lost last night. At leads the pretends to care about winning.

    Caring about winning…can’t say the same for the McCaskey.

    (PS: last night’s wager was a push. MLS: 2 goals, Bears offense: two TDs)


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