Sweating it out: Bears 33 Vikings 27


Why does this have to be so difficult? When the offense sucks, the defense plays adequately. When the offense finally finds life, the defense turns to shit. Fuck Chuck Pagano. Thankfully, the Vikings ran out of time and the Bears held on to win.

Mitch threw one really awful pass and it was probably the only one of the game. Late in the game, instead of throwing it away due to no one being open in the end zone, he tried to throw it to J.P Holtz. Unfortunately, it was both a yard short and a yard too low for Holtz to get it. But the rest of the game? Fucking money. It’s just a shame he was put in a position to fail throughout these four years by incompetent coaches. Finally, the offense put together a full game where they scored on nearly every position. THIS IS WHAT AN OFFENSE IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE.

The defense was fucking awful as mentioned above. On nearly every series they were on, they gave up points. It was BAD. There were a couple of stupid penalties that could have ended drives. Yes, they made stops on the last two drives to win the game. But it should have never reached that point to begin with.

As I type this recap, the Cardinals are currently playing. The Bears will either be tied for that last spot or remain a game out. Two games left. The Jaguars are up next and we all know that won’t be easy.

3 Responses to “Sweating it out: Bears 33 Vikings 27”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    With the last two games on the horizon, it appears that the game the Bears blew against the Lions two weeks ago will be the reason why they will miss the playoffs this year. Nobody is to blame other than the bald-headed dipshit for his ineptitude and awful game-management.

    The Cardinals have won their last two games and hold the one-game lead for that last spot. The Bears must win both of their games while the Cardinals lose one of them to get in. The Bears can also get in by winning the last two and the Buccaneers losing their last two. I highly doubt either scenario occurs. I’d like to be wrong, however.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    Well, the Cardinals did win their game last night, so there’s that.

    Also, the Jets won at the LA Rams.

    IMHO, this is the desperation mini-season in the NFL. Like I said, even players and coaches on losing teams are playing/coaching for their jobs next season, even if it may be on a different team than the one they are on now.

    The Jets realized that if they go 0-16, their collective football careers are toast. Who the fuck wants a bum athlete or incompetent coach from a team that rolled a donut in today’s NFL? Does anyone really want that on their resume?

    The “siren song” currently being sung in Chicago is that Nagy, Pace, and possibly Phillips are gone if the Bears miss the playoffs. I want to believe that among those three, somebody (maybe Georgie-boy himself) gave everybody (players/coaches/front office) an NFL variant of Alec Baldwin’s ABC speech from “Glengarry Glen Ross.”

    Or even better:

    Sooo…the Bears beat up the Jags, then miracle their way to a home win against the Packers, and somehow smuggle their way into the playoffs (and a season ending ass-whipping against the Saints or whomever is the No.2 seed).

    …aaand everybody is retained and the cycle starts again. The change that is sorely needed never comes.


  3. chucky Says:

    I’ve decided to stop trying to predict the outcome of the Bears games from here on out. They’re just too unpredictable. And that in and of itself, makes for a bad team. I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see them win out, go 9-7 for the year, fuck up their draft position, and worst of all, save the worthless hides of Nagy, Pace, and Philips, unless he retires on his own. We’re doomed in any event.

    On a very sad note, I just found out that Hall of Famer Kevin Greene has passed away at age 58. No cause yet. Will this fucking abortion of a year just fucking end already? I can’t fucking take it anymore!


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