Matt Nagy is an idiot: Bears 27 Titans 24


First, sorry for this delay. I’ve been exhausted, busy and trying to fight off the shitty allergies that the humidity in Illinois has given me the last two weeks. I was paying half-attention to this game and nothing in it really mattered. So, I will just go with what I was hearing the idiot talking about earlier in the week during a press conference.

Matt Nagy (the idiot) was telling reporters something along the lines of how it takes “a few years” to get going. Huh? He basically told us that the system he has takes literally, years to master? Are you fucking kidding me?

This is the same guy who puts his entire team at a disadvantage every game of every year. This idiot makes Lovie Smith look like a genius.

“This offense, it takes a few years to get going. We saw that in Kansas City where it took a few years….After about three or four years, it started really picking up and going. I feel like we’re at that spot right now.”

Does anyone know of any other job where you told your boss something stupid like this and still could get away with it? If you told your boss that it “takes a few years for me to be good at my job” that it would work? Only the Chicago Bears, ladies and gentlemen.

I don’t want the Bears to lose. I want them to win every game and win the Super Bowl. But fuck, does it make it difficult to care with this guy coaching. For me, it’s either win the Super Bowl this year or get canned. Don’t just make the playoffs. Don’t just get to the Super Bowl. WIN THE SUPER BOWL OR YOU’RE GONE. That’s what George should tell him.

But instead, I am sure a contract extension is on the way for a lesser result.

Fuck this.

10 Responses to “Matt Nagy is an idiot: Bears 27 Titans 24”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    The NFL Draft and the NFL Preseason are #1 and #1a in The Biggest Con Games in Professional Sports.

    If your front office and coaching staffs are on point, you have a good chance at a successful season, whatever your goals and metrics are. End of the discussion.

  2. Paul Says:

    The Three stooges are running the Bears , Nagy as Curley, Ryan Pace as Moe, and last but not the least George McCaskey as Larry!! Sorry, I take it all back, that’s an insult to the real Stooges!! You couldn’t find a more incompetent group anywhere and the record shows that!!

  3. chucky Says:

    I’ve always been a fan of the 3 Stooges, especially Curley Howard. I’ve never been a fan of Matt Nagy.


  4. Paul Says:

    The Stooges rule but not the the ones on the Bears,nuk nuk nuk, Moe, Larry, give me the Cheese!!!

  5. genrebuster Says:

    Indeed, the Stooges rule! And Curley is my favorite.

    Paul, Thank You for taking back your comment!

  6. jimmy Says:

    i hope the bears keep nagy..because i am a viking i really hope they fire him..because i dislike the fact that he is an nfl coach. i really am a viking fan and i am none too happy with our oline among other things.that rarely are addressed. zimmer is a d-guy and drafts for d more than o through spielman..and yet our d has been horrid for 2 seasons. anyway why i think nagy is an idiot and should be fired. when bears made their playoff game against the eagles….well the week b4 ,when the bears were already in the playoffs..nagy choose to play his starters…2 of which a t.e. i think was one..could not play in the postseason due to the injuries suffered the week before.against a mediocre viking team.the same team they would have played if they had lost to the vikings by only playing 3rd stringers etc. but nagy played the starters and they beat the vikings handily ..and that allowed the streaking eagles into the post season with a viking loss….believe me i was laughing at the stupidity of it all when the bears lost to the eagles..what idiocy…even more crazy is the trading up for both trubisky and fields..with number 1 draft picks….and although some will disagree ,the move to get lb mack imo was also a bad that bears gave up yet again not 1 but two first round picks and have to pay a huge sum to mack limiting the cap…wow…4 first round picks where a qb and lb could be had..mack is also old as well at 30..where with some luck bears would have a top lb who is 22 ish though not as good as mack most likely but who knows..anyway gm and nagy should go and the mccaskys need to will that team to some other descendants of g halas…one’s who want a winning team.and come to think of it the wilfs need to sell the vikings if they arent interested in fielding a solid team on both sides of the ball..and it starts with the oline first…heck i would build an offensive powerhouse before even considering defense as the rules favor the offense.anyway heres to hoping the cheeseheads fail this season ..and cheers to matt stafford who finally escaped detroit.

  7. Paul Says:

    Jimmy, that’s what you get with the McCaskey run Bears, incompetent GMs and they hire Morons for the Head coaching position!! The Bears situation will never change as long as the McCaskeys own the team and if anyone thinks different they’re FOOLS!!

  8. jimmy Says:

    yes paul you are are correct… also .[.i am an idiot and used the wrong ”chose” in my above post] i lived in illinois my whole life but for a few separate years. b4 i was born we lived in st.paul for a year and my brothers were all viking fans even when i was a kid. i liked butkus when i was a favorite player..any way its a big business and every losing nfl team makes multi millions each year. McCaskey’s do need to get out of the game and i would like to see it go to some descendant of George’s but that wont happen as the team is worth over a billion i imagine. they will keep it in the family as long as they rake in 100 mil a year or whatever it is. you bear fans just got to hope..George McCaskey has some offspring with more sense….also you find a way to keep wilbur marshall…gone right after superbowl…jim mcmahon best qb the bears had in awhile both past[ luckman] and future [cutler] though flutie provided some nice moments.. jim was gone by 88 i think. i watched the game where jim came in and threw 3 td’s and won the viking game his first action off the bench in 84 i think. mcaskey was running the demise of the superbowl team without george around for sure…i wonder if halas had veto rights over who was traded etc.cause the bears had a team for sure in 84-85-86 and mcaskey only had a year after halas’s death so he couldnt mess the team up too much. before the superbowl season.

  9. jimmy Says:

    i meant to imply that luckman and cutler were better qb’s but the ones in between jim m were not as good as jim m…i remember bobby douglass! also the wr g.farmer. farmer was good… i recall a friends father when i was 10..yelling up a storm at the tv over how bad bobby douglass was.

  10. Paul Says:

    Bobby Douglas , Jimmy that brings back some memories and how about Rosey Taylor, Ross Brubaker , and Andy Livingston !!


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