The Cubs


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11 Responses to “The Cubs”

  1. chucky Says:

    The Cubs have won the last four series and seem to be playing a little better. And yet, I still can’t get invested in this team. I like Suzuki, and I also like Christopher Morel, and of course Willson Contreras, who will be traded unfortunately, but beyond that, this team fucking blows. If anyone thinks Patrick Wisdom, Frank Schwindel are anything but temporary replacements for Rizzo and Bryant they’re full of shit. And David Ross is no fucking major league manager. Jed Clampett is no Theo Epstein either. This team is in a lot of trouble because the way they are constructed right now, they’re going to win too many games for decent draft picks, but never enough to reach the playoffs. And even if they did reach the playoffs, it’ll just be a repeat of 2020. They’ll completely forget how to hit and get swept by a shitty opponent like Miami. I defy anyone to give me ONE good reason to feel optimistic about the Cubs and their future. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

  2. chucky Says:

    It would seem that Paul Sullivan hasn’t got too much use for David Ross, just like I don’t.

    It’s about time someone else besides me calls out Ross for being a shitty fucking manager.

  3. Erniesarmy Says:

    Ross may be a mediocre to lousy manager but this disaster, as it always is for the Cubs, starts at the very top with the owner and the player personnel director. In 2015-2020 the Cubs had the makings of a consistent MLB contender, and they gave up and traded away all of the major talent that made them a contender. Why? Because their tight wad owner didn’t want to pay the salaries needed to keep the talent, and the personnel director did what he was told. The Cubs have had a miserable player development process for decades and it still is miserable. Because they don’t develop players, they have to make trades to get other organizations talent in hopes that what someone else developed will turn into solid MLB players, but they usually don’t. So, now we have what is essentially a Triple A team playing MLB teams and getting hammered. The Dodgers are a prime example of a team that knows how to develop players in their system and they turn out stars. That is why even when the Cubs get a lead on the Dodgers they always give up the lead in an inning or two, or they end up losing the game in the bottom of the ninth. Until the Cubs get an owner who actually cares about the team and not the attendance figures at Wrigley, this team is going nowhere.

  4. chucky Says:

    The goddamned Cubs open up a 5-run lead in the top of the first, give 3 of those runs back in the bottom of the first. tack on three more in the third, then give up 6 in the bottom of the third in the last game in LA, and lose the motherfucking game, all thanks to their illustrious and completely useless fucking pitching staff, and even more useless manager. David FUCKING Ross along with the entire coaching staff, needs to be fucking fired right fucking now. Goddamnit, enough is enough of this fucking shit! Jed FUCKING Hoyer too. He doesn’t know his fucking ass from third goddamn base!!!!! Ernie is right, by the way, about fucking Fanboy Ricketts. This stupid fucking doofus is only interested in making money now that he got his World Series title. Hey numbnuts, here’s an idea for your dumb fucking ass: GET THEO EPSTEIN BACK AND TRY TO WIN ANOTHER!!!!! This shit was so unnecessary. They had the core talent to build around. Ricketts didn’t want to pay them. It’s that goddamn simple. Tom Ricketts is baseballs answer to the fucking McCaskey Crime Family. The Cubs will not contend for another title in our lifetime. Why? Because Ricketts has no goddamned interest in contending again. Prove me wrong. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

  5. Erniesarmy Says:

    The problem with you Chucky is that you have too much sense. The Cubs and the Bears are allergic to people with too much sense, it makes them look even worse than they are. Ricketts is in it to make money, and so are the McCaskey family, they couldn’t care less about the quality of the teams on the field. Just as long as those turnstiles, concessions, merchandise, and television and radio contracts keep cranking out the money they won’t spend one penny on player development and/or quality coaches. The problem with Chicago fans is they put up with garbage teams. The successful franchise fans won’t put up with it. That’s the main difference. If Ricketts was in New York, St. Louis, or Los Angeles, they’d run him out of town!

  6. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I hate to say it because it’s the Yankees and I never thought I’d say this ever…but I’m sort of a closet Yankees fans as long as they have Rizzo. I want to see Rizzo win another one. He should’ve been a Cubs lifer.

    And to think he re-signed with Yankees for 2 yr, 32m. We got Stroman (almost same age) for 3 yr 71m. WTF?

  7. Erniesarmy Says:

    Oh, and one more thing, Chucky, the Cubs are nothing more than a Triple A team, they have no chance against quality MLB contenders like the Dodgers. Seven straight losses to the Dodgers! Wow! Thanks a lot Ricketts.

  8. genrebuster Says:

    Hoyer SUCKS. Ricketts SUCKS. Ross is clearly in over his head.

    I don’t want to hate this team, so I’m looking the other way for now.

    I thought they would contend for years after 2016…what the fuck was I thinking?

    I think Ricketts deserves the most blame. The Rizzo, Bryant, Baez fire sale was epic…in a bad way.

  9. chucky Says:

    I’ll say it genre: I HATE THIS FUCKING TEAM!!!!!!!

    Hoyer is a goddamned idiot. He hasn’t got a fucking clue about evaluating player and managerial talent. Ricketts is a money-grubbing son of a bitch who took a goddamned wrecking ball to a championship team shortly after winning the title. Ross is a fucking moron. He can’t handle player development, he can’t manage a pitching staff, and nobody had better give me any fucking bullshit about his motivational skills, because they’re non-existent!!!! This entire fucking organization is a goddamned shitshow, and it won’t be getting better in our lifetime. I hope you boys enjoyed that World Series title, because it’s the only one we’re getting. This is the only outfit that could actually make me look forward to the train wreck of the Chicago Bears 2022 season. That’s fucked up, and it just goes to show how fucked up the Cubs really are. Buckle up boys, it’s going to be a really rough ride.

  10. Erniesarmy Says:

    As long as Chicago sports fans have the attitude of the scrubs at “Bleed Cubbie Blue” and the other sports websites for Chicago teams, this trash, which is supposed to pass as “professional,” will continue. It’s perfectly understandable why Fro quit the Cubs, I’m just wondering how much longer he can stay with the Bears. Chicago fans have to stop supporting this garbage! Stay clear of Wrigley until they get serious about competing.

  11. chucky Says:

    One thing I always looked forward to during the summer was the MLB All-Star game. I always enjoyed that the best players from every team got together in one place and forgot all about rivalries, and just played a game we enjoyed and were massive fans of. If the game was played in a stadium of a National League team, National League players wore their home uniforms, while the American League players wore their road uniforms, and, of course, vice-versa. The past several years however, there’s been a slow erosion of my enjoyment of this game. First came that idiot Bud Selig’s’ ruling that the league that won the game got home field advantage for the World Series, which was completely stupid to the core, placing that much importance on a meaningless game. It also forced managers to hold back players who might have played in normal circumstances. The next thing to annoy the piss out of me was when MLB had kids run out onto the field with with the starting players. Look, I like kids, and I have no problem with MLB sponsoring kids groups and promoting baseball for young children. But they shouldn’t be running out on the field like this. They’re being used as props as a bullshit PR move to make MLB look better. It hasn’t worked. Next was scheduling the 2016 game in San Diego, forcing them to make the National League team to play as the road team. It looked really stupid to have a San Diego player play in his home park in his road uniform. Now they’ve got the players dressing in these ugly ass uniforms to make the team players all look the same, and it fucking sucks. They’ve completely ruined the entire aura of the game. Thank you Bud Selig and Rob Manfred. You’ve got one less viewer thanks to your fucking stupidity. Both of you can go fuck yourselves for I care now.


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