I’ve seen this movie before | Bears 19 Chefs 14


Hey. Our beloved Bears are back. And that means recaps from the worst site on the internet. Yes, even preseason games will be covered. Why? Because I don’t know when to tell myself that this team sucks ass and will never be successful with George and Ted in charge.

But hey, the Bears pulled one out. And I’m still pissed. Why? Let’s take a look at the all the things they did to remind us that they still suck.

First drive of the game – Three and out. Oof. This looks all too familiar. What happens next? The Chiefs go all the way down for a touchdown. THIS HAPPENS ALL. THE. FUCKING. TIME. Why change now? Speaking of things that happen all the time, the Chiefs drove down at will to get a touchdown right before halftime. Seriously, someone tell me a time the Bears DIDN’T give up points in the final two minutes before halftime. Justin Fields did alright. Darnell Mooney made a nice catch as well as Tajae Sharpe.

Second half – This is where I went to get lunch. I missed the first touchdown on a Trevor Semen pass. Fuck this guy. Why did Ryan Poles think it was a good idea to bring in one of the worst quarterbacks of the last decade? Oh, and speaking of shitty quarterbacks, they also signed an even worse quarterback in Nathan Peterman. THE TWO WORST QUARTERBACKS OF THE LAST TEN YEARS WERE SIGNED THIS OFFSEASON. But what do we have here? A second-half comeback! 19 straight points and the shitty defense found a way to seal the deal.

In short, this team is really going to suck. Justin Fields is a question mark. The offensive line is in shambles. The running game wasn’t really a priority today. And the defense is just atrocious.

To show you how out of it I have been this offseason, I had no idea the Bears let punter Pat O’Donnell go. He signed with the Packers in March? Fuck. His leg must have been so exhausted all these years. He’s now on a team where he barely has to punt. I guess I can’t blame him there.

Thursday night is a matchup on National Television against the Seahawks. Yippy!

6 Responses to “I’ve seen this movie before | Bears 19 Chefs 14”

  1. Mark Johnson Says:

    Fro Dog….
    Back off poor Trevor Siemian. He is the best pre-season quarterback around. He made Kansas City look like the worst defense in football.
    He does have a slight issue once the actual season starts and he has to play against real defenses that have spent the week (30 minutes maybe?) game planning for the Chicago offense.

    But for now…Trevor for PRESIDENT….ROCK & ROLL TREVOR!!!!!

  2. Skip Says:

    Same story , compliments of the Cluster F–k McCaskey family , and that will never change until the team is sold!!

  3. skip Says:

    Why did the Bears stop trying to score after they got the lead , they just kept running the ball up the middle , did Nagy hack into the Bears head set com system !

  4. chucky Says:

    The ONLY reason the Bears won this game is because the Chiefs didn’t try.

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    My apologies. I now know better than to disrespect the greatest preseason quarterback of my generation.

    I think Semen will get another chance.

  6. Mark Johnson Says:

    For Dog; Apology accepted. Why OH WHY did we let them take a pre-season game away?!?! So much easier to watch this hot mess when it doesn’t actually count.


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