There Is One Like This Every Season | Bears 33 Patriots 14


(Turn the volume all the way up in the video.)

Who here thought the Bears would win this game?

Those who raised your hand are liars.

Every year, there is that one game where nobody expects the Bears to win. Before the season started, I didn’t pick this one to be that game. The Bears played nearly perfect all game long on both sides of the ball. The conditions weren’t easy either as there was some moisture in the air. There were fumbles and slips. But holy shit. There was even a dude on ESPN saying the Bears had no chance to win. Holy shit.

Offense | What have I been screaming about all my life about it being 3rd and inches? QUARTERBACK SNEAK. I think there were three sneaks and all went for first downs. It isn’t rocket science, folks. Sneak it in for that half yard and start a new set of downs. It took the Bears the entire duration of my fandom (30-plus years) to finally have common sense. Justin Fields was running for his life and somehow made it work. The pass play to Herbert after a pump fake went for a touchdown. The replay made me shit myself seeing Fields get sandwiched. Fuck. But hey, look at the running game. Montgomery and Herbert did their thing. It really is refreshing to see a team finally run the ball when needed and not get stupid with tricks. Nothing stupid really happened tonight.

Defense | You know what else I have been screaming about my entire life with this team? COVER YOUR RECEIVERS. And what do you know? The Bears did it. Three interceptions. Why? Because they actually were following receivers around when a play was going on rather than play the coveted “COVER WHO?” defense we were so accustomed to. They also got a fumble recovery. I admit that it became concerning after Zappe went in and got two touchdowns in a manner of six or seven plays. But when the Bears got that touchdown and field goal going into halftime, the Patriots were already having their backs against the wall. The defense did something great for a change and that was not giving up any points in the second half. There I was all second half waiting for them to blow it and they didn’t. WOW.

Special Teams | Cairo Santos. He’s earned every penny of that contract. Four field goals.

Halftime | Okay. One negative. I usually find myself needing to take a shit at halftime and it seems like after I finish, the second half has already begun. 12 minutes is ridiculous. Give me 15.

The Cowboys are up next. I really do pray this is the start of something great. But again, these are the Bears we’re talking about. We’ll see what happens.

5 Responses to “There Is One Like This Every Season | Bears 33 Patriots 14”

  1. John Says:

    Well, I am happy to eat crow on my Pats W 27-0. When the Bears took the lead I kept expecting them to blow it, as I keep imagining that they’re always playing against Aaron Rodgers and that early leads are just cute tricks to get your hopes up so that they can be crushed. I can’t appraise this game. It feels like the Bears haven’t played a game this well since 2018. Well, maybe not. In 2019 they beat the Cowboys 31-24, in 2020 they beat the Jags 42-17, and last year they beat the Giants 29-3, and those were all huge wins. Still . . . in this win the offense felt like one I haven’t seen since 2013. You know what else the Bears haven’t done in a long time? Beaten the Patriots. Since when? Try the 85 Super Bowl. Yes, it has been that long. Matt Eberflus and Justin Fields did something that no Bears team in 37 years has done, and they did it big! I would love nothing more than for the 2013 Bears offense to reemerge. Man! You know what else? I hope, I hope, I hope the Bears can put something together like what the Dolphins did last season in some midseason turnaround that puts them back in play. Probably not though. Justin Fields had himself a good game. So . . . do we still think his rushing stats are a bad sign? I have never seen a team that gets the better of the Bears, as it seemed like the Patriots had for a moment, just have it stall on them by virtue of the Bears somehow proceeding to outplay them even so. Usually, that’s where the Bears get sent packing. I don’t know, Fro Dog. Maybe it’s a bit premature to be wanting to fire Matt Eberflus. This is the type of bounce-back, unflappable coaching you typically only see out of Mike Tomlin, or something, where he never lets a lax start to the season get to his head. Although, I could be the one being premature. Dallas might knock us back to earth. But good win, Bears! Turkey! Turkey!

  2. John Says:

    One more thing: don’t trade Roquan Smith. He is a first-rounder Pro Bowler. You will never replace him with a third/forth rounder.

  3. Dave Says:

    Fields may have looked like he was running for his life, and perhaps he was on a few plays. But according to postgame shows, regardless of which one you watched, these were QB designed runs. Qb draw, qb sneak, qb power, qb sweep, etc.

    Bring on them Cowboys

  4. Fro Dog Says:


    You would be incorrect. The Bears actually pulled one out on the Patriots in 2000 by the score of 24-17. But I can see where you may have missed that seeing as the Bears were very awful after the Super Bowl victory in ’86. There were many ass-whoopings from the Patriots both in the 90’s and 2010’s.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    As most of you can see in the recap, I tried not to be as negative. That being said, I did not mention that *maybe*, had the Patriots started Zappe, it may have gone differently.

    Regardless, the defense held their own after those two quick touchdowns. I woke up still in shock.


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