The Broncos have one more win than the Bears. They fired their coach today.


What does that tell you about the Bears? I am sure Matt EberLOSE is a nice guy. I am sure he would make a great neighbor by keeping his yard clean, taking out the trash and living a quiet lifestyle. That being said, I don’t want him coaching my favorite football team.

Where is the urgency?


5 Responses to “The Broncos have one more win than the Bears. They fired their coach today.”

  1. Skip Says:

    The one thing you can count on with the McCaskey family , they’ll always do the wrong thing ! The Bears are dead to me until the McClown family sells the team , they are incapable of making an intelligent decision and their history proves that , the next Gm will be as incompetent as the previous 5 !!

  2. chucky Says:

    Where is the urgency, you ask? It’s in Denver and Indianapolis. It’s sure as hell NOT in Shitcago.

  3. skip Says:

    Chucky , Can we all say Fuck the McCaskeys and their shit show of a football team !! I want another NFL franchise in Chicago

  4. John Says:

    We’re amidst a rebuild, you guys. I thought we wanted to clean house from the Nagy-Pace failed experiment, right? It takes time to rebuild.

    The Bears lucked out in the 2021 Draft. They got a break that usually other teams get, and an opportunity that the Bears blew in 2017. They got Justin Fields. Had things gone a little differently, like had the Jets, 49ERS, or Broncos taken him, we would have been screwed with either Zach Wilson or Mac Jones, both of whom are going the way of Trubisky. Then we would be in a battle to tank against the Texans to get Bryce Young, and we’d be trash until 2025 at the soonest.

  5. skip Says:

    John : The jury is still out on Fields when it comes to passing the ball and that’s what QBs are supposed to do best not run for more yards than you pass for ! Draft another QB because the Bears are going to need one along with a new GM and head coach , the same old BS from the McCaskeys and that hasn’t changed since they took control of the Bears !


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