That’s a wrap.


Stiff arm

All of the Bears’ problems of this season were summed up in one game. Bad defense, no wide receivers and a blown lead.

– First of all, Danieal Manning has done some really good things on kickoffs and defense. This game however, he was bad on both. He had blown coverage on the first touchdown that the Texans scored when Andre Johnson was wide open. The same thing happened in the Super Bowl where he didn’t cover when Manning threw a 60 yard pass to I believe Harrison. Then the very next play, he fumbled a kickoff return which lead to another touchdown. There was 14 points right there that he gave the Texans.

– Kyle Orton’s 22/37 for 244 yards weren’t bad. It would help if they ran the ball more and actually had better receivers to catch the ball. Another solid offensive lineman wouldn’t be too much to ask of either. I still believe Kyle Orton can be a good quarterback in the NFL if he can get at least some help on the offensive side. When your running back is your best wide receiver and your tight ends are usually the only ones open, then your offense has problems.

– As I have mentioned more than enough, the Bears should not have even been in this situation. They blew three games that easily should have been wins (Carolina, Tampa Bay and Atlanta). The coaching and management problems are too much of a headache to write about. This team needs to add some receivers, an offensive lineman and a couple of safeties. The quarterback position should be the least of the Bears’ worries going into the off-season. I said this defense has had some awful games but I can also point out that if the offense could quit having three and outs, that the defense could play a little bit better because they would have more rest. That falls into the responsibility of the coaches.

– That is a wrap for Bears talk for a while. I will have a new thread next week about something. Possibly a Blackhawks or a Bulls article. I wish everyone a safe and happy new year.

23 Responses to “That’s a wrap.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Happy Holidays to everyone here.

    Did one of you guys just call the Score and talk to Buffone and O.B.? (Around 4:15 PM Chicago time) Somebody just said Lovie Smith is the Dusty Baker of football. Couldn’t agree with that guy more! What a fucking moron Lovie is. I swear I’ve seen enough of him.

    And speaking of ole Lovie Howell, I have one message for you: QUIT NOW YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dave (formerly armycubsfan) Says:

    Well that’s it. Wait until next year, Chicago Bears.

    How about giving us a Chicago sports team that doesn’t choke? Blackhawks, I’m counting on you guys!!

  3. chucky Says:

    That might be too much to ask for Dave. But the Blackhawks have looked good this year. Too bad I’m not a big hockey fan.

  4. MadCityMac Says:

    I’m looking forward to the Blackhawks-Wings game at Wrigley on Thur. Finally, a decent Chicago team playing at the corner of Clark and Addison! Joel Quenneville (I know I spelled that wrong) will do some good with this team. Good young talent without an idiot like Lovey/Dusty and Moe/Angelo to fuck things up!

  5. genrebuster Says:

    “Finally, a decent Chicago team playing at the corner of Clark and Addison!”…..


    The best thing about the Bears season ending is that we don’t have to listen to Lovie Howell talk anymore (after the game, until next year).


    Has Soriano been traded to the Yankees yet? Hope springs eternal…

  6. Sandberg23 Says:

    Well to bad I’m not a hockey fan cause maybe I could have something to look forward to with the Bears throwing up all over them selves again to end the season. Hopefully for all of you that are Hockey fans the Blackhawks will actually do something and not choke themsleves. Well at least there’s the Bulls??? Ha!! yeah right they suck too. When I watch they’re games I find myself only watching Rose play cause I could care less about the rest of the team except Gordon and that’s only cause I’m a Uconn fan and he was one of my favorite players from Uconn. But even he makes me sick. Turning down a 5 yr 50 some million dollar contract cause you think you are worth more then that. I’ll gurantee when he hits the open market this year he will sign something that is similar to the contract the Bulls offered or even a smaller contract and it will be with a east coast team that is close to home.

  7. 101 Fucking Years Says:

    Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while….
    The bears appearently did not get the memo that the texans game was for a playoff game. Everything was there for them to earn a wildcard spot (cowgirls losing and bucs losing) and they fucking blew it. This team didnt even play like a playoff team when it came down to it (blowing games to falcons,panthers, and bucs) and didnt deserve a plaoff spot. The coaching is terrible (babich, lovie, and truner get the fuck out), the o line sucks (good riddance to the shit bags st. clair and tait), no wrs can catch a ball except hester and g-reg olsen (booker, rashied davis, and brandon lloyd please leave), the secondary is terrible and cant cover for shit (see andre jonsons and roddy whites performances against the cubbie bears), and the d line is full of overpaid and washed up players (urlacher, mark anderson, ogunleye, tommie harris). This team needs to retool badly (like the dolphins and falcons successfully accomplished) and use this offseason to make major changes because this team cant do shit. Use the draft to get a new o line, sign a couple of wrs to go alongside hester and g-reg olsen (tj houshmanzadeh anyone?), get a new saftey (bye bye mike brown and NO to daniel manning as saftey), and trade some of the washed up d-line players for draft picks so we can farther retool in that part of the game. But sadly, we have Jerry Angelo as our gm who is going to waste this offseason giving fat contracts to shit players and not make ANY coaching changes. Btw, thanks for letting go of Ron Rivera who led the chargers to an amzing turnaround and to the playoffs, where the bears wont be. This team is complete shit and will continue to be complete shit unless moves are made.

  8. 101 Fucking Years Says:

    (Another post since my other one was too fucking long)
    The Blackhawks are kicking major ass (9 game win streak bitches) and have surprisingly made me interested in hockey. They get the Redwings for two straight next, who they came close to beating twice this season but lost on shootouts. Our goal tending has kicked major ass this yr and our group of guys (campbell, toews, kane, sharp, khabi, etc.) should continue to get better and better. The Blackhawks are really making me proud and are the only Chicago team showing promise.

    The Bulls are playing like my expectations and can’t win on the road for shit. We are getting killed constantly in the inside game and are letting other teams big men kill us constantly (even shit like Kendrick Perkins and Hakim Warrick). We have no post player and have shitty centers in Aaaron Gray and Joakim Noah. I would also like to thank John Paxson for overpaying for that piece of shit Luol Deng who has been complete crap. Paxson has put this team in a bad position and the bulls are stuck with three shitty contracts (Hinrich Noc, and Deng). Rose is the only player who has showed promise and Ben Gordon is only playing for a fat contract and the end of the year. Also, Vinny Del Negro is a fucking bum with his gay mullet.

  9. robert Says:

    dont mean to change the subject but can someone please explain to me what in the hell hendry was thinking when he pulled that trade he made today

  10. chucky Says:


    I heard on The Score this afternoon that this trade might be to revive the Jake Peavy trade. They signed some guy who’s name escapes me, but I think he is a second baseman. And potentially a leadoff hitter too. There had been rumors that Fontanot may move to shortstop. I heard that Lou isn’t that high on Theriot. And say goodbye to Jason Marquis. He’ll be in Colorado soon. Maybe by the the end of the week.

  11. robert Says:

    chucky they signed Aaron Miles…

  12. robert Says:

    guys I hate to say it but I dont root for the bears I root for the most consistent team in the NFL you know the team whose backup is better than most teams starters the Steelers

  13. chucky Says:

    That’s it. Thanks Robert. And I’ll tell one more thing: I would rather have the Steelers backups than most of the Bears starters. At this point the only Bears players worh a damn are Matt Forte and Robbie Gould. Especially Gould, he’s untouchable. (I hope!!!!)


  14. robert Says:

    chucky i agree with you but I was refering to our backup qb byron leftwich is better than most teams starting qbs….dont know how I root for a consistent winner like the steelers and the cubs

  15. chucky Says:

    Leftwich is one hell of a lot better than anything the Bears have had in years.

  16. Dave (formerly armycubsfan) Says:

    The Blackhawks are a pretty awesome team these days, but the Red Wings are just sick!! I could see the Hawks getting into the playoffs and then getting beaten by those bastards. Ugh, they piss me off!

    As for the Cubs, I’m gonna miss Derosa. But I do know while he is a decent player, he is replaceable. Miles has his shiny points too, with his ability to switch hit among them. His power numbers are low though. One other thing, he is a bit old. Still the Cardinals are dumb for letting him go so easily. I’m not so sure about Milton Bradley since he can never stay healthy. We could use another starting pitcher though. Is Big Unit still available. He could be a decent 3rd-5th starter or platoon him with Harden. Just my $0.02

  17. 101 Fucking Years Says:

    Randy Johnson got scooped up by the giants.
    There are still sps available but most of them are old and/or demanding more money then they are worth. Andy Pettitte is a possibility but he got rocked last yr and will most likely ask for at least 10 mil. Ben Sheets is too injury prone and is not worth a long time deal. Derek Lowe is asking for well over 10 mil a year, much more then he is worth even though the guy can win in the playoffs. The immortal Mark Prior is still available. We need someone to fire the towel dril up and it would be great to reunite him with him butt buddy, Rotchild.

    That being said, I wouldnt mind Milton Bradley but the guy is a headcase and gets injured every year. Still when he is healthy, he can his lights out and be the left handed bat this lineup lacks.

  18. Sandberg23 Says:


  19. The Ghost Of Leo Durocher Says:

    I thought Milton Bradley was a fucking board game.

    NO Bradley…if Hendry signs him, he can bring back Jackie Jones, Latoya Hawkins, Mercker, Sosa, Todd Walker, too…dammit, go for the gusto Jimbo and bring back Dusty while you’re at it, make the Cubs clubhouse a truly happy place!

    Until this team is sold, does anybody really give a shit?

  20. The Ghost Of Leo Durocher Says:

    one more thing:


    …………………………………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………………………..

    What the hell is that?

  21. Sandberg23 Says:

    Oh shit sorry about that. Thought I had erased that and didn’t send anything. Oh well I can’t remember what the hell I was gonna post now anyway so fuck it I guess. One thing though. Hopefully Ronnie dosen’t piss of Milton. I would hate to see him go up there and threaten him. I mean what the hell could Santo do? Run from him? That crazy bastard would probably pull his prostetic legs off him and beat him with them. That was bad of me to say but it sounds like we got another Cunt Merker on the team that may threaten the announce team if they are crtical of the way he is playing. I don’t know. If somehow Lou can keep the bastard somewhat in line the Cubs could get something good out of him. I still would like to see the Cubs use something with what they got out of the DeRosa trade and maybe some of they’re own minor leaguer’s to get Peavy. I’d like to see Roberts on the team but that’s not gonna happen cause Baltimore fucking loves him so much they won’t give him up for anything.

    Btw, I got a Bears question for everybody. It was in the paper today. Would you like it if the Bears picked up Michael Vick?? He would come cheap too which is what the Bears love to do. My intial thought was no but the more I think about it I don’t know.

  22. genrebuster Says:

    Thumbs down on Bradley, unless he manages to get his personal act together it will prove to be another dumb move. That 30 million could have been spent more wisely, thanks again Hendry. Please tender your resignation ASAP.

    Teams win WS Championships, not individuals. If the camaraderie is not there, the talent will not prevail. I hope Bradley is not a bad influence on Zambrano, who has already proven himself to be a headcase at times.

    The DeRosa trade is a big gamble, but if it paves the way for Peavey I’m ok with it. Otherwise thumbs down.

  23. Brian Urlacher Autographed Jersey Owner Says:

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    I miss the days of Walter Payton and William Perry.
    I hope to be in Chicago for a game this fall.


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