Bulls Playoff Preview


You are our only prayer.

The Chicago Bulls take on the Boston Celtics in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. The Bulls would have been playing the Orlando Magic had they not shit all over themselves against the Toronto Raptors in the final game of the season. Regardless, the Bulls just about shocked me and everyone else when they went 15-6 in their final 21 games including a 15-2 record in their last 17 home games.

The only good news is that Kevin Garnett could be out for the playoffs. In order for the Bulls to have a chance, they have to play some kind of defense. Any kind really because all season long, there wasn’t any defense to be seen. Not one player could guard. Some tried but they failed miserably. This team can score 100 points a game but they also give up the same amount. You can get by that in the regular season. With the playoffs, not so much. It is difficult to shoot 50% from the floor every night as well. That is the only way the Bulls win games: Consistency with the jump shot. With the home court advantage Boston has, the Bulls would need to steal one of the first two games just to have a shot at making this series interesting.

Of course I want the Bulls to win this series but I am a realist too. I’d say the they would be lucky to win two. But hey, I thought about a month ago, the Bulls would be fighting for a lottery pick. As far as a serious contender in the future the Bulls can be, I would say they are a few years away. Even if they find a way to win this series, they would just get their ass kicked by Cleveland. The Boston Celtics win this series in five or six games.



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