That sucked.


Well, the Chicago Bulls lost this series in seven games but it should not have came down to that. The Bulls should have won this series 4-1 if not for the refs fixing games but I am not going to go over that again.

However, the seventh game was one where the Bulls fell apart at every aspect of the game. Blown leads, dumb shots, no defense and stupid turnovers were the story of the season and in game seven, all of those factors came together in one. Ben Gordon was cold and everyone else just fell apart with him. Except for the third game, the series was a nail biter just about every step of the way.

This season at first was looking like a lost season. When the trade for Miller and Salmons happened, the Bulls started to come together. They got on a roll the last couple months of the season and got close to becoming the sixth seed in the playoffs. The team was on the rise.

There will be a lot of questions concerning the Bulls this off season. Ben Gordon is a question mark with a new contract. Luol Deng sucks and I still cannot believe he was given a new contract. Whether or not the Bulls trade for a legitimate post player will be a question mark. A possible trade of Kirk Hinrich might be discussed as well. Personally, I want him back for his defense.

One thing is for sure: This team will be good next year. Rose and Salmons will be a force. JoaKim Noah has shown that he wants to be on the floor and is ready to learn. With Tyrus Thomas, I do not want him on the team anymore and I am sure a lot of other fans think the same. This moron does one good thing then does two dumb things. Example? How about a really nice block on the defensive side then come down the court and take an 18 foot jump shot followed by not guarding the person he is suppose to be guarding. The guy has a ton of talent but does not have a brain.

The Bulls will be a good team next season but they have to get better on defense. That is what killed them in the playoffs. I am not sure Vinny Del Negro is the answer for head coach. The problem with finding another coach is that there are not many other good coaches available. The off-season is first up for this team. I do not think they will get anybody good out of the draft. So who knows. John Paxson has a lot of work to do.

Til next time.

– Fro Dog


One Response to “That sucked.”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    On a positive note, it was good to see the Bulls compete again. If the front office doesn’t screw things up, they could be serious contenders for awhile…


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