Go fuck yourself Cristobal Huet.


What a cock sucker.

Yes. You. Go fuck yourself. You have had maybe two good games all year long. The team had a chance to tie the series up before Khabi went down. Thanks to you being on the team, the Blackhawks need a miracle to win this series against Detroit. You are the second coming of Jocelyn Thibault. My mom who is 4’11 can stand in front of the net and have more saves than you.

You are a useless turd. I will be praying to God that Corey Crawford will be the goalie next season. Unfortunately for us fans, that won’t happen. Why? Because you were signed for five years. Everytime you take the net, you are almost guaranteed to give up at least three goals.  Other than Brian Campbell, you are the only other person I hate the most on the team. There can be a pile of horse shit in front of the net and it could get more saves than you. Thanks for ruining whatever chance we had to get back into this series. Cristobal Huet you suck.



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