Blackhawks sign Hossa. Pistons about to sign Gordon.


Thanks goes out to reader Robert for letting me know the Blackhakws signed Marion Hossa from the Detroit Red Wings for 12 years and $62.4 million.

Can someone tell me with that amount of money how many hookers that would buy? I am pumped about this signing. One of the best players on the Red Wings is now a member of the Blackhawks.

In other news, Ben Gordon is probably on his way to the Pistons. The Bulls simply cannot afford the guy if they are going to try to get a post player during this off season.

There was a trade rumor I read recently about Kirk Hinrich possibly being traded in the offseason. In a way, I have a problem with that happening because he is the only guy on the team that can play defesne and play it well. Unless it is a trade for a post player like Amare Stoudemire or Chris Bosh, he should be kept on this team.

12 Responses to “Blackhawks sign Hossa. Pistons about to sign Gordon.”

  1. robert Says:

    the hawks got hossa but my favorite team the oilers signed khababulin

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    I am excited to see Hossa come to Chicago. The goalie situation is still an issue. Khabibulin is gone and Cristobal Huet is a giant turd. He had maybe five good games all season. The rest was garbage. Any regular hockey fan would know that in the playoffs, you go as far as your goalie takes you.

    When Khabibulin went down in the playoffs, this team was finished.

    By the way Robert, I am trying to get tickets for the Bears home opener against the Steelers. I never been to a football game but I am trying to go to this one so I don’t have to go to a game in November or December and freeze my ass off.

  3. robert Says:

    fro I have often wondered how I can root for a team that is well ran like the steelers and the cubs

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    In the previous thread, Keith asked about the contract situations of Khabibulin and Havlat. Of course, Khabibulin went to the Oilers. Martin Havlat signed a six year deal with the Minnesota Wild.

    There were some rumors about John McDonough wanting to bring back Chris Chelios or Jeremy Roenick to finish their careers in Chicago. I hope that does not happen. Chelios is an asshole and Roenick, as much as I loved the guy growing up is all but finished.

  5. robert Says:

    can someone tell me what this inept fucking team is thinking….Sam Fuld comes up has led off two games after the cubs have been shut out led off both games with a hit which has led to multi run innings. in the 9th yesterday he made a catch that soriano would not have gotten to stop the brewers lead off man from getting on (it also kept Kevin Gregg out of the game) but when reed Johnson is activated from the DL on Monday they have already said he is going back to Iowa and when Ram is activated from the DL they will probably send Jake Fox back to IOWA…I can name several players who should be going back to iowa instead of those two….


  6. chucky Says:

    Robert… Those guys shouldn’t go to Iowa. They should shown the fucking door out of town.

  7. robert Says:

    chucky I agree with you and if you read a post on an earlier column I made. I definately would put you in the realist catergory

  8. robert Says:

    when and if the new owners take over…this is what I want to happen

    1. hendry is to be shit canned imediately and John Scheurholz is to be hired
    2. Lou Pinnella is gone along with allen trammel along with larry rotschcild…You offer the pitching coach position to tim lincecums dad
    that may sound crazy but watch his delivery that guy does not even ice his arm after the games
    3. Fucking Dummy is traded back to Japan
    4 Your offseason targets should be as follows
    1 sign Dero
    2 Sign Marquis
    3 Sign Jose Valverde
    5 Milton Bradley should be shown the door as of yesterday
    6 Jake Fox and Michah Hoffpauir are to work all offseason to play rightfield

    any other suggestions

  9. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Anybody notice who gave up the winning shot for San Fran against St. Louis the other day? If you guess Bob Howry, you are correct!

  10. chucky Says:

    Thank you Robert. But I have to admit this: I always thought I was just a pissed-off, middle aged, crabby old bastard!

    Yes, there are people who would confirm this.

  11. chucky Says:

    Oh, and by the way Matt, I don’t miss that useless piece of shit Howry!!!!!

    Good catch on your part.

  12. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Thanks Chucky. I just happened to watch it because it was the only game on down here in St. Louis. I was working there for a couple weeks. I arrived in Chicago yesterday morning visiting my family for a week then it’s back off to the east coast.


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