John McDonough is becoming a turd.


This article is about two days late but I’ve been busy and I don’t make it to this place as often as I use to. I am only here every couple of days and that is to make sure things are going smoothly with the threads.

The Blackhawks fired Dale Tallon the other day and promoted Scott Bowman as the general manager. Now, Tallon wasn’t a bad general manager and that is the thing that frustrated me. Every player who was on this past year’s playoff team was drafted, traded for or signed by him. He built this team to win and win now. It just seemed odd that John McDonough and Rocky Wirtz decided to can him after the draft and free agency period. In a nutshell, it seemed like they were planning this firing but only after Tallon did the “dirty work”.

I am not saying that promoting Bowman was a good or bad decision, that will probably be decided in the next few years. As far as right now though, Dale Tallon didn’t deserve to get fired. John McDonough said at the press conference that they trust their new general manager to make decisions in the best interest of the franchise. If the Blackhawks organization have their so called “trust” in Scott Bowman, why didn’t they fire Tallon right after the season ended?

With all of this happening, Martin Havlat issued a statement on Wednesday saying that he wasn’t resigned because of McDonough and not Tallon. I believe Havlat in saying that McDonough has this ego that no one can contain. McDonough probably interfered in the decision of whether or not to resign Havlat or not. In this situation, I am going to believe the player over the organazation because I do not remember hearing anything bad from anybody about Marty.

Tallon has had his fair share of stupid decisions. Cristobal Huet is the obvious one followed by Brian Campbell. Then the crap about not turning in contract offers in time to some players was reported. Putting those decisions aside, he took this team from NHL hell to one of the elite teams in the league. If this team happens to win the Stanley Cup in the next couple of years, Dale Tallon should be the first one to get credit.

4 Responses to “John McDonough is becoming a turd.”

  1. bozos72 Says:

    “If this team happens to win the Stanley Cup in the next couple of years, Dale Tallon should be the first one to get credit.”

    I would think the players should be the first to get credit…then again, I actually watch hockey and am a free-thinker.

  2. Tim Says:

    Tallon was the one who put the team together. Yes. The players are the ones who go out there and play the game but they aren’t on the ice and the chemistry isn’t there if the gm doesn’t put the pieces together.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    Tim. You are correct, right on. From one “free-thinker” to another.

  4. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Bozos72 is obviously a douche with his smart ass remark. I am not much a hockey guy myself but I know a general manager builds the team to win. Unless you are Jim Hendry and decide to take apart a team to save money for new players but we won’t go there…

    I won’t say what Jerry Krause did with the old Bulls teams and say that “players don’t win titles…organizations win titles” theory but it starts with general manager as Tim mentioned. Krause did build 6 championship teams but he was a dickhead towards the end. Say what you want though, he built the dynasty.


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