Patrick Kane is a dumbass.



Nice going prick.

58 Responses to “Patrick Kane is a dumbass.”

  1. Irish Yeti Says:

    He’s 20 years old. Does he have the right to make a drunken mistake?

  2. chucky Says:


  3. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    In this situation, if you are old enough to make your own decisions and live on your own, you are responsible for your actions. Whether you are drunk or not.

    So no. He does not have the right.

  4. Irish Yeti Says:

    I’m not saying he shouldn’t be punished, but I’m saying that I’m not going to call him a dumbass and prick just because he fucked up once. Many others (probably even the wrestlers that Fro loves) have done so much worse. Yes, it sounds petty for $0.20. However, you should look at this:

    “Radecki’s lawyer, Andrew LoTempio, appeared on WGN-AM 720 this morning (full audio here) and seemed to downplay the incident.

    “It’s pretty much been blown out of proportion,” LoTempio told WGN. “It’s a dispute over the cab fee and unfortunately Mr. Radecki didn’t recognize Mr. Kane and just thought they were a couple of college kids.

    “Some of the cab drivers here have a policy of not unlocking the doors until they get paid because they get beat on their fees by the college kids and that just kind of blew up.””

    “LoTempio added that he believed the charges would “absolutely not” rise to the level of a felony, calling it a “regular kid incident.” The lawyer also said, “I think we should be able to work things out” with Kane.”

    In summary, this was a very minor incident that’s going to probably result in Kane giving him like $10,000 or so (just guesstimating that number). Relax dudes

  5. genrebuster Says:

    I think he has the right to make the mistake, drunk or not. I also think he should “pay” for his mistake. That said, with his money and celebrity, he likely won’t have to suffer the same consequences that the “common man” would. Lucky him (?)…

    Hopefully he learns from this mistake, otherwise he should be banished to detention hall with Milton Bradley…BARF!

  6. chucky Says:

    He beat up a cab driver over 20 cents. 20 FUCKING CENTS. I’ll call him a dumbass and a prick.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    And on that, I agree with you Chucky.

  8. Jailbird Says:

    “You got a purty mouth, boy”

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    Patrick Kane is 20 years old, lives on his own and makes a lot of money. By the time you turn 20, you should be able to know right from wrong. You have all the money in the world and you want 20 cents from a cab driver. Just tell him to keep the change. He’s an adult. What he did was fucking stupid. That’s not a mistake. A mistake is accidentally leaving your light on at home. What Kane did was a decision and a stupid one.

    A lot of wrestlers I use to root for did do worse. Afterward, most fans including myself lost respect for most of them. Example: Stone Cold Steve Austin in 2002. Walked out on the fans at a show, was forgiven and brought back. A few weeks later, he does the same thing again and later in that week, he is arrested for beating the shit out of his wife. A vast majority of fans including myself lost a lot of respect for that guy after that. Some quit wearing and buying his merchandise and when he returned about nine months later, some boycotted the events in which he was scheduled to be at. Chris Benoit is another example. Kills his wife and son then himself in 2007. I always respected him for what he did in his career but when that happened, even Vince McMahon didn’t want anything to do with him.

    Just a personal story of mine: I delivered food for this restaurant from 2006-2008 and I had encountered stupid people who never tipped me and treated me like shit. What they didn’t know is that we memorize the addresses of the asswipes who never tipped. In addition to that, they failed to realize that we have their food for about 20-25 minutes alone in our car and anything can happen with that. Let’s just say I played doctor with these orders. Go see the movie “Waiting”. That movie will show you that you don’t fuck with people who handle your food. So make sure you tip the driver at least a few bucks.

  10. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, check out . Some good stuff on there, and after tending bar for as long as I did, the temptation was always there to fuck with anybody who fucked with you! Believe it or not, I actually waited on a few celebs at the Plaza, including Dany Heatley and John Cusack. Joan Cusack went to the UW and we used to kick her out when she got really drunk!

  11. MadCityMac Says:

    And what Patrick Kane did was not a mistake but a huge fuckup. My guess is that unless he’s a complete dumbass, he’ll learn his lesson from this; at least he’d better. The guy has too much good hockey in front of him.

  12. Irish Yeti Says:

    2006-2008? So you were about 20 about that time right? I would think your “right and wrong” meter would tell you wiping your balls on people’s food is wrong… That’s just me. And I’m just a simple hayseed from Podunk, IL

  13. Fro Dog Says:

    Is it wrong? I don’t think it is wrong for me to wipe my grapefruits on their food. Is it a dick move? You can make that argument. But just remember that they treated me like shit and never tipped for no reason. Food was usually on time, the business I worked at had a reputation for good workers. When they do that to you, you have to pay back the favor. I didn’t go to that extent with their shit but I bet the people I worked with did. They were worse than me. I won’t go into detail but you can get an idea.

    Whatever you do being going to work or even doing something in your house, you always take risks of something bad happening to you. When you deliver food, the risk is always greater of getting into an accident, being robbed, having your car fuck up on you which happened to me before. Knowing that these are possibilities, the people who are assholes and never tip still have no fucking respect for you.

    It gets worse when the weather is shitty and you drive through hell to somebody’s house who is not going to tip you, I am sure you would be fucking pissed. Don’t forget all the maintenance you have to do on your car. I had my oil changed once a month when I worked there from all the miles put on. I had to get new brakes after just 25,000 miles.

  14. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Says:

    Yes, wiping your little peas on prople’s food is fucking sick. Remember, psycho, what goes around comes around.

    Way to make your retarded misadventures in food service known on the web.

  15. Irish Yeti Says:

    Since, we’re on the topic of life experiences: I have worked in 3 different restaurant establishments. One was Steak N Shake, one was a pizza joint (I delivered pizzas there), and probably the most popular restaurant in Springfield (busiest, too. It is also nationally acclaimed as it was featured on Al Roker’s show, and more recently Man vs. Food)… In short, I think I know a thing or two about working in restaurants and knowing what normal people do. As angry as we may have got at customers, I have never once encountered a fellow coworker who thought that it would be a good idea to spit in food, etc. If someone had a complaint about the food or service, my first reaction was to right the wrong, and fix their order the way they want, not fuck with their food.

    As far as you getting stiffed. I know how that is. I had a house that was 20 miles away from our restaurant and it was just about the farthest we would go to deliver. All I ever got from them was the change left over from the whole dollar amount.. For ex.: Total’s $14.24, and I got a $0.76 tip (and the amount that my employer paid me was $1.00 for out of town deliveries). So, in short, I wouldn’t even get the gas money back for that delivery. There were other shitty ones too. I didn’t like delivering to them, but I knew I had to. Never once did I want to pay them back for it. I just did my job as I was supposed to.

    The fact that you actually advocate revenge on those people is astonishing. That says a lot about your character… And here you are criticizing Patrick Kane… Pot. Kettle.

  16. robert Says:

    oh my god I am from the same town as irish yetti

  17. Irish Yeti Says:

    You have got to be fucking me.. You live in Springfield? (I actually live in Divernon, but it’s close enough)

  18. robert Says:

    yes I do and yetti I always tip if my total is 13.80 i try to give the waiter or delivery person 16 -17 nad tell them to keep the change

  19. jimmyd Says:

    Hey all,

    Oh, my fucking God!!! It’s like a kumbaya moment on the site. I must be dreaming.

    All right….here’s the deal. Monday, September 14th, the Cubs are hosting the Brewers. It’s a night game, 7:05 p.m. start.

    We’ve all been threatening a “get together” of some sort. I know that I’ve been tossing the idea out there for the past 4 or 5 years. Well, this is our chance. I’m going to make the 3 1/2 hour drive south to the Windy City for the game that night with 3 of my buds. All 3 of us are taking the day off from work and we plan on getting to the vicinity of Clark and Addison by about noon’ish.

    Because it’s still over a month away, I know that we can get a good representation of this site to meet at one of the local watering holes. If I can get a good enough response to this “invitation”, I’ll order up a set of t-shirts for all those who would be able to attend. We can have a contest here on the site for the most original idea to have screen-printed on the shirts.

    Okay, game on. Let’s hear from you guys and let’s see who’s in!!! I know that a few of you are not able to make the journey due to the distance involved and/or the challenging financial times. But, hey, consider it a quest, or a journey. Genrebuster, I’m sure you can get a “cheapo” flight from NC to Chitown and you can stay with your folks just a few blocks away. Let’s make this happen.

    Jimmy D.

  20. jimmyd Says:

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot to make a couple of comments regarding the sad excuse that is the Chicago Cubs.

    Yesterday, we got 17 hits from the offense. The only position that did not contribute to the hitting barrage was… guessed it, left field….the home of our way overpaid “superstar”. What a fucking hack. Speaking of hack’s, can someone please tell me why the fuck Lou feels compelled to play the useless piece of shit that is called Aaron Miles. Is it because of Miles’ offensive prowess (batting .197, nearly 90 points below his career BA) or is it because……FUCK, I can’t think of a single goddamned reason to put that jagbag on the field or even in as a pinch hitter.

    Jimmy D.

  21. Fro Dog Says:


    I always tip. In fact, I always leave at least $5 because I know how it is and I know that there are many other places out there who probably do the same shit that I’ve done. Plus, helping out people with tips sometimes gets me free food or drinks in return. So that is nice. I am criticizing Patrick Kane because he wanted twenty fucking cents back for a taxi trip. That is awful. That being said, read some of these points and see if I have a point:

    Dr. Dickhead, what goes around comes around? Maybe true but the chances are less considering my reputation and “character” known in town for tipping every place very well whether I dine-in or get it delivered. Not trying to brag here but I am considered to be a pretty nice gentleman if treated the right way. Don’t be rude to me and I won’t be to you.

    Psycho? I am far from it. Go ahead and laugh. Just remember if someone is rude to you, just sit there and don’t do a damn thing about it. Or in my case, I’ll listen to what my dad always told me: Treat them like they treat you.

  22. genrebuster Says:

    Dr. Kenny…I move that from this moment on, anybody that uses the word retarded is a douchebag.

    PLEASE…whether you agree or not: if you can’t contribute something of substance, just SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  23. genrebuster Says:

    Jimmy D. I would love to attend 9/14…unfortunately, I won’t be in a position to make a call on it until the beginning of September. More later….

  24. genrebuster Says:

    And now for the ballscores:

    Tulowitzki 7, Cubs 5.


  25. erniesarmy Says:

    “Speaking of hack’s, can someone please tell me why the fuck Lou feels compelled to play the useless piece of shit that is called Aaron Miles. Is it because of Miles’ offensive prowess (batting .197, nearly 90 points below his career BA) or is it because……FUCK, I can’t think of a single goddamned reason to put that jagbag on the field or even in as a pinch hitter.”

    Shhhhh, Jimmy D. you’ll wake our genius of a manager from his nap.

    This from Robert yesterday on Lou’s whereabouts after he got tossed: “I took a nap,” Piniella said. “I didn’t watch the whole game. Usually when I get thrown out, I let my bench coach manage.”

    Hey, Lou, just stay in bed, you’ve been sleeping in the dugout since the season began!!!!

    Can you imagine this kind of crap being tolerated by the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, or Cardinals? Why he’d be out on the street within 24 hours.

    It’s one thing if a team loses because they just don’t have the talent, but it’s another thing when the team loses because the coaches and management just don’t care anymore.

    That, more than anything else, is why this baseball team deserves nothing but contempt from it’s fans.

    Oh, and Jimmy D, I would love to come, I think it would be terrific to see all you guys, but I have been out of work for over a year now, and we are literally broke. Maybe next year.

  26. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I see we lost again. Was it really that bad? TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE.

    Fro, I feel ya on the frustrating part. What you did was cold but I totally see why you did it. If you feel like you go through hell to give them their food and they stiff you, I can see where you are coming from.

    I saw the movie Waiting. And yes, that shit does goes on in places but only to the people who deserve it!

  27. erniesarmy Says:

    I found this on Chicago Cubs Online, the writer’s name is Aaron. I thought you guys would get a kick out of it, very well said –

    “Hendry’s the biggest, fattest, moron GM in baseball right now (every time I see pictures of him in the skybox, he’s stuffing his face full of food…I swear, that’s all he does). He doesn’t get off his ass, and make moves. I’m not trying to be all weight-management on people and that type of stuff….But look around the league. The most successful GM’s aren’t fat. Look at Epstein, Cashman, Williams, Jocketty, Beane, Gillick, Melvin, etc. They’re NOT fat, because they’re constantly moving around, taking phone calls, making phone calls, checking on the minors…running all around. It’s why Steve Stone said it’s not an old man’s job anymore. These are guys that are constantly on the move, trying to improve their respective teams. Because of that, they’re not overweight (again, I’m not saying being overweight has anything to do with success), but I’m merely saying that if you’re not trying to improve the team constantly, you most likely are sitting on your ass, thus you eat cheetos on a leather recliner, and sit back, hoping your offseason moves work out. They didn’t!!!!! So, what would any of those younger GM’s do? Hell, they’d either clean house, or they’d tweak it, and rectify their mistakes. It’s just the way it is.”

    Aaron is a true Cub fan, he knows the score.

  28. Irish Yeti Says:

    I’m pretty sure you don’t understand what I’m saying. Yes, Kane was petty. That has already been pointed out. You were extremely critical of Kane’s actions. While I agree that they were stupid, I’m not too pissed at him. It’s not like he beat his wife or anything.

    You decided to offer us some insight into your life, in hopes to better understand your anger over Kane’s frugality. Well, instead you decided to lead us to believe that you participated in some of the dumbest shit that a human being can do. And when I called you on it, you said it wasn’t wrong. So it’s wrong for a customer to be a douchebag (Kane) but not the employee (you and your dingleberries sitting in the garlic sauce container) to be a douche? That’s why I’m saying Pot-Kettle. Please keep up.

  29. Irish Yeti Says:

    DKN did actually contribute something of substance. FroDog told us that story to also let us know that “what goes around, comes around.”

    Noisewater was just letting him know that applies to him as well

  30. Fro Dog Says:

    OK, Yeti. I am trying to “keep up” with you.

    I didn’t mean to make you think that what I did was right. That’s why I said after that it was a “dick move” by me. In those two years if you remember, especially in 2006 and early 2008 when I was still in college and gas was about $4.50 a gallon, a few of us started doing it out of frustration. We didn’t do it to random people. We didn’t do it all the time. We were doing to the customers that we knew wouldn’t tip. People were still being rude to us. It’s like they never had the idea that “Hey, gas is really expensive and he is using his own car. Maybe we should give him a couple extra bucks?” By “using his own car” I mean driving my 1983 Cavalier. The one that has the shitty transmission and the one that sometimes gets over heated but the kid doesn’t really have the money to fix it at this time.

    One customer actually had the nerve to threaten one of our drivers because he forgot a two-liter of pop. Other customers thought it was our fault because their food was late and they would never tip. We aren’t cooking the food there and it gets busy. Food takes longer.

    Call us dicks all you want but as I said in my previous post, treat them like they treat you.

    Thank you for visiting this place. We always appreciate your two cents.

  31. Irish Yeti Says:

    You seriously can’t take that as something that’s intelligent, right? I mean in the digital age can’t Hendry make moves via phone or email? Or does he have to run to Pittsburgh everytime he makes a trade with them?

    I like how the guy says “I’m not trying to make this all about weight, but….” and he makes it all about weight. Hendry’s fat… Ok. Has nothing to do with his quality as a GM, whether you think it’s good or bad.

    Maybe if Lou was able to hustle his fatass out to the field faster maybe this team would be better.

  32. Irish Yeti Says:

    Food was late? I thought it was usually on time? Oh yea, it was:

    And you said it was a “dick move”?? Really? Because when someone says “Is it a dick move? You can make that argument.” They are saying that they really don’t feel that it was a dick move but they could see how some could perceive it that way.

    And I remember that gas was that expensive.. Like I said, I delivered pizzas as well and had to deal with the gas prices. I was also in college. I even went through a vehicle that broke down while I was doing that job. So, I didn’t have a cakewalk either. None of that led me to want to fuck with some dickhead’s food. The thing that’s baffling me is that you can sit here and feel justified about what you did.

    And I appreciate giving my 20 cents here. It helps me sleep at night

  33. Fro Dog Says:


    Read that comment again. Notice that I said “food was usually on time”. Not all the time. But it’s nice to see you dissect each and every word/sentence that I post.

    Jesus fucking Nutsack. This topic is closed. We obviously can’t come to a conclusion. You have your opinion and I have mine. That can’t change.

    Too bad this doesn’t help me sleep at night. It is rare for me to be up this late and arguing with you no less.

  34. Irish Yeti Says:

    Hey, I didn’t force you to sit around and keep refreshing either your email or this site to see what I said next.

  35. Fro Dog Says:

    “And I appreciate giving my 20 cents here.”

    Now, I’ve been pissed at you for past comments that I thought were just asinine. But that comment right there was pretty fucking good. You get props for that.

  36. Irish Yeti Says:

    You were pissed about those? Wow.

  37. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Says:

    Fro Dog, I will concede that I have no idea what it’s like to be a delivery person or waiter. I’ve never done those things. But, I can relate as I’ve worked in a grocery store as a teenager and a retail store while I was in college. So, I’m well aware of the assholery that goes around in society.

    What I got from those experiences wasn’t to spray fart on the lettuce or try on every single pair of boxer shorts commando to get back at them. No. I learned to be nicer. It taught me to treat others with more respect. It gave me an understanding. I’m not going to brag on how I tip or how I interact with the service industry save for the fact that I always take care of them at check time.

    You rubbing your little marbles on somebody’s food is just fucking weird.

  38. genrebuster Says:

    OK…can we get back on track now?

    FIRE JIM HENDRY, take out the garbage.

  39. Mike D. Says:

    Fro is not only a fatalistic boob like the rest of you but we now know that he is a sociopath.

    Take out the garbage? So getting rid of everybody will make this team have a better chance of winning a championship? You are dumber than I thought.

  40. chucky Says:

    Unlike you right Mike. Just what would you do genius?

    Actually, why don’t you just crawl back under your fucking rock, dipshit.

  41. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Yes. Take out the damn garbage. What they have been doing for the last few years of spending money on worthless talent isn’t working.

    It may work. It may not. But honestly, would it hurt to get rid of everybody and try to go young and build a team? It could take a few years but it is better than what we have now.

  42. erniesarmy Says:

    Taking out the garbage would, of course, include Mike D.

    Oh, wait a minute, sewage goes straight to the sewage plant, I forgot.

  43. genrebuster Says:

    Mike D…Fatalistic?

    This is Cubs baseball we are talking about…get a grip booby. If you’re offended by the opinions expressed here, you are free to stay away. Remember, we are not trying to convert you.

    Don’t forget: like it or not, very few posters here give a shit about what you think. So, that puts you in the minority, just like the birfers. Do you get it?

    MANY Cubs fans are a helluva lot more offended by the performance of the Cubs–recent and otherwise, from the front office to the playing field–than you seem to be. So be it.

    PATHETIC. (Cubs and/or Mike D., take your pick).

    BTW, how is the sale of the Chicago Cubs baseball team coming along?

  44. genrebuster Says:

    I believe the Florida Marlins tried the approach that Matt Stairs alluded to in his previous post…and it worked ok for them.

    After 101 years of losing, what have the Cubs got to lose? Not much.


    That would be a start.

  45. MadCityMac Says:

    Jimmy, I’d love to head to Chicago, IF, I can get Monday and Tuesday off from work, and find a place to crash. Noon at the Cubbie Bear, or (I can’t think of the name of the place, north on Clark about a block or 2 away, on the left side of Clark?). I know they used to have an outdoor seating area. Noon start at the bar, 7:00 game? Woo hoo, that could get ugly! Sounds like a helluva good time though! Keith, whadya think?

  46. chucky Says:


    Are you thinking of Murphys Bleachers? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt (literally!). It was a good twenty years ago. Got DRUNK as hell before we even got inside. Got to the right field bleachers around 11:30 AM, and proceeded to have a Leon Durham batting practice home run ball bounce off my nose and into the hands of an old man several rows behind us. Yeah, it was quite a scene!

    And no, I didn’t get hurt. Probably because I was so bombed.

  47. Captain Kirk Says:

    Do not rush to judgement on Patrick Kane. The facts are coming out now and the cab driver got a 2 minute holding penalty.

  48. Chris1998 Says:

    How is Kane arrested for “theft of services”? What about the cab driver who wanted to keep Kane’s money? Isn’t that theft? Wouldn’t let Kane or his cousin out of the cab to get to his wallet. Sure the cabbie had Canisius students rip him off. But how is that Kane’s fault? I wouldn’t give this cab driver SHIT in a settlement, even if it costs Kane a million dollars to defend himself. I want the police to arrest the fucking cabbie for theft. What a shit-hole city Buffalo is.

  49. Fro Dog Says:

    I said yesterday that this topic was closed but the latest comment from Mike D. is making me re-open it for a brief moment.

    Fatalistic boob? Whatever that means. Moving on.

    Sociopath? So correct me if I’m wrong, that means someone who is anti-social right? Someone with a “I hate the world” mentality?

    I don’t know what point you are trying to make with this but I would appreciate it if you know what you are posting before you post it. I find myself to be very social. If I wasn’t, I don’t think I would be doing too well in my job and life in general. But I am doing very well. Just ask my customers how social I am.

    Unless of course you think I am a sociopath because of that time I told a few friends I’d rather stay in and relax from a long day at the office than go with them out somewhere.

  50. Fro Dog Says:

    By the way Chris1998, Who knows what to believe anymore about athletes in general. This is another case of “he said/he said”. It’s going to be up to the court to figure this one out. But don’t be surprised if he is guilty.

  51. Mike D Says:

    fuck all of your i am the best writer in the world

  52. James Dickey Says:

    NO. I am the best writer in the world and YOU got a purty mouth, boy.

  53. chucky Says:


    If you did fuck all of us you sure as hell wouldn’t go back to sheep. And I don’t mean the ones who think Kevin Gregg is a decent pitcher.

    And judging by your last post, your writing sucks as much as Gregg does, so instead of fuck all of us, FUCK YOU, DOUCHEBAG.

  54. Charles Bukowski Says:

    (Dickey, you lost your edge along time ago…)

    Pull A String, A Puppet Moves

    each man must realize
    that it can all disappear very
    the cat, the woman, the job,
    the front tire,
    the bed, the walls, the
    room; all our necessities
    including love,
    rest on foundations of sand –
    and any given cause,
    no matter how unrelated:
    the death of a boy in Hong Kong
    or a blizzard in Omaha …
    can serve as your undoing.
    all your chinaware crashing to the
    kitchen floor, your girl will enter
    and you’ll be standing, drunk,
    in the center of it and she’ll ask:
    my god, what’s the matter?
    and you’ll answer: I don’t know,
    I don’t know …


  55. MadCityMac Says:

    Chucky, no, Murphy’s is behind the scoreboard at Sheffield and Waveland. Not a big fan of Murphy’s; I couldn’t even tell you why, although having the el tracks right behind you is kinda cool. The place I’m thinking about is about a block or so north of the park, on Clark St. It’s on the left as you head away from Wrigley. Another place I like is just south of the Cubbie Bear on Clark. All I remember is they have a batting cage upstairs.
    There’s a dive at the corner of Addison and Sheffield also; I think it used to be called The Sports Corner? A friend of mine I used to tend bar with in Madison lived above the place after he graduated from the UW.

  56. boog Says:

    There are two sides to every story, and lets just say that if anyone has ever ridden in cabs long enough, they will know that many Taxi cab drivers are the most surly, ill adjusted pricks around. Decent cab drivers who don’t have change will just take the loss and give an extra dollar. After all, unless the cab company specifies exact change, it is their fault. You are dealing with customers and it is YOUR responsibility to be able to accommodate them. Some cabbies are assholes though and they are pricks when it comes to threatening people and locking them in their cabs. Allot of them do it because they get stiffed, but they tend to take it out on every customer, regardless of their innocence or guilt. Combine what sounds like a real prick of a cabby, and a cocky young drunk kid and you have a bad situation. There should be a fight circuit as part of the criminal justice system for people like this. Let two assholes settle their differences in a ring.

  57. boog Says:

    In closing, just because you provide a service that many people are more or less forced to use, does not mean that you can get away with being a surly prick. It is not good business, and Karma has a way of coming back and biting you in the ass. The cabby will be less inclined to be a prick to his future customers and the young drunk kid will learn his lesson, that just because someone is a prick, doesn’t mean that you can just lay a thrashing on them, even if they deserve it. Society has rules for a reason.

  58. genrebuster Says:

    “There should be a fight circuit as part of the criminal justice system for people like this. Let two assholes settle their differences in a ring.”

    Good idea.


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