There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home….


After the four game debacle in Colorado which dropped the Cubs three games behind the Cardinals, not even a trip to the land of Oz will help this team. The three things that are missing have already been taken by the scarecrow (brain), cowardly lion (courage), and the tin man (heart). Not even the ruby red slippers were available. The only thing left were rose colored glasses for the sheeple.

The six game homestand gets off to a rough start with three against the Phillies. They have been slipping lately losing 8 of 11. But they can heat back up at any time. Taking 2 of 3 would be good, but I don’t expect it. At least they will have the Pirates to kick around over the weekend. If they don’t get their shit together soon, they’ll be out of it by September.

62 Responses to “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home….”

  1. chucky Says:

    Since you bring up the subject of Oz, do you think there might be a chance to get a tornado to blow through here, lift up Wrigley and drop it on Moe Hendrys empty head?

  2. erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs will be swept, let it be written, let it be done. Making predictions like this when it comes to the Cubs is like shooting ducks in a barrel.

    You heard it hear first.

  3. erniesarmy Says:

    First one down (Phillies 4 Cubs 3), 2 to go.

    Kevin Gregg. That’s all you have to say, Kevin Gregg, and everyone here starts to crack up.

    Just put a big red nose, some striped pajamas, big shoes, and a big orange wig on him, and you’ve got Kevin Gregg.

    Lou: “He’s my closer, whadda want me to do?”

  4. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:


    You know what I find humorous? Is that the sheeple come here when the team is winning to tell us we were wrong and they were right. When they win a few games in a row, then they come by and say crap in the area of “I told you so”.

    I wonder what they are going to tell us next. I have a couple ideas. They will first say “Well, this team has a lot of injuries and that is why they aren’t playing up to expectations.” So what? Hendry should’ve had players ready to step up in case of an injury.

    Or how about, “Wait until so and so comes back and then we will be fine.” How many times have I heard that in the last five years?


  5. Chris1998 Says:


  6. genrebuster Says:

    SOS, ie. same old shit.

    Once again, Marmol can’t find the strike zone…3 walks in one inning is PATHETIC. If Larry Rothschild can’t help him, maybe a psychologist can (?). Chances are Gregg would have been a non-factor had Marmol done his job.

    As for Gregg: Anybody who defends that guy is a flaming boob. Haven’t we seen enough of him? He is a LIABILITY.

    Great job Hendry. I will celebrate the day you lose your job.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Lou: “He’s my closer, whadda want me to do?” (on Gregg)

    Sit his ass down and try something else…anything.

  8. Nemo Says:

    When I was a little kid, I had this fantasy of a star player on the Cubs getting hurt and the manager calling me out of the stands to substitute for him. With the closer situation as it is, I think we are about to the point of calling fans out of the stands. Could it really be that much worse?

  9. genrebuster Says:

    Funny you mention that Nemo…years ago my Mom had a fantasy sports tape made for me: I was brought into Game 7 of WS at Wrigley Field to close it out for the Cubs…I can’t remember the name of the guy who made it but he did a good job, complete with crowd noise, sound effects, etc. I’ll see if i can find that old cassette and eventually post it…it would be good for a few laughs and it looks like we’ll be needing some the way this season is going.

  10. genrebuster Says:

    QUIZ: How many times in the last 101 YEARS has the following been stated?

    “Wait until so and so comes back and then we will be fine.”


  11. erniesarmy Says:

    Genre, how about these:

    “If only ______ wouldn’t have gotten injured.”

    “We were just one strike/one inning away.”

    “Where are my horses?”

    “If we didn’t have to play so many games in the daytime.”

    “Wrigley Field is not a pitcher’s park.”

    “We don’t get any breaks.”


  12. genrebuster Says:

    Ernie. If Lou asked me “WHADDA WANT ME TO DO??????????????”

    ….my answer would be: “punch Jim Hendry, Crane Kenney (sp?), Sam Zell, Larry Rothschild and Bud Selig in the throat”.

  13. chucky Says:

    I’d say kick them in the nuts if they had any.

    Samardzija looks like dog shit so far tonight.

  14. erniesarmy Says:

    Ladies and Gentleman –

    One of our shining stars from our glorious farm system, Jeff (I shoulda stayed in football) Samardzija, has already given up 3 hits and 2 runs in the first inning!

    What wonders await for the remainder of the game?

    Pull up a chair and watch the fireworks.

    Larry Rothschild will have a visit to the mound and ask Sam, “So, whatta want me to do?”

  15. chucky Says:

    Top of the 4th, 8-1 Phillies and Samardzija is already gone.


  16. chucky Says:

    Oh, I’m sorry. I spoke too soon, didn’t I? Raul Ibanez that guy our illustrious general manager took a pass on for future hall of lamer Milton Bradley, just cranked a 3-run shot. He’s got what 26 or 27 home runs now? How many does ole Milt have? Has he cracked double digits yet? 12 -1 and Sean Marshall looks like a motherfucking deer in the goddamned headlights.


  17. erniesarmy Says:

    12-1 Phillies!

    If any of you are watching this pathetic display, you might have heard Gary Matthews (color commentator for the Phillies) say regarding the Cubs fans having a sense of humor over being pounded like this, “well, they’re used to it around here.”

    Fellas, that right there says all you need to know about this franchise, “they’re used to it.”

    That’s why we will never, ever join the sheepie. We will not accept being “used to it.”

  18. chucky Says:

    You’re goddamned right about that, Ernie!!!!!

    I’ll say right now: Fucking Lou Piniella needs to go. They need to get Brenly out of the booth and tell Piniella to go back to Miami and have another margarita and have a nice retirement. This shit isn’t working. And Brenly still has some baseball sensibilities left. Case in point: His getting all over Theriot for not hustling on the bases. He had some choice words for Theriot, the base coaches, and just about anybody else within earshot. I think Brenly has seen enough to know that Piniella has just fucking quit.

  19. erniesarmy Says:

    Chucky, I am with you all the way! Piniella has quit on this team, and I think the players are starting to sense it themselves. Did you see him laughing and joking with Rothschild? Rothschild, to his credit, ignored him.

    Bob Brenly would be no savior, this stench goes deeper than the manager, but he would at least care.

  20. chucky Says:

    My head hurts. I’m gone.

  21. robert Says:

    Ernie if bob brenly became manager of this team you would see the most expensive bench player in the world Alfonso Soriano…People that need to go in the offseason…

    Lou What do you want me to do Pinella
    Jim useless piece of shit hendry ( I do offer my sincere apologies to all pieces of shit)
    Kevin Gregg
    Milton Bradely
    Aaron Miles
    Carrie Douchebag

    Reason Lou needs to go did the cubs do with Fukudome in the leadoff spot what have they done since. What do you want me to do whaaat whaaat whaat

    Another reason that stuttering Jackass needs to go is due to the fact his players are complaining cause Bob Brenly is criticizing them

    Both the Bayou Boneheads need to go

    The Cubs need to sign Rich Harden and tell him you are going to be the closer…With his stuff he would be lights out as a closer and it may keep him off the dl

    On a side note I would like to congratulate Kevin Gregg and Aaron Miles…You guys have made cub fans long for the days of Bob Howry and Neifi Perez so i take my hat off to you…

  22. Chicago National Leauge Ballclub Says:

    Sayonara! See you in February.

  23. genrebuster Says:

    Well….things are pretty much as I expected…sorry to say.

    Seriously….does anybody really believe that the Cubs are a WS team?


  24. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, one correction sir: Milton Bradley is not a “future” Hall of Lamer….he and his shitty attitude have already arrived. What a waste of money and a roster spot.

  25. Captain Kirk Says:

    How old it gets to watch Sorry-O-No play fly outs into doubles. Even the sheeple are getting frustrated. The Phils make the Cubs look like clowns. They must be a “real” contender.

    Know what really pisses me off the GM on the south side makes good deals.

    FIRE JIM HENDRY!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. robert Says:

    kirk do you know why the cubs didnt make a deal cause as hendry said we dont have young talent anyone wants. Those are his words

  27. genrebuster Says:

    Newsflash!!!!!!!!! (from

    Cubs believe Marmol will turn it around.

    Rothschild working with scuffling setup man on leg kick.






  28. robert Says:

    gee genre that is good news I guess he didnt take to the towel drill very well

  29. Irish Yeti Says:

    Seriously….does anybody really believe that the Cubs are a WS team?

    All I’ve really said is that they need to get into the playoffs. (I know, you guys say all I want is division titles, etc.)

    I would like to see the Cubs have the best team as I think it helps their chances of winning the WS, but if they have a team that’s *just* good enough to get into the playoffs, they could make a run. It’s not like that’s ever happened before, though

  30. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Well, they aren’t good enough to get in the playoffs. That’s the problem. They will finish in 4th place and I am not going to surprised when they do.

  31. genrebuster Says:

    Yeti, I agree that anything can happen once you get to the playoffs…including wimping out, choking, folding under the pressure, call it what you like….most of us have seen that happen at least 3 times in our lifetimes, some of us even more.

    The way the Cubs played last September I was not surprised at all when they folded; they backed into the playoffs as it were.

    Sure, if they get hot and somehow manage to make the playoffs, then “this could be the year” (baaaaaaaaaaaa)….but since the Cubs haven’t won the NL Pennant since long before I was born, I just can’t put much faith in it happening with THIS TEAM, THIS MANAGER and THIS PITCHING COACH.

    Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job, Jim Hendry…you’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for the reference to the Cardinals, that organization makes the Cubs look PATHETIC…I hate to admit it…but it’s true. And that fact plays into the situation at hand.

  32. genrebuster Says:

    robert, I hear that there is talk of bringing back Itzuris to give free nut rubs to A-Ram, Marmol and any others who require a little relief…

  33. robert Says:

    the brewers released bill hall how soon till we see him in a cub uniform

  34. erniesarmy Says:

    Phillies 6 Cubs 1, to complete the three game sweep.

    I don’t want to say I told you so, but… yah, I do,
    Aug. 11 @2:32 pm
    Cubs will be swept, let it be written, let it be done. Making predictions like this when it comes to the Cubs is like shooting ducks in a barrel.

    You heard it hear first.
    Cubs make it to fourth place? I dunno, the Reds may catch them, thus putting them in fifth place. But, wait, the Pirates may catch them, thus putting them in LAST PLACE.

    Hey, were talking Cubs here, anything can happen!

  35. erniesarmy Says:

    I would like to know what Piniella said after this game, any of you guys find out, post it. It should be classic Lou.

    Let me take a guess, now what would Lou say? … Oh yeah!

    “WHADDA WANT ME TO DO”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:


    I was just coming by to congratulate you on your prediction. You said it like it wasn’t even going to be close and you were right on the money.

    I am still going to be friendly and say 4th place. But watch out behind you, Irish Yeti and his boyfriend will be here to tell you differently!

  37. genrebuster Says:

    The Brewers fired their pitching coach today. Hint hint.

  38. robert Says:

    they also released bill hall and sent hardy down to the minors you know things arent working change them….

    Jim Hendry is not working out lets get rid of him and yetti if you need stats i will produce them

  39. chucky Says:

    The Cubs don’t take hints, Genre.

  40. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Fuck this PATHETIC excuse for an organization. How in the hell does a professional franchise go 101 years without winning a championship? Forget the fact they are a major market team. This season is lost already. Get the minor league players all up and see what they are made of.

    Hendry needs to fucking go. Enough is enough already.

  41. genrebuster Says:

    Matt, yes it is truly unbelievable how the Cubs organization operates…I wish I had the answer to your question “How in the hell does a professional franchise go 101 years without winning a championship?”

    What a disgrace, truly PATHETIC.

    I wish somebody–ANYBODY–would answer this question: “How in the hell does Jim Hendry keep his job?”

  42. chucky Says:

    He blows Sam Zell, that’s how.

  43. Irish Yeti Says:

    Matt, yes it is truly unbelievable how the Cubs organization operates…I wish I had the answer to your question “How in the hell does a professional franchise go 101 years without winning a championship?”

    Interesting read:

    Hendry did put together a team that won 2 straight division titles. This year’s team has underachieved… In a bad way. Soriawful, Soto, Dempster, and Fontenotgoodathitting are some of your main culprits. I don’t blame Hendry for this team as if they had performed to what they did last year, they would be 5+ games in first. I know none of you geniuses would have expected some of these guys to suck.

    What to do with this team? Well, blowing it up is going to be tough, as the problem with that is that this team is built in a way that makes it tough. 120 mildo to 8 guys next year will do that to you. Hendry’s fault for bad contracts? Yes. Soriano, Fuku, Dempster are the ones I see as the worst. Trading many of these guys will be tough.

  44. MadCityMac Says:

    Anybody know the difference between Jim Hendry and a 250 pound bag of shit? THE BAG!

  45. genrebuster Says:

    Mac, I knew the answer to that one, honest!

  46. genrebuster Says:

    Also, I’m not surprised one fucking bit by Soriano’s “performance” this year. Or with where the Cubs are currently at (actually, I am surprised that they are ahead of the Astros in the standings).

    Does that make me a genius?

  47. robert Says:

    yetti I posted this on april 26th 2009 on cbs sportsline so dont tell us no one could see this coming

    there was a post called who will win the central this is what I posted

    I am a cub fan but I am also a realist My pick to win the division is St Louis here is why

    1…the last two times the Cubs went into the year as overwhelming favorites to win the division 85 and 2004

    2…the last time the Cardinals went into the season with this many question marks at closer they dominated the division from start to finish…and came within a don dekkinger call of winning the world series remember 84 sutter left and they had to rely on an unknown name todd worrell and then tito landrum got hurt and you had to call up some outfielder named vince coleman..

    3 Milton Bradley has not played more than 130 games since 2004

    4 Paul Bako enough said…..Geovany Soto credited on more than one occasion Henry Blancos leadership

    5 you let the heart and soul of your franchise the total leader of the franchise walk when he begged and pleaded to stay (Kerry Wood )

    6 Joey Gaithright has tremendous speed but you cannot steal first base

    7..Carlos Zambrano and Rich Harden are 1 start away from the dl

    8 they traded a 23 year old with 240 at bats (who hasnt had a chance to prove himself at the major league level in Felix Pie …but kept fukudome who has proven he cant hit at the major league level..

    9 when aram goes down this year we dont have derosa to back him up like we did the last two years

    10 you trade a stubborn headcase who wins you ten -fifteen games every year for just a complete headcase (marquis for vizcaino) Ps Marquis and lilly were the best pitchers heading down the stretch last year but they combined for no playoff appearances..Marquis broke 3 loosing streaks of 4 or more last year…lilly started game 1 of that Brewers series vs cc that won where the cubs took 4 of 4 and cruised to the division…

    11 Lou PInella/Larry Rotschild or Dave Duncan Tony Larussa

    ps jason marquis has as many wins as z and demp combined harden and z combined and has more wins than harden and dempster combined

  48. Audience Says:


  49. genrebuster Says:

    I remember that one Robert…no surprises here, wish it weren’t so.

    FIRE JIM HENDRY, that worthless, bloated, underachieving, over-spending, over-rated, bumbling, bullshitting, ass-licking (apparently–he still has a job) PATHETIC excuse for a competent GM.

  50. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:


    I am here in West Virginia doing work on the pipe lines. A couple times a year, I would get sent to the St. Louis or Memphis area to start new projects. For the most part, I am the man in charge and there is a lot of responsibility for this.

    If I even fucked up the slightest bit, the consequences would be severe with our projects and I would be out of a job and on the streets with my wife and daughter. I would even have to try to find a new career because no one would hire me if a situation like that would happen.

    Jim Hendry has fucked up time after time after time. If this guy worked a real job like most of us here, he would be homeless.

  51. Irish Yeti Says:

    1. I guess the 1985 and 2004 teams are exactly like this team. There are only 2 people from the 2004 team left, but clearly they’re the same?? Do you believe in curses or something.

    2. The Cardinals are so good that they are something like 2 games over .500 since the beginning of May.

    3. Milton’s problems haven’t been injuries. You are right, though. He has been hurt. His problems this year have had nothing to do with health.. He’s coming around… and his OBP has been among the league’s best though..

    4. Wasn’t Paul Bako cut by that time? I mean, Koyie started the year as the backup, right?

    5. You have the details of the Kerry Wood thing wrong, but he’s been a stud this year hasn’t he?

    6. Joey Gathright does suck.

    7. Harden is an injury waiting to happen. He’s a great pitcher when he’s healthy though. Zambrano has had like 30 starts every year for the last 4-5 years.

    8. Felix Pie is doing great in Baltimore isn’t he? Fuku’s been decent this year. Not 4/$48 million, but decent.

    9. DeRosa: Sucked to not have him when Aram went down but I hate him on principle over the fellatio the Cubs fans performed on him when he came back as an Indian.

    10. Marquis was a decent 5th starter, and making too much money. The trade wasn’t a good Hendry moment as they got nothing in return. Unless you cite the games to me, I’m going to assume the losing streaks he broke last year were result of the offense scoring alot of runs, which they did very very often. On this Cubs team, Marquis would be 5-12…
    Lilly won the remaining 3 games of that Brewer’s series??

    11. LaRussa is a fucknut.

    Do I have to keep telling you that wins are shitty stat to evaluate pitchers? If Z had the same offensive production during his starts as Marquis has had with his, Z would be at 10 or more wins now.

  52. chucky Says:

    “9. DeRosa: Sucked to not have him when Aram went down but I hate him on principle over the fellatio the Cubs fans performed on him when he came back as an Indian.”

    I honestly don’t believe the fans cheered DeRosa in as much as booing Hendrys dipshit trading him to Cleveland. I think they were symbalically (spell check) tearing Hendry a new body orifice, that’s all. That’s not Derosas fault. You should not hate the guy for that.

  53. Irish Yeti Says:

    Oh they cheered him…. In the second game, it was tied in the 8th, runners at 1st and 2nd with 2 outs (I think 2 outs) and he pinch hit… The fans definitely gave him a standing ovation. The SHEEPLE’s love obsession with Stubble made me hate him… I hate a lot of people too.

  54. robert Says:

    irish yetti you get a hard on on stats so much

    lets compare z and marquis

    jason Marquis 13-8 3.55 ers 2 complete games 1 shutout
    carlos zambrano 7-4 0 complete games 0 shut outs

    you love your stats so much here is one for you

    and now bobby abreau who hendry would not talk to

    runs 67
    hits 122
    total bases 173
    doubles 20
    triples 2
    hrs 9
    rbis 77
    walks 66
    k 70
    avg .309
    stolen bases 24

    milton bradley

    runs 43
    hits 76
    total bases 114
    doubles 12
    triples 1
    hrs 8
    rbis 30
    walks 57
    k 70
    avg .263
    stolen bases 2

    so now oil and vinegar what do you have to say about that

    you love your stats so much i have given you stats to think about

    you asked do i believe in curses the answer is hell no and I have always stated steve bartman is innocent…this team has no farm system the teams that win and win consistently have a farm system and can develop prospects

    this team has always done shitty when it comes to scouting and developing players…

    larussa has 2 world series louzer pinella 1 tony has been to the world series on 5 occasions lou once

    jim hendry stated and i mean stated I dont look for the cubs to make a big move due to the fact we dont have anyone anyone wants

    the games I was talk about marquis winning where he broke loosing streaks

    august 30 phillies 5 cubs 2
    august 31 phillies 5 cubs 3
    september 1 astros 3 cubs o marquis 6 innins pitched 1 er 1 unearned run
    september 2 astros 9 cubs 7
    september 3rd astros 4 cubs 0
    september 4 off day
    september 5 reds 10 cubs 2
    september 6th marquis and the cubs beat the reds 14-9 marquis stats that day 7.2 innings pitched 5 hits 2 runs plus he hit a home run

    so now oil and vinegar there are some more stats for you.

  55. robert Says:

    2004 and 2009 teams not the same

    the bullpen kevin gregg in 09 latroy hawkins in 04
    in 04 players calling the booth in 09 players complaining cause bob brenly is to critical of them

    in 04 starting pitchers being injured kerry wood and mark prior…in 09 dempster lilly and harden

    in 04 egotistical outfielders sammy sosa and milton bradley

    in 04 the cubs need bullpen help hendry does nothing in 09 the cubs need another bat hendry does nothing

    in 04 an idiotic manager in 09 an even bigger idiot as a manager

    yeah the 04 and 09 teams have nothin in common

  56. genrebuster Says:

    look…..robert may not be the best speller/grammatician (is that even a real word)…but who the hell cares about that: robert knows Cubs baseball, he proved that a long time ago, long before Fro created this blog.

    LaRussa may be a “fucknut”…but he has arguably had more success than Lou Piniella (as a manager).

    As Matt stated: “Jim Hendry has fucked up time after time after time. If this guy worked a real job like most of us here, he would be homeless.”


  57. genrebuster Says:

    Yeti. Why would the sheeple’s love obsession with ANYTHING influence you (your perception of DeRosa)?

    All kidding aside, I’d like to know.


    FIRE JIM HENDRY (I dare you Crane “sissy boy” Kenney).


    101 years is long enough…clearly this is NOT the year. If you don’t believe me, watch the 9th inning highlights from the Red Sox game tonite. Maybe you’ll learn something….Dilbert.

    Chicago Cubs = PATHETIC.

    Sorry….the facts prove this. Don’t blame me.

  58. genrebuster Says:

    One more thing…YETI, you posted this (on DeRosa):

    “Oh they cheered him…. In the second game, it was tied in the 8th, runners at 1st and 2nd with 2 outs (I think 2 outs) and he pinch hit… The fans definitely gave him a standing ovation. The SHEEPLE’s love obsession with Stubble made me hate him… I hate a lot of people too.”

    Look dude, no offense but this is a bullshit post and you know it. I challenge you to do better, and I know you can (if you want to)…..

  59. genrebuster Says:

    blah blah blah…good night all.

  60. robert Says:

    thanks genre. yetti hates to be proven wrong which I have in the last two posts

  61. genrebuster Says:

    Just so there’s no misunderstanding my “Dilbert” reference was not aimed at anybody in particular.

  62. robert Says:

    yetti you say wins and losses are a bad stat to judge a pitcher buy…why is it when someone brings up stats that dont fit your needs you are all over them aka Kevin Gregg…but when people bring up stats that dont fit your needs your like they dont matter….I have backed what I have stated…You have stated I have the details of the Kerry Wood thing wrong..To quote Moe Hendry on why the cubs did not offer arbitration to Kerry Wood…He wanted to stay and he would have taken it and I felt it was in Kerrys best interest to hook up with another major league team I just want to do whats right with his family


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