Open thread.


Also, for you readers who are wrestling fans: If you have $20 to spend, get “The Rise & Fall of WCW” DVD. It’s worth it.


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  1. chucky Says:

    I just picked it up last night, FroDog. I have to say the documentary part was good, just way too short. How do you summerize 30 years or so years of wrestling in 1 hour? WWE really needs to expand the documentary parts to 2 hours or even more to do them justice. I would watch them. It may take a couple of days, but I’d do it. I was really surprised at who they interviewed for this, too. I flipped out for Kevin Sullivan. And Scott Hall actually sounded sober. Good for him, although I don’t think it lasted.

    I’ll watch a match or two tonight after I get back from dropping someone off at the airport. I caught the Flair-Magnum match, and left off at the Horsemen vs. Sting, Windham and Luger match.

    You can’t go wrong with any Horsemen match.

  2. erniesarmy Says:


    Today’s wrestlers can’t compare to the old days of Dick the Bruiser, the Destroyer, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Mr. Moto, and Haystack Calhoun.

    Dick Lane … “Ohhhhhhh Nellieeeeee!!”

  3. erniesarmy Says:

    Hey, do the Cubs play today, or do they have another day off like they did yesterday?

    Hey, Louie, just keep playing those veterans, baby, just keep playin’ those veterans. I mean whatta got to lose, what’s one more year when you’ve already got 101!!!!!!

    Gary Matthews talking about Cub fans and losing:

    “Well, they’re used to it around here.”

  4. chucky Says:


    You are correct about the old-timers. My favorite when I was growing up Nick Bockwinkel. To a certain degree I think he and Buddy Rogers were a big influence on Ric Flair, after the 1975 airplane crash.

    Another one would be Bruiser Brody. He was the one guy who literally scared the living shit out of me as a kid. He made any of todays so called “hardcore” guys look like Mr. Rogers. (Not Buddy Rogers)

    Maybe the Cubs game will get rained out. There’s always hope.

  5. robert Says:

    my favorites were always michael ps hayes and the fabulous freebirds

  6. robert Says:

    The true fall of WCW started in December of 1983…On that day Ole Anderson fired Rowdy Roddy Piper…. That 1 event set off a chain reaction that eventually caused the downfall of WCW

    After he was fired from the NWA Piper signed with wwf
    Vince Started his expansion in 84
    In 84 the NWA which morphed into WCW and the WWF were running neck and neck
    In December of 84 WWF ran an angle where Captain Lou Albano was awarded a plaque from the Muscular dystrophy association…
    Piper broke the plaque over his head Cyndi Lauper grabbed his boot he kicked her away
    the next month Vince ran a show on MTV which Hogan was going for revenge
    Mr T jumped in the match that set the stage for mania
    The wwf took off crockets NWA was competitive for a while but the wwf train was off and running and they could not stop it
    Hogan would never have been has popular as he was if Piper wasnt so hated
    Without Piper there Wrestlemania would not have probably failed…Remember people turned in to see him get hurt

  7. Fro Dog Says:


    I just finished the 2nd disc. I also watched the Monday Night War DVD that was out about five years ago. That one kind of ties in to the new DVD. In the Monday Night War DVD, only half the story came out on why WCW failed. The newer one gives the full story. There was a lot of shit that I didn’t even know about that lead to the downfall.

    Also, the story about Magnum TA and his accident just showed what could have happened had he continued.

  8. Irish Yeti Says:

    2 runs over 6 innings of work? Harden is such a fucking hack!

  9. erniesarmy Says:

    “2 runs over 6 innings of work? Harden is such a fucking hack!”

    Oh, lookie, Irish Betti is back to show us how smart she is, she can even cuss too.

    Yep, those Cubs are still in it. Don’t give up, folks, Irish Betti is here to save the day.

  10. Irish Yeti Says:

    Did I say they were in it?

  11. jimmy d Says:


    Please elaborate on your “hack” reference directed at Harden.

  12. Irish Yeti Says:

    Why do I have to go back and look up your post? Why can’t you tell them that you posted that?

  13. Nemo Says:

    Jesus Yeti, what a fucking idiot! He was clearing talking about Marmol, not Harden, you fucking hack!

  14. Irish Yeti Says:

    Jesus Nemo! I didn’t watch the game! I’m such a fucking idiot! I didn’t look at the time on the fucking post you worthless hooplehead. Next time, I will. I think all the fucking nonsense that you fucking worthless human beings spew out allows me to make a mistake on here, you fucking piece of shit

  15. erniesarmy Says:

    Irish Yeti Says:
    August 26, 2009 at 11:41 pm
    Jesus Nemo! I didn’t watch the game! I’m such a fucking idiot! I didn’t look at the time on the fucking post you worthless hooplehead. Next time, I will. I think all the fucking nonsense that you fucking worthless human beings spew out allows me to make a mistake on here, you fucking piece of shit

    Now you’ve done it Nemo, you made her made. She got her iddi bitty feelings hurt. AWWWW.

    ” I’m such a fucking idiot!” Well, if you say so… I agree.

  16. Nemo Says:

    ONE mistake?!! I’ve already documented other mistakes you’ve made.

    I didn’t watch the game either you fucking loser!! Are your braces hurting? You are so anxious to find fault with people here you will look up posts from different threads and repost them, but you don’t have the time to look for a boxscore? Trying to get the facts to fit your personal agenda? Now that’s what I call a hack!!

    “I think all the fucking nonsense that you fucking worthless human beings spew out allows me to make a mistake on here, you fucking piece of shit”- This is great Bettie, NOW all you need to do is direct those comments at those who DESERVE it. They can be found inside a park on Clark and Addison impersonating a major league baseball team.

    You need to go back to licking the Butter Cow.

  17. Irish Yeti Says:

    A traditional boxscore doesn’t tell about Marmol’s 3 walks to start out the 9th, sweetie

  18. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    They won? Oh big fucking deal. This team needs a miracle to win the division.

    If Irish Yeti has a clue, he would go back to the threads in February and March and see everything that we said about this team. Just about everything we said were right on the money. From the bullpen being shitty to knowing that Milton Bradley was going to suck. We called it.

    I am not saying we are geniuses. In fact, I am sure most of us are far from it. But any knowledgeable fan of the shitheads that play on the North Side knew that it was going to be a problem.

    I’ll say this again if Yeti still doesn’t understand it: We didn’t have a problem with DeRosa being traded, Wood being let go, Miles being brought in or whatever boneheaded move Hendry made. It’s the fact that Hendry didn’t replace those guys he got rid of with anybody equal to or better.


  19. Irish Yeti Says:

    Any predictions you guys made weren’t based off of actual smart thoughts. You may have been right that this team was going to underachieve but it was mainly just because you guys are the psychotic following of the ultimate DOOMSAYER FroDog

  20. Nemo Says: ever heard of it? when you click on the box score of a particular game, you can than click “play by play” and it will give you the result of every at bat. Sheesh, the intarwebs aren’t that hard.

  21. Nemo Says:

    Frodog, I forgot, do we order the black nikes or the purple nikes?

  22. genrebuster Says:

    damn it, Yeti…you disappoint me! Please, get your facts straight and quit acting like a smug little bitch, it’s boring and pathetic:

    A little history: many of us were active at long before Fro signed on. That said, I for one enjoyed his posts from the beginning…as well as his signs. The reason we congregate here is because Fro was kind enough–and generous enough–to setup this site, at his time and expense when bobbyd disappeared.

    Try to wrap your feeble mind around this: we are NOT the “psychotic following of the ultimate DOOMSAYER FroDog”. We are grownups that have been following the PATHETIC Cubs franchise for years…and we are sick and tired of the ineptitude and greed of those who run it. Just because we are “fans’ doesn’t mean we have to sit back and blindly accept the status quo, like the ignorant blinded sheeple.

    If you want to stick your tongue up the ass of Hendry or Gregg or for that matter any of your butt buddies at hirejimessian, suit yourself. It’s still a free country…Enjoy.

    Why the hell do you post here? There is nothing you can say that will change the reality of the Cubs which is 101 WITH NO WORLD SERIES TITLE. Only a WS title will do that and I’m not expecting one anytime soon (are you). Do you get it? Apparently not.

    The sad thing is there’s another Yeti waiting to take your place if/when you finally go away…and that is TRULY PATHETIC.

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    “Any predictions you guys made weren’t based off of actual smart thoughts.” Uh…if you say so, Einstein.

    One more thing: your buddy Milton is playing better of late, kudos to him. Too bad it took so long, and even worse too bad he still can’t keep his mouth shut. He may surpass Latoya and Jackoff if he keeps up the good work.

  23. Irish Yeti Says:

    Genre, you guys may be grownups but your knowledge for what makes a successful baseball team is way off. You curse the closer (August was justified, but not justified the rest of the year) because you can since when he loses a game you can point directly to him. When Gregg blew his 2 saves in July and June you guys were all over him, assuming he’d do it shortly after. You guys have this idiotic assumption that people like him are going to suck every fucking time they come into the game. He won’t. People like the Aarons but not him. I can fully expect Gregg to have a good September. It won’t matter though, as the Cubs are out of it… So in short, overall, Gregg will have a good year, but you guys will still be in the reactionary fan corner calling for his head.

    Nemo, I don’t go to the same site as you… but what I’m saying is that when I look at a box score, I check score, and batting stats. And then I’m done. Sometimes I check to see if Lee did something very significant for Fantasy reasons, but those things don’t tell you the play-by-play. Next time, I will be sure to do that, for you.

  24. jimmy d Says:


    I only asked for you to elaborate so that I could clarify if you misunderstood my post. However, you decided to take it to a whole new level with your childish response.

    Let me tell you something you adolescent prick. I haven’t met a single person who posts on this website. I’ve tried to orchestrate a couple of gatherings, but nothing so far. I have spoken on the phone with a couple of the guys and I’ve traded personal emails with a couple of the guys as well. I post on this site because the FDB site went away when bobbyd decided to let the site go stagnant. Before that, I posted frequently at I’ve been laughing and crying with some of these guys for 5 or 6 years. I’ve never met FroDog, I couldn’t give a fat fuck about wrestling and I hate the fucking Bears. So, saying that I psychotically follow the ultimate Doomsayer, FroDog is a crock of shit. I don’t follow anybody PAL!!! That said, I’d still sit around and talk Cubs baseball with anyone who take the time to post on this site….including you, Morpheus, MikeD, Dr. KN, erniesarmy, chucky, genre, madcitymac, ksmc2000, etc. I LOVE the Cubs and can talk baseball with anyone who loves them too.

    Believe it or not, we don’t have a DOOOOOMMMMMM mentality because we post on this site. This is just our outlet to discuss the team that has disappointed us for all of our lives. We do pay kudos to the team when they perform well and we blast the shit out of them when we feel that they’re “missing the target”. This year has been fucked up from day 1. It’s okay for you to admit that you were wrong and just say that Milton Bradley was a terrible addition to the team (don’t argue this one or you’ll lose any final shred of respect that I have for you).

    I don’t know what you do for a living, but I’m pegging your age at about early 20’s. Genre, MadCityMac, KSMC2000, erniesarmy and myself are all hovering around the half century mark. We’ve seen a great deal more than you have. We’ve all followed baseball for all our lives and some of us have played team sports (and still do). Time doesn’t make us geniuses, however we have a larger pool of data (experiences) to pull from…We get it. There IS more to it than stats. I’m not sure that I can ask you to “get that” because you’re too young to have seen a large enough sample of what we’re talking about.

    I’ve got to leave for work, but I want to say something (sincerely) before I log off. YOU HAVE GROWN QUITE TIRESOME TO MOST OF US HERE!!!! That said, you’ve posted some really good stuff and if you would just take a minute to open your fucking eyes and ears and understand that you don’t fucking KNOW IT ALL you’d probably add a great deal to this site. Stop calling people names; it’s beneath your intelligence level; you’re a smart guy and it shows…you don’t need to resort to that.

    jimmy d.

  25. robert Says:

    irish yettis quote

    Genre, you guys may be grownups but your knowledge for what makes a successful baseball team is way off. You curse the closer (August was justified, but not justified the rest of the year) because you can since when he loses a game you can point directly to him. When Gregg blew his 2 saves in July and June you guys were all over him, assuming he’d do it shortly after.

    my post a while back no reply from yetti

    lets look at some of kevin greggs blown saves and the next 10 games afterward…the cubs are leading the astros 4-0 kevin gregg comes in and blows it cubs win in a walk off next 8 games cubs go 0-8 and score 18 runs but they lost the first game of the streak 5-4 and the last game 10-8 you take out those 13 runs that is 5 runs over 6 games

    June 23rd he blows a save the cubs proceed to loose 6 of 8

    august 1 and second he blows a save the cubs proceed to loose 8 of 10

    august 17th he blows a save the cubs loose 5 of 7 on the roadtrip

    kevin Gregg has caused a breakdown of this team

    Irish Yettis quote

    Genre, you guys may be grownups but your knowledge for what makes a successful baseball team is way off.”my post a while back again with no reply from yetti

    In the days before each big league team owned farm teams, every minor league club was run independently. Major League scouts would simply check out all the minor league clubs looking for the best players, and it was up to the minor league team owner to “sell” his players for the best offer. For instance, read here how the owner of San Francisco Seals begged the Cubs to buy Joe DiMaggio (photo).

    One of the first teams to realize they could better control the situation by owning their own minor league teams was the St. Louis Cardinals. One of the last teams to realize this was the Chicago Cubs. By 1940, the Cardinals owned 32 minor league teams. The Cubs owned zero. Between 1940 and 1968 the Cardinals won the World Series five times. I don’t need to tell you how many the Cubs won.

    When his baseball people finally convinced PK Wrigley (photo) to buy some farm teams, he insisted that all of the teams be financially independent and run like a business. He was much more concerned about how much money the farm teams were earning than the quality of players they provided to the big league club. Therefore, when the best Cubs prospects developed, they were offered up to the highest bidder…even though they were Cubs prospects. The Cubs lost dozens of prospects to teams who were willing to pay more for Cubs players than Wrigley was.

    But even after he realized this wasn’t a prudent course of action, Wrigley still didn’t invest the kind of money necessary to make the farm system helpful to the big league club.

    The Cubs had the smallest staff of scouts in baseball, and they had virtually no instructors in the minor leagues. In the late 40s and the 1950s, they had exactly one minor league pitching coach…a roaming instructor who went from team to team. The results were predictable. Between Bob Rush (who wasn’t even that good) in the late 40s and Ken Holtzman (photo) in 1965, the Cubs didn’t produce a single quality starting pitcher from their farm system. Those twenty seven years (1948-1967) just so happens to coincide with the worst teams in Chicago baseball history.

    In addition to that, until Wid Mathews was hired as GM in 1950, the Cubs didn’t have anyone in the minor leagues teaching fundamentals to the position players. Mathews finally hired Rogers Hornsby, who had been one of the greatest hitters of all-time, but he couldn’t teach at all. He couldn’t understand why everyone wasn’t as naturally great as he was.

    Throughout the 1950s the Cubs had the worst minor league system in baseball. They didn’t like to pay big bonuses, and when they did, they sent those bonus babies into a farm system that didn’t train them. The play ers that did make it (Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo), fell into their laps out of sheer luck.

    Other teams tried to sign Ernie Banks, but he was loyal to his Negro League team, the Kansas City Monarchs. The only reason he went with the Cubs was because his manager Buck O’Neil advised him to do it–and Banks trusted O’Neil. It’s doubtful that either O’Neil or Banks realized that the Cubs only wanted him because they needed another black player to room with their only black player (Gene Baker) on the road.

    Ron Santo was offered much more money by other teams, but he signed with the Cubs anyway because he felt loyalty to the only Cubs scout on the West Coast; the first person that discovered him. The Reds offered Santo $80,000. The Cubs offer was insulting by comparison ($20,000), but he took it anyway out of loyalty. Billy Williams was so painfully shy that he had to be talked into playing baseball…and almost quit before he reached the big leagues.

    So why have the Cubs gone 100 years without winning a World Series? Geez…I don’t know. Must be bad luck, right?

  26. chucky Says:

    Yeti says;

    Genre, you guys may be grownups but your knowledge for what makes a successful baseball team is way off.

    Understand this Yeti: We want to win the World Series. Anything less is failure, pure and simple. So tell me one thing. Just where does a Kevin Gregg fit into a championship team? Where would he be if he where on the Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, or even St. Louis or Anaheim. I’ll be willing to bet it’s the same place he landed on while in Florida. Out the fucking door and out of a fucking job. Until Moe Hendry comes calling. I’m curious, did any other GM make Gregg an offer? If so, I never heard about it.

    When I first saw Gregg pitch in a Cub uniform my first thought was: This isn’t going to be good. I could see just by how he threw the ball that this guy was going to get lit up. And I wasn’t too far off. Sorry, but 6 blown saves this year is 6 too many. Even Sleepy Lou has seen enough.

    Matt Stairs made a damn good point: none of Hendrys replacements this past off season have been worth a shit. None of us ever said DeRosa was the awesome player who was untouchable. We’re just pissed he didn’t replace him with somebody that has more value than a sack of doorknobs. Aaron fucking Miles??????? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT BULLSHIT????

  27. genrebuster Says:

    Yeti, you have not one fucking clue what I assume or don’t assume.

    Furthermore, Gregg won’t have a “good year”, regardless of stats: he couldn’t come through WHEN REALLY IT MATTERED and that lack of performance hurt the team more than the numbers will show.

    Yeti, jimmy d’s last post was really excellent. Please–read it once …and take it to heart.

    p.s. I have to admit, the Crane Kenney post made laugh…Thanks for that, whoever you are.

  28. genrebuster Says:

    Fire Jim Hendry.

    He deserves it.

    Lou: even though it’s probably too late, show some fire and start managing. Bench the players who don’t produce — veterans or otherwise — and start evaluating other options for next season…you can do that by playing some of the younger guys even more. If you are tired of managing in Chicago, then do yourself and the rest of us a favor and get the hell out….QUIT. You did that once before, right?

  29. robert Says:

    no wonder yetti loves milton bradley so much

    Milton Bradley accuses some fans of racial taunts
    But Chicago Cubs outfielder offers no examples of such abuse

  30. chucky Says:


    He offers no “examples of such abuse” because he doesn’t have any “examples of such abuse”. It’s Dusty Baker, LaTroy Hawkins and there is another one who’s name escapes me right now all over again. All of them played the race card, and all of them where full of shit.

  31. Rush Limbaugh the Big Fat Idiot Says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh……is Milton Bradley a U.S. Citizen? Show me his birf certificate! Kudos to Crane Kenney!

  32. robert Says:

    chucky it was jaques jones….I guess we really play the race card with kevin gregg both the aarons the bayou boneheads dumpster….never heard marquis play the race card when he was hated and he is jewish

  33. robert Says:

    can the cubs quit hiring managers with three letters in there first name

    Lee Elia
    Jim Frey
    Don Zimmer
    Jim Essian
    Jim Lefebvre
    Tom Trebblehorn
    Jim Riggleman
    Don Baylor
    Jon Baker
    Lou Pinnella

  34. chucky Says:

    That’s it, Robert. Can’t believe I forgot that useless douchebags name.

    These guys playing the race card the way they have just proves how pathetic they are as human beings. They probably used it to hide how bad they all sucked at baseball. Maybe some of it is true, but you hear guys like Lee, Ramirez, Soto, or anybody else bitch about it. Hell, even Soriano showed some class when he was approached about it.

    And in all fairness, let’s not forget to include Kyle Farnsworth, Cunt Merker, Todd Hundley, Sammy Sosa, Corey Patterson, Jose Macias, and Neifi Perez on our list of all-time massive douchebags in Chicago. The Cubs have been an absolute shit magnet for many years.

  35. erniesarmy Says:

    “We are grownups that have been following the PATHETIC Cubs franchise for years…and we are sick and tired of the ineptitude and greed of those who run it. Just because we are “fans’ doesn’t mean we have to sit back and blindly accept the status quo, like the ignorant blinded sheeple.”

    Excellent, Genre, well said. It’s uncanny around here how we all understand so well the problem with this franchise. Why can’t others?

    Irish Betti – “Genre, you guys may be grownups but your knowledge for what makes a successful baseball team is way off.”

    What a completely vacuous statement! The guys on this site possess more knowledge of baseball in their little toe, than you do in your whole body! The greatest proof of that is in their analysis of the failure that is named the Chicago Cubs.
    jimmy d – “Let me tell you something you adolescent prick.”

    jimmy, the Betti isn’t “adolescent” he hasn’t gotten by the third grade yet.
    To Irish Betti –

    Listen, you come in here time after time and get your butt kicked on a regular basis, whether it’s knowledge of baseball, or just knowledge itself.
    You are terrible at being a troll. A good troll is funny, and can keep the conservation lively. You’re just flat out stupid. There is no other way to put it.

    Why don’t you do us all a favor, get a little baseball knowledge, take a couple of Valium, and come back next year a well-rested, good for a few laughs, troll.

    Because what you are right now is, well, pathetic.

  36. genrebuster Says:

    “The Cubs have been an absolute shit magnet for many years.”

    For sure, and that’s because there is ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY when you work for the Cubs. You can fuck up repeatedly, keep your job and get paid handsomely!

  37. genrebuster Says:

    All kidding aside: Ricketts should read this blog…

    …and too bad the archives from the old sight aren’t still available.

  38. erniesarmy Says:

    Robert, you can add Leo Duroscher to that list.

    jimmy d, robert, chucky, genre –

    Wow, you guys are smoking today with your posts! OUTSTANDING! Every one of them.

    Poor Irish Betti beaten to a bloody stub. Maybe he/she will learn to not come in here again unless he/she actually knows what he’s/she’s talking about.

    On the other hand, naw, he’s/she’s not that smart.

  39. robert Says:

    chucky you posted this

    So tell me one thing. Just where does a Kevin Gregg fit into a championship team? Where would he be if he where on the Dodgers, Yankees

    could you imagine steinbrenner I mean vintage steinbrenner with that piece of shit hell he fired Yogi and Yogi was a yankee through and through…that would be funnier than hell gregg and the boss colliding

  40. genrebuster Says:

    here’s one from the archives…it’s not “current” but IMOP it is relevant as it illustrates the “no accountability factor”…read and enjoy (or weep):

    skijcm wrote:

    Here’s the letter I wrote to Phil:


    I guess you think that being a big name sports writer for a major newspaper means that you can write about baseball without having to do your homework anymore. I know you don’t watch the games because it’s the only way that you could possibly write yet another column indicating that Dusty Baker is the best man to manage the Cubs.

    You must be relying on wishful thinking and intuition because you couldn’t possibly have watched Dusty Baker do the following and come up with that conclusion:

    Using a different lineup daily, moving everyone up and down, so players have no idea of what their role is on the team

    Using at least 6 different players at second base this year

    Overusing players he personally likes, “his guys”, (Neifi Perez, Freddie Bynum, Roberto Novoa) and under-using players he doesn’t like (Matt Murton, Todd Walker, Scott Williamson)

    Obsessing with lefty/righty match-ups and then often botching the match ups according to the actual stats

    Not platooning Jacques Jones in right when he was batting under .200 and then starting to platoon him when he was batting over .300

    Leaving the pitcher in to bat for himself in the bottom of the sixth inning, only to relieve him to start off the seventh

    Double switching a .285 average player out of the lineup in the late innings with the team behind in favor of a player batting .175

    Calling up rookie players only to send them down without giving them any playing time

    Giving the quick hook to pitchers he doesn’t have confidence in (Rich Hill, Angel Guzman, Carlos Marmol) only to leave the one’s he’s in love with in too long (Mark Prior, Roberto Novoa, Ryan Dempster)

    Advising Hendry on team acquisitions (Jacques Jones, Neifi Perez, Glenden Rusch) only to complain he “doesn’t have the horses” when Wood and Prior are out (like that was a surprise to anyone I guess except Hendry and Baker)

    Pissing and moaning that he’s not the one playing when his players can’t execute baseball fundamentals such as laying down a bunt or running the bases without getting picked off yet not feel the need for drills or player instruction

    Bungling the development of promising young players such as Corey Patterson

    Allowing Aramis Ramirez to not run out fly balls and Jaques Jones to stand a the plate and admire a homerun ball when he was batting .195

    Pinch hitting a player with a .175 average in the ninth and then having him bunt back to the pitcher to make the last out of game with the tying run in scoring position

    Not coming out of the dugout to calm down a visibly shaken young pitcher in the biggest game of his life (5 outs from a World Series) immediately after the left fielder threw a tantrum by jumping up and down and swearing

    I gleaned these and many other miss-steps by watching the Cubs games. I could go on and on, but I’ve tried to focus mostly on just this year. Dusty plays favorites with some players on the team to the detriment of others and it makes for a bad team. Maybe that works when you have Barry Bonds and his supporting cast but it’s not working in Chicago. In my 40 years of following the Cubs, this is probably the worst “team” I’ve ever seen and Dusty is directly responsible. Watch some games and tell me he’s the best alternative.

    07/20/06 12:24:39

  41. genrebuster Says:

    here’s another “exchange” from the archives:

    genrebuster wrote:

    I hate to say it but the Cubs have been fulfilling all my expectations lately. I wish the season would just end now…PATHETIC.

    Oh well…maybe the kids will get a chance to play more in September..but too bad there’s nobody “sharp” available to evaluate or coach them.
    09/03/06 20:00:09


    DigDoug wrote:
    I’m beginning to think that nothing the Cubs will do will make some of you happy.

    The comments about Juan Pierre only having 2 homers? LOL He isn’t a homerun hitter. He’s about getting on base and stealing bases. He had a slump at the beginning of the season but he’s a damn good player.

    As far as the comments on Maddux. How can you hate the guy? He’s a HOF pitcher on a team where he can prosper.

    Neifi is gone. Great. Now everyone complains about Bynum.

    Everyone needs to chill out before you have a heart attack.
    09/04/06 00:19:06

    genrebuster wrote:

    What the hell have the Cubs done to make you happy? They STINK. Are you honestly satisfied with the way things have gone since the last 2 games of 2003 until now? I bet/hope not.

    Here’s what will make me happy: FIRE DUSTY BAKER, FIRE JIM HENDRY, ACCEPT the fact that Wood and Prior CANNOT be counted on and plan accordingly.

    I’m actually OK with Pierrre for now…sorry but Bynum doesn’t impress me.

    As for me, I still like Maddux, very sorry to see him go but happy for him that he escaped from the Tribune/Cubs. I bet he and Nomar are thrilled to have escaped…

    I really believe that MacFAIL probably needs to go, too…and the Tribune of course.

    But don’t underestimate a BIG part of the problem: the fact that SO MANY sheeple are willing to continue to go to the games and support this bullshit, pathetic, fucked up organization of losers. The Tribune continues to make big bucks on the Cubs…so really, what’s the incentive to make big changes?
    09/04/06 02:42:41

  42. Audience after JimmyD post Says:

    *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

  43. genrebuster Says:

    Uh, I think we’ve been discussing this here for quite awhile….

    “It hasn’t been one of our better mixes,” Piniella said. “Winning has a lot to do with chemistry. It makes the team come together a lot quicker. Remember, I told you all this spring we had a big turnover. Sometimes it takes a while. It doesn’t necessarily just fall in your lap.

    “But yeah, this hasn’t been … one of my better-chemistry teams.”

    here’s the link:

  44. erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs losing 5-4 to the team with the worst record in MLB going into the 9th.

    Gee, maybe my pick of 4th place for their final position in the Central was too optimistic.

  45. robert Says:

    this is the quote to top all quotes

    All I’m saying is I just pray the game is nine innings so I can be out there the least amount of time as possible and go home,” Bradley said Wednesday.

    why he continues to get to play everyday is beyond me

    what do have to say about that yetti

  46. robert Says:

    This letter is to Tom Ricketts…

    Mr Ricketts we are Cub fans, we dont ask how the cubbies are doing…we dont sing along with the seventh inning stretch we dont say wait till next year hoping things will change we don’t go to Wrigley Field to sit in a seat where are grandfather sat where our father sat where we will sit where are kids will sit and for three hours sit in the sunshine and hope the cubs win if not oh well… This is what we want done in the offseason

    1-10 The Cubs need a closer one of the best in the game is on the market his name is Jose Valverde

    11 you trade Milton Bradley dont say no one will take his contract remember the 02 off season someone gave the Cubs Mark Grudzielanek and Erik Karros for Fred McGriff and Todd Hundley who had just completed the second year of a 4 year contract..If no one wants him release him

    12 you do not aquire any closer who wore a marlins uniform (antonio alfonseca Kevin Gregg)

    13 you do not acquire any utility player from the Cardinals ( John Mabry Aaron Miles)

    People who get there walking papers Douchebag Pinella Moe Hendry Larry Roachchild Oneiri Fietta ( that is the guy who is in charge of the whole minor league system we all know how well that is producing)

    You release Aaron Miles so what if you have to eat 3 million in Salary you the good will outwiegh the bad

    PLayers that are to be gone next year Anyone names aaron on the roster of your name makes toys you are gone if you have two first names you are gone Kevin Gregg

    You resign Henry Blanco not for his stats but how many times did geo credit his leadership last year…you do that we may get the 08 geo back

    You hire a personal trainer for Geo and Zambrano get them in shape so they can become the players we think they are capable of becoming you have a good nucleus now build on it

    we are willing to take two steps back if it will mean going four steps ahead you do that and you will have our support anything less you will be ran out of town

  47. Christopher Kinney Says:

    Milton Bradley “regrets that there are idiots in the world”. I regret that the Cubs ever signed Milton Bradley. People are getting tired of the entitlement mentality. Even the Detroit Tigers didn’t want Bradley when the Cubs tried to unload him a month ago. I have never heard the fans boo like they did when Bradley grounded out in the ninth. I think Len and Bob had to shut the window to drown out the boos. This team has been walking on eggshells in the clubhouse and on the field all year because of Milton Bradley. Just fuck you Milton Bradley. Or shall I call you Albert Belle II?

  48. erniesarmy Says:

    Christopher –

    The Nationals broadcasters said there were a “smattering of boos” when Bradley grounded out. Was that true? Or, was it more like an avalanche of boos.

    I don’t know because I wasn’t watching the game.

  49. Christopher Kinney Says:


    They were the loudest boos that I have ever heard on a Cubs game. Of course, Len and Bob can’t really tell it like it is because they could get fired (what happened to Chip Carey and Steve Stone at the end of 2004 season).
    Or Milton Bradley could possibly accuse Len and Bob, Piniella, the Cubs team, and all the fans of being racist. There are some other possibilities as well.

  50. chucky Says:

    I personally hold Hendry to account for this fucking Bradley mess. Remember this: Hendry courted Bradley. Back in December or January he flew out to meet with him, took him to dinner, and wined and dined this asshole to get him to sign with the Cubs. He absolutely had to have Milton Bradley. If he didn’t know what he was getting with this ultimate headcase, then he’s an even bigger idiot than I thought. Then to add insult to injury he signs Kevin fucking Gregg. If Moe doesn’t resign his position before the end of the season, he should be shitcanned ASAP by the Ricketts. Any one of us would out in the goddamned street begging for a nickel if we had fucked up this badly at our jobs.

    Show some fucking integrity for once you goddamned son-of-a-bitch. Fucking quit now. Why not? Your piece of shit team has. And after you quit, walk out in front of a speeding semi, you fucking bastard.

    This is the end result when you have a clueless hack as a GM. A 97 win team to the biggest trainwreck this side of Dusty Baker.


  51. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:


    How PATHETIC is this shit? How low can this go?

    How embarrassing. If people make fun of you for liking this team, can you blame them?

  52. genrebuster Says:

    robert, I hope Ricketts reads your letter.

    Here’s mine, cc’d to Mr. Ricketts:

    Dear Milton Bradley:

    You have no idea what it means to be a Cubs fan. I bet most of us here know more about the history of this PATHETIC franchise than you — an EMPLOYEE being paid $30 million for 3 years — more than most if not all of us will make in a lifetime. That is alot of money.

    FUCK YOU. You think you have it rough? Dammit…another entitled bastard, a disgrace to the uniform, a whining bum.

    It’s one thing to have a bad year, it’s another to shoot off your mouth repeatedly. Part of being a pro athlete is learning to ignore the bs that will you will hear from time to time as a highly paid athlete. Fans boo and complain when their teams don’t do well. Deal with it. You’re paid a ton of money to do just that.

    As for racists, I’m suspicious of anybody who plays the race card, that includes you. If you quietly went about your business and didn’t feed the ignorant a-holes that verbally insult you in public with your inflammatory remarks to the press, most fans would ease up on you for having an off year…believe it or not. Lots of fans were unhappy with Derek Lee when he struggled…but he conducts himself professionally, with dignity…so he didn’t have to deal with “the viciousness” that you bring upon yourself.

    9 innings? I wish this fucking season would be over NOW so you could go home to your family and we wouldn’t be subjected to your nonsense for awhile…


    If it’s the last thing you do, sit the jerk down and insist that he behave…or run his ass out of town the next time he sticks his foot in his big mouth. I bet he’s just GREAT for “team chemistry”.

    Wait till next year fellas…and hopefully Mr. Ricketts realizes what he’s in for and has the balls to demand that things change. Otherwise he’s just another wealthy asshole with loads of $$$…we’ve experienced more than enough of that.

    Tick Tock.

  53. Christopher Kinney Says:

    If Milton Bradley has a problem/issues, then why not just sit down with Lou Piniella and Alan Trammell and talk it out with them, man to man. Whining to the media hasn’t helped Bradley, and it has made him and his teammates tense, and has become a distraction for all involved, both past and present.

    Playing baseball one should go out there relaxed and have fun.

  54. genrebuster Says:

    …you are right chucky, this team has quit.

    Hendry should resign tomorrow.

    I have to be honest…going into the season I still had hopes that this team would do well, even though I didn’t understand the changes that were–or weren’t–made during the offseason.

    People have been poking fun at me for years for being a Cubs fan. It was kinda funny 20 years ago…

    I guess it takes a certain amount of naive optimism to be a Cubs fan for so long…and I’m afraid that mine is rapidly running out.

  55. genrebuster Says:

    Christopher, the problem with your last post is that it makes perfect sense!

    Man, I’m with you….unfortunately, this is the Cubs that we are talking about.

  56. Tom Ricketts Says:

    I’m happy with the team the way it is now. They’re loveable!

  57. chucky Says:

    Smart ass.

  58. Mitch Cumstein Says:

    Tom, it’s LOVABLE you stupid fuck.

  59. Tom Ricketts Says:

    Oh Mitch,
    Why would you curse me? I’m in control of the team you love. Plus if you yell at me for grammar, you should also yell at Robert. He had a couple more errors than I did.

  60. genrebuster Says:

    …regarding the grammar, you make a good point Tom.

    That said, robert and the rest of us make some pretty good points, too…even if we didn’t meet our bride at “the friendly confines”…u dig?

  61. genrebuster Says:

    BTW Tom…please don’t take Mitch too personally…he was quite the terror at the “original” site. He slammed many a poster for spelling AND grammar.

    And “technically” speaking, are you in charge of the team NOW? I thought that had to be approved by bankruptcy court and the other owners?

    If you are in charge now…or wielding any influence…can you get Jim Hendry to quit effective immediately? That would make so many of us happy!!!!!!

    At any rate, Thanks for stopping by!

    …and don’t forget: SOS. 101 years. Tick Tock. PATHETIC!

  62. robert Says:

    genre personally I liked chuckys idea the best

    Show some fucking integrity for once you goddamned son-of-a-bitch. Fucking quit now. Why not? Your piece of shit team has. And after you quit, walk out in front of a speeding semi, you fucking bastard.

  63. Fro Dog Says:

    Hello Mitch. 😉

    I just had to chime in with that since this has been like the first time I saw that name in quite a while.

    If there is anything that makes me more happy with this site, it’s the fact that the original Mitch Cumstein is gone. Thank God too. I don’t miss him. His ramblings against all of us especially CaptainKirk were priceless! If anybody like Irish Yeti or Dr. Kenenth Nosepicker thought we were psycho on this site, Mitch Cumstein defined psycho.

  64. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    That guy agrees with us. So there are people outside of this site that actually agree with us. Are you seeing that Irish Yeti? Go call this guy who wrote the post an idiot.

  65. Nemo Says:

    Lots of good ant-Bradley stuff in the Trib:

    Phil Rogers calls for the Cubs to cut Bradley:,0,2399764.column

    Trib reporters sit in stands and hear no racist remarks:,0,6325208.story

    Bradley blames the media for twisting his remarks (because it is NEVER Bradley’s fault) :,0,5817998.story

  66. Al Swearengen Says:

    You want a donkey’s attention, you bring a fucking pole down between his ears.

    Hendry! Get a fucking haircut. Looks like your mother fucked a monkey.

  67. robert Says:

    al that only not explains his looks but some of his moves

  68. Nemo Says:

    anti* Bradley. Doh!

  69. genrebuster Says:

    OK, I do like this one (Milton’s comments are indented):

    Posted by Bad Kermit @

    Hey, Milton. What’s up, man? Listen, I wanted to talk to you about something. I know you have a really rough life, what with a busy travel schedule necessitated by the fact that you play baseball for a living. And I know it’s sometimes probably tough to figure out who your friends are when you have about $25M in the bank and are going to get paid about $50M by the time your contract with the Cubs runs out. And I know it’s probably exhausting living with so much anger that you hate your own goddamn name.

    But, seriously, shut the fuck up.

    I have defended you all season. I was at the game against the Twins when you tossed a live baseball into the stands because you can’t count to three. When the stadium erupted in a chorus of boos, I didn’t join them.

    When people pointed out that you have only one more home run than Aramis Ramirez in nearly twice the games, I responded that you were still doing a great job at getting on base.

    I know RBIs aren’t an individual statistic, but that doesn’t stop people from mentioning to me that Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot have more RBIs than you do. Even though they’ve played about half the number of games you have, Jake Fox is only one behind you, and Aramis Ramirez is ahead of you. Christ, Milton, MICAH HOFFPAUIR is only 10 RBIs behind you, and he hasn’t played since August 2nd. Also, he sucks. And, I didn’t want to bring this up, but people have been mentioning that the pitchers on the team have 21 RBIs, and you have 35.

    Just based on your numbers as a Cub, do you know how hard it is to explain to some people that you’re a valuable player even when you’re NOT acting more sensitive than Larry Rothschild’s nipples after jogging out to talk Carlos Zambrano off the ledge on Tuesday.

    So, you can see why it might make me a tad upset when, as your unofficial PR guy, you continue to insist that the world is against you and say things like this.

    When I go home and look in the mirror, I like what I see. My family is there I have people I can talk to who are very supportive, in spite of everything and all the adversity and the hatred you face on a daily basis. But I’ll be all right. I always have.

    Is one of those supportive people to whom you are talking a highly-qualified psychiatrist? Because if there’s one thing you are NOT, it’s “all right.”

    You know what, Milton? Maybe all the waiters in Chicago who you claim hate you have a right to do so. I don’t know. Maybe it rubs those guys the wrong way that they’re working ten hours a day serving turkey wraps only to get home, pick up the paper, and read a comment like this from you:

    All I’m saying is I pray the game is nine innings, so I can go out there the least amount of time possible and go home.

    But maybe it’s not the waiters, after all. Clearly you don’t know what either waiters or misplaced modifiers are:

    I’ve got to listen to the waiters badmouthing me at another table, sitting in a restaurant.

    Grammatical missteps aside, surely he understands that personally attacking Cubs fans will do nothing but lead to MORE awkwardness between him and the fans in the bleachers, right? Especially in a colossally disappointing season due, in part, to Milton himself, right?

    I regret that there are idiots in the world, that’s what I regret.

    Me too, Milton. Me too. Defending you, Milton, has become about as appealing as chugging a Gatorade cooler full of ball sweat.

    You’re on your own, you fucking crybaby.

  70. genrebuster Says:

    for some reason Milton’s comments didn’t indent…but it shouldn’t be too difficult to discern his words from BK’s…regardless here is the link to the post:

  71. genrebuster Says:

    Alos, be sure to check out Irish Yeti’s response to the post —

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa —

    and then compare it to the other responses.

  72. genrebuster Says:

    uhhh *ALSO… time for espresso

  73. genrebuster Says:

    nemo, those 4 articles that you referenced above made my head hurt.

  74. chucky Says:

    What in the goddamned hell was Yeti fucking talking about? That was the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever read. The media? Really? The media?


    Lets look at like this. Say Bradley has a good year. 25-30 hr’s. Maybe 80-90 rbi’s. And he keeps his mouth shut the entire time. No controversy, no bullshit, no whining and complaining, basically no story. The media will (hopefully) do their job and just report on that.

    But this is what really happened. Bradley goes on extended season long slump, has about 8-9 hrs, 25-30 rbi’s at the all-star break. The wheels really start falling off after the break despite him picking up on production a little bit. Then comes the bitching and complaining. And the worst part is he brings race into play, with absolutely nothing to back it up. No proof, no evidence, no nothing. The media reports that. And…… that’s their fault? Seems to me that if Bradley just did his fucking job and shut the fuck up there wouldn’t be a story. But hell, that’s just me.

    There is one person who does need to be held accountable for this trainwreck: MOE FUCKING HENDRY. This useless cocksucker couldn’t get a job washing cars, why is he the GM of the Cubs?

  75. robert Says:

    Do you think Milton should be forced to watch field of dreams….you know the end of the movie no ray it was you….no milton its you who brings your problems on

  76. genrebuster Says:

    “The Denver Broncos have suspended Brandon Marshall for the rest of the preseason for insubordination.”

    This what a PROFESSIONAL organization does when one of it’s employees is consistently out-of-line.

  77. chucky Says:

    And now to heep more shit onto the steaming pile of Cubdom , I present to you our so-called “ace”.

    From fox Sports.

    I just can’t win

    Carlos Zambrano has had it with the media scrutiny in Chicago. The latest? Criticism over playing softball with his daughter. “Maybe if I go to a different city next year. … If I get traded, I can do what I want,” says Zambrano.

    You sniveling little bitch. You have a fucking guaranteed contract worth more than 91 million motherfucking dollars, and you bitch and piss and moan like a little girl that you can’t play fucking softball? Why don’t try taking better care of yourself so you can go to work once every 5 days during the summer. Play goddamned softball with your daughter in the off-season. In the meantime, you have a responsibility to put the best conditioned Carlos Zambrano out there to EARN some that 91 million.

    These asshole, prima dona, sniveling little douchebags are really starting to piss me off.

  78. Sandberg23 Says:

    Don’t count on the sale to the Ricketts as a done deal yet guys. I was listening to Dan and Terry on the score yesterday and they said Zell has a rip cord on this deal with the Ricketts. I guess he can pull out of this deal at anytime if he wants and pay a 20 mill dollar fee on it if he finds a different bidder who offers more than Ricketts. And when you are talking almost a billion for a franchise, 20 mill is like 20 bucks. And apparantly Zell doesn’t like The Ricketts group because apparantly they strong armed him into making this deal and the only reason he made the deal is because they we’re the only ones offering that much money for the team. So this is not a done deal. Zell is fucking piece of shit that needs to go away as soon as possible!!

  79. genrebuster Says:

    Sandberg, as I said before…I’ll believe the Cubs are sold when it’s “official”…right now, it’s not. Unfortunately, we likely won’t know until the end of 2009…at the earliest.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Zell still owns the Cubs on Opening Day 2010.

  80. Sandberg23 Says:

    Me to Genre. That troll ass looking bastard.

  81. erniesarmy Says:

    And people ask me constantly, “As a Cubs fan, you must know, why don’t they win?”

    I tell them to just listen to the players, management, and coaches, that’s all you need to know.

    This is a losing franchise with a losers mentality hiring losers to run their business with a cesspool of losing players that no one else wants.

    Any questions?

  82. genrebuster Says:


  83. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:


    It is PATHETIC. It is embarrassing. This is one of the few blogs I have read in the last few years that has real fans who understand what is wrong and what needs to be done. All of us here actually have a clue and an idea of what needs to be fixed.

    Now will our ideas work for this team? Maybe. Maybe not. But at least we think outside the box. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to try.

    The sheeple on the other hand think it’s cute and funny that this team has a bunch of morons who run it and a bunch of overpaid selfish people who play a kids game and get paid millions of dollars whether or not they suck at the game. When a player sucks, the sheeple defend them.

    Wait til next year. 101 years without a championship. How embarrassing is that?

  84. robert Says:

    but Matt according to the sheeple we are not true fans a true fan loves the cubbies no matter what…the players need our love and support…there war and there ops is great if you multiply it buy the square root of27 and divide it buy phi and add 3

  85. chucky Says:

    The first headline on “Zambrano plans to improve on return outing”.

    4 runs 11 hits in 3 and 1/3 innings.

    What exactly was your plan Carlos? Aside from shooting off your mouth and acting like a childish assbag?

    If you’re injured, get off the field and stay off. Otherwise, my recommendation would be for you to take yoga lessons, so that you might gain the necessary flexibility to remove your goddamned head from your ass!

  86. Nemo Says:

    I am down to just enjoying the Sox implosion now.

  87. erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs manager Lou Piniella says he isn’t keeping an eye on the wild-card standings, where his team has four others to pass.

    “I don’t pay attention to anything,” he said. “Nobody gives us a chance. Just keep it that way.”

    “I don’t pay attention to anything.” Truer words were never spoken, Louie. You’ve been sound asleep since Spring Training. Cubs lose 4-1 to a Mets team that doesn’t have half their regular players! Zambrano is a joke, he’s beyond a joke, he’s Soriano without a brain. Trade him, NOW, while he still has a smidgen of value.

    Just put a clown nose on Piniella and give him a horn, he’s not good for anything else except to laugh at him, and the Cub management.

  88. erniesarmy Says:

    Chucky to the Big Zero –

    “If you’re injured, get off the field and stay off. Otherwise, my recommendation would be for you to take yoga lessons, so that you might gain the necessary flexibility to remove your goddamned head from your ass!”

    Post of the day!!!!

    Could someone please tape that over the Big Zero’s locker, thank you.

  89. chucky Says:

    Thanks Ernie.

    Now on to tonights game. Did Dick Hardon make the Cubs pay for not shipping him to Minnesota? Man, these guys are really mailing it in for the season, aren’t they?

  90. genrebuster Says:

    Too bad this doesn’t happen at Wrigley stadium:

    “CINCINNATI — Shhh!

    A tiny crowd finally cheered when Darnell McDonald scored from third base on a wild pitch in the bottom of the ninth inning Monday, giving the Cincinnati Reds a 4-3 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates in a makeup game played with tennis-match silence most of the time.

    Fewer than 2,000 fans showed up for the first game of a day-night doubleheader at Great American Ball Park, which turned into a red-seat echo chamber. Fans could hear the players’ banter. Players could hear the fans’ chatter. It didn’t take long to take a head count.”

  91. erniesarmy Says:

    Genre –

    Those fans in Cincinnati recognize dog poop when they see it, the smell is especially bad when you step in it. They don’t need to come to the ballpark to have it shoved up their noses. The Cub “fans” have been around the smell of losing so long they can’t smell the stench any longer – even when Cub ownership smears their faces in it.

    Cincinnati fans aren’t used to losing like this, they have a proud history (The Big Red Machine), and have had a successful organization in the past.

    Gary Matthews on Cub fans and losing –

    “They’re used to it around here.”

  92. genrebuster Says:

    yep, that sums it up Ernie. The Reds may be bad this year…and they have made the mistake of hiring Dusty Baker…but the Cubs organization by comparison is PATHETIC.

    Anybody that doesn’t believe me can look at the last 100 years or so to get a clue.


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