Chicago Bears news and notes.



Before I get to my recap of Saturday’s preseason game, I wanted to share with you on how lame of a person I am. My highlight this past weekend was spotting Jerry Angelo downtown Saturday afternoon standing in front of the Walgreen’s on Michigan Ave. Moving on though…

The Bears offense in the first half was the story Saturday night. Last week, it seemed like there was a lot of rust that needed to be shaken off. This past Saturday night, the offense came to life. Jay Cutler threw some bullets and the young receivers stepped up and impressed. During the quarter and a half or so he played, I was thinking “So this is what a quarterback on our team looks like.” Earl Bennett and Brandon Rideau each had a couple nice catches. Devin Aromoshadu and my new favorite receiver, Juaquin Iglesias each had a nice catch.

Matt Forte is a bad ass. 9 rushes for 58 yards which is an average of 6.4 yards a carry. The big play was his 32-yard touchdown run.

On defense, Kevin Payne stepped up with three tackles and he broke up a couple potential big plays for the Giants. Alex Brown had a nice game pressuring Eli Manning and forcing a fumble in the process.

This next one is probably the only thing that annoyed me during the game: Erik Kramer’s man-crush for Caleb Hanie. In year’s past, the most beloved player might have been the backup quarterback. Hanie has played well enough to secure the backup job. God love Caleb Hanie and his great play the last two preseasons, but let’s pray that Jay doesn’t get hurt. I don’t want to come back here to write the “Oh no. We suck again.” article.

As I said before, this is only the preseason but it is a good sign that this team may be coming together. Rod Marinelli is working the defensive lineman in practices so they might be better this year. Nothing is for sure yet. I still think Minnesota is the team to beat in the division with Green Bay following closely.

With the Vikings picking up the hall-of-fame diva, they will either take a step forward but more likely take a step back due to his arm injury and his history in the Metrodome. With the Packers, Aaron Rodgers could have a break out year if healthy and their defense is much better this season. I honestly think it will take 11 or 12 wins to claim the division crown.

That’s it for now. Til next time.

– MM

4 Responses to “Chicago Bears news and notes.”

  1. Irish Yeti Says:

    “they will either take a step forward but more likely take a step back due to his arm injury and his history in the Metrodome. ”

    Thank you BC

  2. Dave Says:

    Spectacular offensive performance by the Bears against what is supposed to be one of the best defenses in the NFC. And the defense had the Giants offense running scared too. Not allowing a touchdown for a whole game is a great way to show how good a defense is. Yes its only preseason, but the Bears proved one thing that game. Their first string team is better than New York’s first string team.


  3. Fro Dog Says:

    “Thank you BC” ???

    I don’t know what you are saying there. Please elaborate.

    Dave, I just read that Dusty Dvoracek might be out for the season with a knee injury. That guy can never stay healthy. It is a problem now because Tommie Harris is still a question mark with his past problems.

  4. Irish Yeti Says:

    BC (of Desipio and a little HJE) made himself well liked around there by making comments like that. You basically said, he could be good and he could be bad.. Comments like that show you are venturing on a very thin limb there.


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