It doesn’t really matter.


Can someone protect this guy?

The Bears beat the Browns on Sunday 30-6. If you look at just the stats and score (Cue Irish Yeti), you would probably think the Bears totally dominated the game. Well, on defense, they did and it was expected. On offense, the running game got going and Cutler had a decent game. But damn. Can the offensive line protect this guy?

Along with the four sacks that he took, Cutler was sandwiched about five other times during the game. I think he has been sacked at least 10 or 15 times so far and only seven games have been played. He got hit in the mouth, had a bloody tongue after biting it and I don’t know how the hell he got back up after a couple of those hits by Shaun Rogers. One of those times, he got up real slowly and the first thing that went through my mind was “Please. Don’t be hurt”. It seems like everytime he steps back to pass, he is running for his life. Well, we still suck. I do not want to see Caleb Hanie out there at all unless the Bears are either up 30 or down 30.

Josh Beekman had the start on the left side of the line in place of Frank Omiyale and that should stay that way. On Sunday, the problems still were there. Kevin Shaeffer should maybe start either in place of Pace which is doubtful or for Chris Williams on the right side. More changes still need to be made. Maybe a lineman is available for the Bears to pick up to try to help this season. Right now, this team is not going far until the line gets fixed.

So in a nutshell, this win does not mean shit. The Bears failed to put more points on the board and especially in the red zone. Matt Forte had a good game which was nice to see. I will give credit to the defense for not allowing Cleveland to use the infamous “I-Pass” against the Bears. If the defense sucked on Sunday, then there are more problems than we may think.

A 4-3 record with Arizona coming to town next week isn’t what some of us expected but it could be worse. This is a must win game. As of right now, the Giants, Cowboys, Falcons and Packers all seem to be contenders for the Wild Card spots. The division race is already over with the Vikings pretty much in control. Is it me or are Vikings fans the worse in football? I digress.

22 Responses to “It doesn’t really matter.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I heard it said on the radio that this was the most uninsired win the Bears have had in a long time. I would agree. Doug and O.B. were on fire yesterday. It was all I could do to stay interested in this game. I’m glad they won, but there is nothing to take from this game to make me think that they’ll have a chance against Arizona, San Fran, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Green Bay, or Baltimore. I think they get St. Louis and Detroit.

    As of right now, they look like a 6-10 team to me.

  2. chucky Says:

    most “uninspired” win

    Crap, it’s too early for this shit!

  3. Irish Yeti Says:

    The Doug and OB show is good…. If you like listening to retarded meatheads break down a game.

  4. chucky Says:

    And just who do you listen to Yeti?

  5. Irish Yeti Says:

    I usually listen to the sounds of an Xbox after the game.

  6. Sandberg23 Says:

    Yeti if you actually listen to them. They know what the hell they are talking about. O.B. brought up a very good point last week after the Bengals game. He brought up, that when the Bears blitz that the cb’s should be in press coverage and bumping the wideouts off the line and re-route them. That in turn helps you’re d-line get to the Q.B. Instead the Bears CB’s were playing 7-8 yards off the reciever on a blitz so all Palmer had to do was a 3 step drop and hit recievers on slant routes. O.B. pointed this out and called out all the def. coaches on the Bears staff for not knowing this. The D looked better this week, but like fro said. It was the Browns, so you better look good against that god awful offense!

  7. Sandberg23 Says:

    Also, I wonder if the Bears should turn Olsen into a WR? He’s got great hands and has good speed but can’t block worth shit. If you did that then you could move Kellen Davis into the #2 spot. Then you got 2 T.E.’s that can block and catch and Olsen on the field as a tall wideout for Cutler. and if you run the 2 t.e. sets the dumbass turner likes to run then you could have all 3 of them on the field at the same time. Just speculating is all….

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    I use to listen to Doug and O.B. when I was working in the restaurant a few years back. I always enjoyed listening to them. They were by no means “meatball” fans. They talked to quite a bit of them on the air. I couldn’t stand the idiots who called in to say “The Bears need Ditka because he has fire and passion”.

    More times than none, they were the ones throwing the coaching staff under the bus especially Turner.

  9. madcitymac Says:

    You guys probably feel the same way I did after the Packers beat the Lions – empty. A win, but so what? I couldn’t believe the Bears had to settle for field goals on those first 3 drives. The Browns may be the worst team in the NFL, although the Lions let the Rams break their own long losing streak against them yesterday. How did Derek Anderson regress to sucking sooooooo bad? If they didn’t have Josh Cribbs, Joe Thomas (please come home to Wisconsin!), and Shawn Rogers, they could just contract this team and only the Dog Pound would care. Hell, maybe not even them at this rate!

  10. MadCityMac Says:

    I think the Packers and Bears o-lines are trying to out-suck each other, although as much as I like Aaron Rodgers, he really needs to dump the ball sometimes and not take some of those sacks. Him and Cutler are both going to get killed before the season is out, and they both deserve better.

  11. Captain Kirk Says:

    Cutler is going to get killed and the offensive line is going to be brought up on murder charges.

    Forte versus Wolfe I can’t decide!!

    The unemotional Lovie meets Mike Singletary in a couple of weeks. You heard it here first Bears get their asses kicked. Singletary is the guy who should be coaching the Bears not that blob of shit Lovie.

  12. chucky Says:

    I’m beginning to hate Lovie Smith as much as I hate Dusty Baker. And you guys know how much I hate that cocksucker. They’re both arrogant pieces of shit who act like they know it all, yet are stupid as hell. Neither one should be employed by any sports franchise.

  13. Fro Dog Says:


    I wanted the Packers to win so it could give the Bears some what of a chance to compete for the division title. I did notice that Rodgers holds onto the ball a little bit longer than what he should. Sometimes, it’s better to just throw the ball away instead of sitting there and waiting for someone to get open.

    Captain Kirk,

    You pessimistic bastard! But what can I say? You are a realist. Forte would be better if the offensive line can actually block. I know you want the Bears to win and so do I. But this offensive line is awful.

    And can the Bears please get rid of the Wildcat formation? The other teams know that Hester is going to get the ball with that play everytime. It should stop.

  14. genrebuster Says:

    1. Show Ron Turner the door.

    2. Require that the offensive line go on a Wheaties & spinach diet.

    3. Time for “Lovie” to legally change his name…I suggest Igor, Lars, Leroy, Max or Clint.

  15. chucky Says:


    If Lovie were to legally change his name, I suggest…………


  16. genrebuster Says:


  17. genrebuster Says:


  18. robert Says:

    genre I got problems with your last post…do not change lovies name after all I am a hockey fan…and Igor Larinov was one of my favorite players Metallica is one of my favorite bands and lars ulrich is one awesome drummer…jim croce gave us bad bad leroy brown….

    does anyone else think its funny that norv turner wont even give his own brother a job

    A better name for him would be Mr howell after all on gilligans Island he would always go lovie to his wife

  19. Fro Dog Says:

    Norv Turner is just as shitty of a coach as his stupid brother. But then again, I am sure Irish Yeti will bring up some stat showing that Norv Turner is a good coach.

  20. robert Says:

    I want some bears fans opinions but I think the best thing for your franchise would be to give bill cowher total control of the footbal operations head coach gm president of player personel..but then again after working for the rooney family will he want to work for the mcrapsky family

  21. Fro Dog Says:


    I have been probably the only one on this site who defended Lovie last year while most of you did not. I was pissed off at him after the Super Bowl for a lot of moves. I won’t waste my time listing them but most fans know what they were.

    Last year, I thought even with the three blown games that I consistently talked about, he did more with what he had than what most coaches would have done.

    Obviously this year, it’s not just him that is pissing me off. This team is suppose to be way better on offense now that we actually have a legitimate quarterback. It has a lot to do with Ron Turner. Then there are the problems on the offensive line. On defense, Urlacher’s injury is a big loss and the fact that the secondary can’t seem to understand that there are 11 players on each side of the field meaning they should pick a player and stick on him. While I can still say that the players are the one’s out there and not Lovie, coaching should get just as much blame. They are the ones putting the players out there on the field. If it’s not working, then find someone who can make it work. Don’t be a stubborn bastard and refuse to make changes that might make your team better. That’s all.

  22. Sandberg23 Says:

    If we are gonna compare Lovie to Cowher. That’s not even fucking close! I would throw Lovie’s ass out on the street in a heartbeat if Cowher was there for the taking. You wanna see a good defense. Look at the defenses he ran out in Pittsburgh.


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