Open thread.


26 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. genrebuster Says:




    Hide Irish Yeti’s calculator.


  2. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    “Hide Irish Yeti’s calculator”

    Brilliant Genre! I still have the belief that he was dropped on his head several times when he was a baby.

    I read online that Ricketts has Hendry “on the clock”. In my opinion, the clock ran out on him years ago. I think Louser Piniella should go along with Hendry, Kenney and Rothschild.

  3. Captain Kirk Says:

    I have bad vibes about Rickity. He watched the Cubs whats the mystery about Hendry he should have fired him by now and sent Louser away on his much needed maternity leave.

    Dear Mr. Rickitts just because you look like a sissy doesn’t mean you have to act like one. Get on with the job.

  4. chucky Says:

    Well said Captain.

  5. Sandberg23 Says:

    I wonder if Hendry regrets not giving the managerial job to Girardi now??

  6. Sandberg23 Says:

    On 2nd thought…..I doubt it. He’s to much of a dumbass to regret any of the stupid ass moves he’s made over the years.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    “Regret”? I don’t think Hendry can feel that emotion. If so, he would have apologized for the inflated contracts…and/or blown his brains out for signing Milton Bradley.

    Hendry: just another non-accountable a-hole who will continue to stink up the joint as long as he receives a paycheck. Remember, he is the guy who refused to flush Dusty….and Game Boy (Bradley).

    I agree with Kirk on Ricketts…I’m disappointed…and, he does indeed have a bit of a sissy look. If things start badly in 2010, I hope he’ll show Hendry (and Louser, it’s his final year anyway…he’s ready to quit I think) the door by the All-Star break.

  8. Dr. Billy Beane Says:

    “Mrs. Yeti, has your son Irish been experiencing any headaches, blurred vision or irrational thoughts since you last dropped him on his head?”

  9. Irish Yeti Says:

    I wonder if Hendry regrets not giving the managerial job to Girardi now??

    And there’s the obligatory Girardi comment. Of course he’s the main reason the Yankees won the series this year.

  10. robert Says:

    Lou what do you wnat me to do whaaat whaaat whaaat…a rod cc jeter said joe girardi was the undisputed leader of that team his word was law…the cubs the inmates ran the asylum…the yankees there is a pecking order it goes george cashman girardi….

  11. Irish Yeti Says:

    George? Oh. You mean the guy that doesn’t run the team anymore?

  12. chucky Says:

    Yeah, George. The guy who doesn’t run the team anymore, but is the guy who the Yankees World Series win was dedicated to. The guy they called “The Boss”, who will probably get a ring along with the team.

    Why don’t you go back and read Roberts entire post instead of picking one word or name from it. To clarify, he was talking how that organization was run, from top to bottom. Joe Girardi has complete control of his team in the dugout. Did Lou? Cashman threw big money in lot of different directions, but this year, I think it paid off. Hendry threw big money in a lot of different directions and finished this year something like 14 games under last years mark. George Steinbrenner turned the reins over of the entire organization to I think it’s his son (not 100% sure. I’m sorry). I don’t even want to talk about the assholes running the goddamned Tribune.

    Like I said, re-read the whole post before you decide to pick it apart.

  13. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, you are Correct: Piniella did not have control of his team. The team being for sale is no excuse. Either take charge and do your fucking job or leave. The inmates were indeed running the asylum…ugly.

    When a manager has control of the dugout, “Game Boy”‘s are not tolerated. Bradley (and to a lesser degree, Zambrano) both ran their mouths to the point where it seemed obvious that once again, Piniella or Hendry were not going to hold anybody accountable. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised. I’m not a Zambrano hater by a long shot but his contract/extension makes about as much sense as Soriano’s. Congratulations again to both of those guys for “getting over”.

    All kidding aside, Ricketts has his work cut out for him. The culture of losing will not be an easy thing to change. I’m not convinced that the Cubs will even compete for the playoffs in 2010, much less a World Series. Certainly not with the current group of players.

  14. genrebuster Says:

    If George is the Boss
    What does that make old fart Zell
    Take out the garbage

  15. Bruce Says:

    George is not the boss.

  16. Yang Says:

    man with bad haircut
    spent money most unwisely
    job secure for now

  17. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    George isn’t the boss but his “philosophy” still is in tact. His son is running it and has the same mindset. I only hope Ricketts has the same mindset. I am not saying “win at all costs” with the spending spree but more of “win while spending wisely”. It has always been a reputation of Steinbrenner that anything less than a championship is unacceptable.

  18. chucky Says:

    Matt…It’s too bad the Cubs haven’t ever had that mindset. Instead it was all about making money, and cheap and stupid gimmicks like 7th inning strech guest conductors, ugly ass “B” uniforms that Zambrano seems to love, that stupid bullshit song “Go Cubs, Go” that they play at the end of every home win, and whatever else they do that I can’t think of at the moment. I think Steinbrenners head would explode if some marketing douchebag ever suggested they do some of the shit done here. I know what is. It’s called professionalism.

  19. Irish Yeti Says:

    The reason I pointed out George isn’t “the Boss” anymore is because Robert seems to know exactly what goes on in the Yankees organization, yet he doesn’t even know who’s running the show. Dedicated the world series to him? The Cubs could dedicate a WS win to Ernie Banks. Does he run the team? The dedication doesn’t mean shit as far as who controls the team.

    As far as Lou, I think he probably has a hold of the clubhouse. You may have that illusion that he doesn’t but I’d believe he does. When asked about the difference between LaRussa and Piniella, Jim Edmonds had this to say (and I’m paraphrasing to make it shorter) “Tony is intense but friendly. Lou is intense intense.”

    I would think a seasoned ball player who calls a manager intense would classify said manager as someone who has control over his team

  20. genrebuster Says:

    Irish…you “would believe”?…or you “do”? (not that I give a crap).

    First, Edmonds WAS NOT A Cub IN 2009 so what the hell are you talking about?

    Being intense, loud, blustery, etc. doesn’t guarantee the RESPECT of your employees. Holding people accountable for their screwups or lack of performance in a professional manner will generally get better results.

    When Lou was finally given the green light to send Game Boy home, maybe he gained some control of the clubhouse at that time…and a little respect, too. Unfortunately, in 2009 it was too little too late.

    I’m glad you don’t run the Cubs. As for robert, I think he probably has forgotten more about baseball than you will ever learn, unless you step away from the internet crack pipe. That said, we want you to be happy…so feel free to replace the batteries in your vibrating calculator, surf the internet for more and more stats and re-read moneyball and related texts. Have fun…Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  21. genrebuster Says:

    to be clear, this better conveys my position (sorry guys, I’m tired): “When Lou was finally given the green light to send Game Boy home, maybe he re-gained more control of the clubhouse at that time”

  22. chucky Says:

    Tommie Harris is a fucking retarded moron.

  23. Irish Yeti Says:

    When he sent Game Boy home, he possibly gained control of the clubhouse? Well, if we are to assume that by gaining control of a clubhouse, then the team will presumably win more games, then we can expect that. After Milton’s trip home after the White Sox game: Cubs 6 games over .500.

    If you were referring to him getting sent home at the end of the season: Cubs went 8-8…

    Just sayin

  24. Sandberg23 Says:

    Yeah I am going to bring up Girardi cause that’s who I wanted to get the job as Cubs manager. So for my own personal reasons I am going to bitch about this. He took a Marlins team that had around a 20 mill. dollar payroll with a bunch of rookies and almost got them to the playoffs. Say what you want about the Yankees and they’re big payroll but Torre never got them they’re since 2000 with that huge payroll. Since it’s so easy to win with a big payroll. What about the Cubs?? Lou sure didn’t get this team to live up to expectations this past year did he??

  25. genrebuster Says:

    Correct, people bitch about teams that spend money and win…but “wild or big spending” doesn’t guarantee a Championship.

    The Cubs spent more than enough money to win…and they might have, with the right people in the front office and leading/coaching the players.

    It trickles down from the top. Say what you want about the Yankees…but that is a serious and professional organization.

  26. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I must correct my argument as well so our friend Irish Yeti can understand this. There is a difference between spending and spending wisely.


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