The Rickett’s Era…Year One


The Cubs are under new ownership, but after the first four games it seems like more of the same. Hendry didn’t do a fucking thing during the off-season other than clean up the mess that he created the year before. Lou has already used his famous “Whatta ya want me to do” phrase a couple of times. Rothschild has the bullpen in a complete meltdown. Theriot is no leadoff man, or shortstop either. I could go on and on…..Year One is gonna be a very bad year. Ricketts decided to trust the usual suspects that got the Cubs into this shit to pull themselves out. It’s not going to happen.

Ricketts top priority for 2010 is to make the sheeple more comfortable. The product on the field will be left on the backburner for a few more years. Ricketts really has no choice. He has to wait until all of Hendrys no-trade contracts run out before he can work on improving the roster. How in the fuck Hendry keeps his job is beyond me.

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  1. genrebuster Says:

    This is an excellent take on the reality of the Chicago Cubs.

    Ricketts is a successful business man (so is Zell)…but I am very disappointed with the path he chose for the Cubs 2010. Hopefully he will make sweeping changes in the front office and on the field after this season. I don’t expect any major changes this year, unless the Cubs absolutely tank by the All-Star break…which wouldn’t surprise me.

  2. MadCityMac Says:

    It’s why we drink! Well, one reason…

  3. chucky Says:

    So Lou is already asking “Whatta you want me to do?”, huh.

    Stop using that useless piece of shit Esmailin Caridad for openers, you fucking drunken bastard.

  4. genrebuster Says:

    What is it with the walks? Don’t they have any pitchers who can throw strikes & make the batter put the ball in play; especially late in a close game?

    What the fuck is Larry Rothschild doing to earn his keep?

    from the site: “Rudy Jaramillo is looking forward to his first season as batting coach for the Chicago Cubs. Known and respected by numerous MLB players and coaches, he is considered by many as the finest in his craft. His recent transition to The Cubs will no doubt be a major change after 15 seasons with the Texas Rangers.”

    Is Rudy as “known and respected” as Larry Rothschild? Or Jim Hendry? Or Dusty Baker?

    Just asking.

    At least ‘Lil Z didn’t show up yesterday.

  5. robert Says:

    well that russel kid can but he is not allowed to play,….ps lou i would like to congratulate you for getting out managed buy douchebag

  6. Sandberg23 Says:

    Sounds like the Cubs biggest off-season acquisition, Rudy Jaramillo isn’t exactly working miracles at the moment is he? Souinds like another team in Chicago that hired Marinelli as there d-line coach and he would just fix everything. Well it didn’t work and the prospects of this working with the Cubs is very doubtful as well. Hmm I wonder why this doesn’t work?? Maybe cause you actually have to have talent on the field to work with first!!! I really hope Lou is serious about playing the guys who are playing best. Because if he really sticks to this…. Soriano’s ass will be getting benched soon or at least getting benched late in games for a defensive replacement so he will stop fucking up games with his dropped fly balls!! God damn Sally is afraid of the wall! He admitted it today in an interview after the game.

  7. ksmc2000 Says:

    Five years left on the contract and there is nowhere on the field they can hide Soriano without having him fuck up the game. So what do they do with him, bench him or release him? I blame McDonough as much or more than Hendry for the Soriano signing. After Andy the Clown was let go, McDonough had a pocket full of cash and wanted the biggest fish in the free-agent pond regardless of whether or not they had a defensive position that he could play effectively.

  8. jimmy d Says:


    In your spare time….I know that you occassionally like to dig up archived posts from the old site (or at least you have done so in the past). Would you (again, in your spare time) be so kind as to pull up some of the posts surrounding the timeframe of the signing of Soriano? I know what I posted (would love to read it again) and I’m just curious what was “out in the universe” back then. My memory says that most posters were in favor of the signing and loved that the Cubs were acquiring him.

    That’s all for now….except for this….our bullpen sucks (and has for as long as I can remember).

    Jimmy D.

  9. Snadberg23 Says:

    Interesting Jimmy D… I don’t recall being in in favor of it from the beginning. I have stated previously on here and the old site that I thought the Cubs should have signed Carlos Lee that yr instead of Soriano. Granted it don’t mean crap cause maybe Carlos Lee would have sucked on the Cubs too.

  10. genrebuster Says:

    Jimmy D. Unfortunately, I only have a few posts from the archives…nothing tha focuses on Soriano. Had I known that bobbyd was going to “disappear”, I would have offered to pay for/administer the site old site on a temporary basis, until somebody more qualified stepped up. It’s a shame that we can’t get to those archives now…so much outstanding material…some of it very humorous.

    My guess is that bobbyd became very ill and had to let the site go…or worse. Or maybe he just “had enough”…

    Even Carrie Muskat “blamed Hendry”…several years ago (I’ll re-post my communication with her later). How does that asshole Hendry keep his job? Gobble gobble.

  11. Guest Says:



  12. robert Says:

    I would like to congratulate Louzer Pinella for throwing Jeff Russell in in a critical point of the ball game and watching him succeed

    Jimmy D I said after the signing something to this effect holy fucking shit we signed Soriano…after all the criticism of hendry I have done I would like to mosey up to the table and have a dish of crow with a side of humble pie..

  13. robert Says:

    this is from November of 2008 read this and try not to piss yourself laughing

  14. jimmy d Says:

    Hey guys,

    I hope you didn’t think I was trying to stir things up, I was just looking for a little comedic relief; seeing as how the season isn’t starting so well….although they beat the Screwers this afternoon. Sandberg23 (or Snadberg23, whichever it’s supposed to be), at the time of the signing, I agreed with your thoughts 100%. Not because Carlos Lee would have “blossomed” as a Cub, but more because that fucker had always been a Cub Killer. He seemed to always have 3 homer days at the plate when he visited Wrigley. So, with some far stretched extrapolation, one could hope/wish that he’d have a 100+ homer year if he played 81 games a year there. I’m just kidding, in case someone wants to call me out on that 100+ homer thing.

    Anyway, it would have been fun to read some of the old posts. But, alas, they are gone. Genre, thanks for checking.

    Jimmy D.

  15. Sandberg23 Says:

    Snadberg23. LOL! Nice catch Jimmy D. I can’t even blame that on being under the influence either. Yeah the reasons you expressed with Lee were my exact thoughts as well. I figured as long as he loved turning into gadamn Babe Ruth everytime he came to Wrigley they might as well wave the white flag and sign that fucker up so they wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore. But of course he goes to another division rival after that and he’s went on to continue his onslaught of the Cubs. I remember when he was a FA he wanted to play for the Cubs too.

  16. genrebuster Says:

    What a piece of shit!!!!!! Some things never change… HA HA HA HA HA HA

  17. genrebuster Says:

    Guest: excellent post.

    Jimmy D: Stir the pot all you want…barring a miracle, there will be a point this season where that is all we have to look forward to.

  18. jimmy d Says:


    Thanks for sharing the link to that article. Okay, so not only does that useless fucker (Milton Bradley) think he’s a baseball player, but now he actually thinks he’s Tony Montana; “You need people like me, so you can point your finger and go, ‘There goes the bad guy.” I just figured out why he’s such a nutcase and why he’s 1 for 22 this season….the motherfucker stays up late every night and watches Scarface; and now he’s quoting lines from the movie to tell his story. What a piece of shit.

    Jimmy D.

  19. chucky Says:

    Bradley is the biggest piece of shit cancer in sports today. Bar none. My question is this: After Seattle gets tired of his bullshit and dump his sorry psychotic ass, who would sign this assbag. I’d guess Moe Hendry, but somebody might actually shoot him in the goddamn head before he could do it. After that, bye bye Miltie, and good luck getting another job. You’ll need it, numbnuts.

  20. Milton Bradley Says:

    I am da man! I am da man! I am da man! I am da man! I am da man!

    T.O. is a fuckin’ pussy. Albert Belle can kiss my black ass! Ron Artest is nothing! NOBODY is as badass as me!!! They pale by comparison…like Orel Hershiser with no sunscreen….HAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Oral, swallow this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You fuckin’ losers…you’ll never win a World Series…because Jim Hendry is a goddamned fool. After all he, signed ME and paid ME big bucks…so now I can do whatever the fuck I want, you fuckin’ losers…I’m set for life…deal with it!!

  21. genrebuster Says:

    (sound of toilet flushing)…..Good morning!

    I wonder what John Paxson thinks of Jim Hendry?

  22. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I wonder which fat ass would win in a fight: Louser or Hendry.

    Round 1…


  23. robert Says:

    Lets see russell comes in gets a big out what does lou do brings in some bum so the brewers can build there lead back up….fuck you pinella….let russell pitch what are you afraid of he is going to be better than gayblow or any one else out in that bull pen…has he not done the towell drill yet

  24. chucky Says:

    Hey, check this one out. From

    The Chicago Cubs today placed right-handed pitcher Esmailin Caridad on the 15-day disabled list (retroactive to April 12) with a right forearm strain.

    Now my question is this: Why don’t they place him on the 15 YEAR disabled list for sucking at pitching? That would make more sense to me.

  25. robert Says:

    matt are we talking an actual fight or are we talking a sumo match

  26. jimmy d Says:

    Wow!!! We’ve lost some serious steam on this blog. An awful performance by Soriano (so poor that he gets removed from the game mid-inning) and then a very typical collapse by LaToya to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory; and not a single post on either topic.

    Well, for me, I’m:
    1) so done with coddling that overpriced left fielder of ours (we’re just stuck with that contract because nobody will ever give us anything useful in return for him…ketchup, please!!!)
    2) so thankful that LaTroy (and Kevin Gregg) don’t play for the Cubs anymore.

    Jimmy D.

  27. genrebuster Says:

    I guess there’s a point where people just don’t give a shit….sad but true.

    Soriano is one of the poster boys for how inept the Cubs organization has been B.R. (before Rickett’s)…and how badly they’ve mis-spent…Zambrano will likely prove to be another; who among us really believes he will ever be “an ace”?…there have been so many other BAD choices, ie. the excrement named Bradley. LaToya is garbage, too.

    I keep reading that Soriano is “a good teammate, has a good work ethic, etc”…it would be easier to hate on him if he were more like Milton. That said, glad he’s not (for his sake) and in the end it’s not his fault Hendry/McDonough whoever overpaid him…Soriano 1, Cubs management 0. Do I want Soriano gone? YES!!! Out with the old, bring in the new…(do you hear that Lou?).

    If Gregg had been re-signed, I would have disappeared from this board and all things Cubs related.

    (broken record) …how does Hendry keep his job?

    …can’t wait to smell the new trough at Wrigley Stadium! baaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  28. jimmy d Says:

    Don’t look now, but the Astros are coming to town. Just in time for them to start putting some W’s on the board and start a winning streak. I’m sure that we’ll be more than willing to help them out.

  29. genrebuster Says:

    Welcome back Lil Z! You are still NOT an ace!

  30. robert Says:

    ps jimmy I did not think you were stirring anything up….when you made the post about the soriano signing and what we thought….genre this orginazation has had there head up there ass since november of 87 when they canned dallas green

  31. Sandberg23 Says:

    Just another piece of evidence that’s needs thrown on Ricketts desk as to why the Cubs GM should be fired!

  32. genrebuster Says:

    Thanks for the link Sandberg…that article says it all.

    “The Cubs tried to buy a title, and instead of building a team, they have put together a collection of ill-fitted parts. Soriano is the symbol of that.

    Piniella is 66, and his last chance is tied to a guy with no place to play in the field and nowhere to put him in the lineup.

    For $136 million, Cubs fans have the highest ticket prices and another chapter of failure.

    Piniella can’t turn the Cubs. Instead, they turned him.”

    I’d love to see Piniella QUIT before the end of the season and Hendry fired by the All Star break. Soriano shouldn’t be a starter, fuck the big contract. Let him pinch hit off the bench. His inflated contract is what it is.


    Ricketts will wise-up when the booing gets LOUDER. Or not.

    tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…


  33. Sandberg23 Says:

    If this team goes no where this year I definitely think Lou will quit or retire. Whichever you wanna call it. I really really really hope the Ricketts are just getting sorted out here in year one and thats why Hendry is not gone yet. If this team shits out again this year, he should be the first one shown the door. I like how the Ricketts are looking at the Red Sox in how to build you’re franchise, but they gotta have the right people in place to make it happen and having Hendry there is going to be a big mistake. Is it beyond the thought process to think maybe Soriano will get DFA’d? Or if he actually starts to hit, that maybe moving him to 2nd base is an option? Or like Genre Said have him as a pinch hitter. I would think all of the above has to be in the thought process within the organization. They are getting desperate on what to do with him and trading him will be almost impossible. Also, I’m getting tired of hearing the players on the team saying to stop booing him and he’s a great guy and all this. He got paid $140 million to be the man, not to be a nice guy. Fans are saving money paying premium price just to go to a damn game and they are watching this guy fumble the ball all over the field like a little league player. Oh not to mention there has been a little bit of a championship draught that has the city and fan based starving for a championship sometime in the next 100 yrs and counting….

  34. Dave Says:

    Hey, I’m back. Well let me offer my thoughts without complaining about the lackluster management. That’s a given already. I’m here to talk about the product on the field. Now at the .500 mark with a 5-5 record. Its a slow start but I’m seeing a lot more life in this team now that Game Boy is gone. And I also see some pleasant surprises.

    Pleasant surprises:

    1. Carlos Marmol not allowing the game to get out of hand. Consistent pitching with many strikeouts. A shinning star in a suspect bullpen.

    2. Carlos Silva pitching absolutely great in his first two starts. ERA less than 1 and now 1-0.

    3. Derek Lee is hot out of the gate, a continuation of last season.

    4. Tyler Colvin: needs no introduction, ’nuff said.

    Not so great:

    1. Suspect bullpen. Samardzija and Grabow seem to be the worst of it.

    2. Sporadic offense. Other than the season opening ass-kicking by the Braves, the games have generally been low scoring and winnable with a more consistent offense.

    Soriano in my opinion, though suck as he might sometimes, always shows hustle, and doesn’t complain about being booed. He may not be worth his salary but hes no Game Boy. I do have some respect for that.

  35. erniesarmy Says:



    Uh, this season was over 102 years ago.

    Cubs under new ownership! Things will really change now! World Series here we come!

    Hendry is still the GM; Rothschild is still the pitching coach; Pinhead is still the manager??????????

    World Series? The Cubs will be lucky to get a seat watching it on TV.

  36. erniesarmy Says:

    Minnesota and Seattle fans are celebrating over at the other blogs about getting rid of Silva. They say he always starts off looking great, then flushes down the toilet as the season wears on.

    So, let’s not get all worked up over Silva: like most pick ups by Hendry this guy will be the usual stiff by the All-Star break.

  37. Sandberg23 Says:


    You got some good points but I disagree with you on Soriano hustling. This is the guy that jogs after balls hit in the corner that he has to chase, never dives for a ball and likes to admire where he hits the ball and half asses it around the bases.

  38. genrebuster Says:

    One thing the players have to learn is to keep their mouths shut about the fans booing.

    After 102 years of LOSING — and ticket prices that may be the highest in the Major leagues(?) — the fans have the right to “boo” anybody they want. Maybe Soriano is a “great guy” and “works hard”…but he is being paid more money per year than many of us will make in a lifetime….and his STUPID/BLOATED contract is a detriment to the Cubs. That goes for the “non-ace”, too (Lil Z, the contract).

    Hendry should have been flushed down the toilet with Game Boy but Ricketts didn’t have the balls to make a move. Perhaps Rickett is just sorting things out (as Sandberg surmised) and will make big changes next year.

    In the meantime, I hope the players will focus on the game at hand and doing their best to win a World Series, it’s only been 102 years since the last Championship. TRULY PATHETIC.

    Players: if the booing offends you, then do something to make us cheer. And grow up. Without the fans, you don’t have a job.

  39. erniesarmy Says:

    You got some good points but I disagree with you on Soriano hustling. This is the guy that jogs after balls hit in the corner that he has to chase, never dives for a ball and likes to admire where he hits the ball and half asses it around the bases. – Sandberg23

    Players: if the booing offends you, then do something to make us cheer. And grow up. Without the fans, you don’t have a job. – Genre


    Those two statements by themselves are all anyone needs to know about why the Cubs are a pathetic miserable organization – the players!

    I have rarely seen a more whiny, coddled, excuse laden bunch of babies (that includes you Piniella) as there exist on that ballclub. If they were on a real-live winning organization, they would either have to get their attitude straightened out, or be shown the door.

    Only on the “lovable losers” do they put up with it. Genre, pathetic is too nice a word.

    Is this really what Ricketts wants? Is this what he paid an obscene amount of money for? If it is, he is stupidier (is that a word?) than he looks.

  40. erniesarmy Says:

    E – Alfonso Soriano (3, Dropped fly)


    How much does he get again?


  41. genrebuster Says:

    What a piece of shit.;_ylt=AtcaJUL0cpWSxOsIxbm3P1iFCLcF?urn=mlb,233355

  42. genrebuster Says:

    Oh, I almost forgot….one blown save down, how many to go?

  43. chucky Says:


    I can’t tell who is the bigger asshole: Milton Bradley for being Milton Bradley, or Moe Hendry for signing Milton Bradley.

    And a shout out to Jimmy D.

    You called, man. Just got done dropping two out three to the Houston Assholes.

    Wow, just…wow.

  44. genrebuster Says:

    All kidding aside Hendry should have been FIRED for the Bradley signing. (Not to mention for keeping Baker around as long as he did).

    I am hoping that Ricketts is serious about winning and will give Hendry his walking papers by the All-Star break, unless the Cubs show SERIOUS signs of being a playoff team. Regardless, if they don’t win a World Series this year — HA HA HA HA HA — I firmly believe that Hendry needs to go.

    Hell, it should have happened a long time ago. Same goes for Rothschild.

    I for one am sick and tired of the INEPT Chicago Cubs organization.

  45. erniesarmy Says:

    Genre – Hendry should have been fired after the 2006 season.

    Keeping that moron Baker on for another season was insane.

    Why is Hendry still there? Is Ricketts in a coma?

  46. genrebuster Says:

    Agreed on all counts, Ernie.

    As for the coma, let’s hope not. But the Cubs are arguably the most PATHETIC franchise in professional sports history, like it or not. So, anything is possible. And that’s coming from a long-time fan (me). Imagine what the haters are saying. ESPN routinely refers to “the Cubbies”….nice.

    Since I have been following the team for more years than some of the players have been on the planet (much less wearing a Cubs uniform)…and since I don’t make millions of dollars a year….I have decided that I have the right to complain about spoiled overpaid millionaires. Soriano is bad enough, even with his so-called “good attitude and work ethic”…..but when you have to deal with scum sucking assholes like Milton Bradley being on your team, that is much worse. I hope Seattle enjoys him.

    The players don’t–shut up and do your job. And the same goes for Ricketts: make the necessary changes to field a winner or your legacy as an owner will be as putrid as the previous owners.

    Hendry made a huge locking up Soriano for so many years and at such a price…where do you play him? Hell, even the analysts can’t figure it out. Now that he doesn’t hit, it hurts even more…because he’s a liability in the outfield as anybody who knows anything about baseball can see (regardless of his arm).

    Dusty Baker. Milton Bradley. Soriano’s contract. Zambrano’s contract. Lawrence Rothschild. All good examples of Jim Hendry’s mismanagement.

    And now for the ballscores: Hendry 1, Cubs ZERO.

  47. genrebuster Says:

    Sorry Mitch. Insert “mistake” between huge & locking (Hendry made a huge locking up Soriano for so many years)…

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  48. genrebuster Says:

    My laptop is acting screwy, dropping words, phrases, etc. …

    “Players, don’t complain about the fans–shut up and do your job”.

  49. erniesarmy Says:

    Ha Ha Ha =

    Genre, you always make sense, screwy laptop or not, you are right on.

    Besides, you are an old dude, like me 🙂

    Chicago Cubs 1964!

  50. jimmy d Says:

    WOOHOO!!!! This team is fucking “cookin'” now. Watch out, here they come!!!! It’s becoming more and more apparent that it’s just not going to happen in my lifetime. I’m not all about “doom and gloom”, but this is going to be a long year. Let’s see: the Astros and Mets are a combined 5-16 BTC (Before The Cubs) for a .238 winning percentage and they are a combined 3-1 ATC (Against The Cubs) for a .750 winning percentage. Too small of a sample size? Not enough data? Too early? I think not. Fuck ’em.

    Jimmy D.

  51. Dave Says:

    I no longer respect Soriano. I’m sorry folks, I take it all back what praise i had for Game Boy II. Yeah, thats what I’m going to call him now. If you hit a ball, you fucking run as fast as you can around the bases, you don’t gaze into the sky and watch it fly!! He better NOT be in the fucking lineup tomorrow or Lou needs to be fired or reprimanded or something. Offense can’t produce, and the bullpen has about as good of a defensive ability as the Iraqi Army the last two times they fought the United States. Theriot is sucking lately; not lead off material. Starlin Castro is batting over .350 in AA. I think he needs to be called up in the next 30 days to put Theriot on notice. This should be a year where the minor leaguers get the opportunity in the big time. This team in its current state is going nowhere but down. I’m now with you guys all the way. Where is the Yeti to take our frustrations out on?

    As the Genrebuster says,
    103 years, pathetic, tick tock tick tock. BARF.


  52. Christopher K. Says:

    The Cubs pitching staff is just disgraceful. OK, so Samardzija was a hero at Notre Dame. But who cares about that now? Of course, take the easy money from the idiot Jim Hendry, who thinks money grows on trees and has no money sense whatsoever. Better than getting your knees banged up playing sixteen games of football, right?

    Zambrano looks to be out of shape, and I’m concerned he’s going to hurt his arm.

    None of this is Lou Piniella’s fault. Look at the cards he’s been dealt so far.

  53. genrebuster Says:

    Dear Mr. Ricketts–

    Did you pay attention last year?

    And, have you been watching the games this season? Yes, it’s early….but this is business as usual, all too familiar. And even though it’s early, it’s not too early to know that this Cubs team doesn’t have what it takes to win…for the 103 year in a row.

    Goddammit! Make some changes now!!!

    Give the talented youngsters some playing time. Bench Soriano, he can pinch hit/play off the bench. Send Zambrano and Ramirez a telegram, notifying them that Spring Training is over and the regular season is in-progress…these games COUNT!!!!

    Most importantly, FIRE JIM HENDRY and LARRY ROTHSCHILD. They fail miserably in their work…over and over…and over….and over…and over again. The are stinking bums…do you get it?

    Hendry’s mis-judgement in talent…and his idiotic use of the checkbook have really hurt the Cubs…if you care anything about WINNING, get rid of him…SOON.

    tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…


  54. chucky Says:

    Hey come on you guys. Samardzija, Russell and all those other guys are……serviceable, right? I’m mean they’re really not all that bad are they? They’re……serviceable.

    Remember that bullshit? Some things just never change. Just think, at the end of this year, we can say 103 years.

  55. genrebuster Says:

    “Serviceable”. So are we.

  56. Captain Kirk Says:


    SorryONo Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Trade Samardzija to the Bears Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Fire Jim Hendry

    If Ricketts don’t fire Hendry I am pulling my $74.37 out of TD Ameritrade take that fucker!!!

    Bring back Bruce Sutter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone tell Aramis the season started.. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    How is McFail doing with the Orioles?? Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  57. genrebuster Says:

    Welcome back Kirk!

    Aramis is business as usual…trade him for somebody younger, hungrier and NOT in need of nut rubs.

  58. erniesarmy Says:

    Hey, lookie here, the Cubs lost another game … I am shocked!

    Mets 4 Cubs Zilch

    Cubs 3 hits to Mets 9

    Yeah, this Cub team is really on the moooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee.

    Thank you, Mr. Ricketts. We Cub fans knew you’d come through.

  59. bringbackSanto Says:

    I agree with just about everyone who’s posting on here. Jim Hendry needs to go. Personally, I’m chalking up the Rickettses lack of action thus far as more or less a “feeling out” period, especially since they’ve never owned a pro sports franchise. That being said, if I were in their shoes, this is what I’d be trying to do by mid-June, at the latest…..

    1. Fire Jim Hendry. ‘Nuff said.

    2. End Pinella’s tenure as Cubs manager and appoint an interim successor. As much as I’d like to see Ryno as the new manager, let him finish the season at triple-A Iowa to allow them some continuity.

    3. Put together one hell of a blockbuster trade. Package Soriano, Fontenot, Ramirez, Samardzjia, Zambrano, and $50 million dollars or so. Maybe even toss Lee in there as well. Cut off some of the old wood, get some young talent in. Move Colvin in as the every-day left fielder, bring up Millar as the back-up middle infielder until Castro’s glove improves (yeah, he’s hitting awesome but with a glove roughly the equivalent of Soriano, he needs time to improve. He ain’t A-Rod yet!). Let Tracy or Nady play first, and put whoever you get in the trade at third. Make sure that, in the trade, you don’t get more aging former superstars, you get actual young talent. Good young talent.

    4. Fire Rothschild and offer the job to Maddux. Early in spring training, Yahoo Sports did a piece on the “Maddux Effect”. The teams Maddux was a part of during his playing years always had amazing pitching. It’s no coincidence that Peavy, Zito, Zambrano, and Lowe all had Cy Young-caliber years when Maddux was their teammate. The reason? Maddux was calling their pitches, effectively telling them what pitches to throw and when! He has an amazing ability to pick apart hitters, and knows how other pitchers can use their pitching ability to win games. Why are they not letting him do this now?

    5. After the season’s over, evaluate the starters and see what you need to get better. Keep Wells and Gorzelanny, those guys are lights out, as well as young. Silva’s iffy. I might keep Dempster, but age is becoming a concern, as well as with Lilly. If they pitch well through the season, it may be worth hanging on to them. If not, then let them go while you can get a lot for them.

    6. Fire Sale in the Bullpen! Half Off! Everything Must Go!

    7. Rebuild through the farm system, through savvy trades, and through good player evaluation by competent scouts. In other words, do what the Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, and Angels seem so adept at, and the Cubs seem so inept at.

    That’s my thoughts. Then again, I’m just a fan, another one of the sheeple……

    The Chicago Cubs: It’s a way of life….. Baaaaaa…..

  60. genrebuster Says:

    Excellent, bringbackSanto…I like the way you think.

    I hope you are correct about the lack of action to date…otherwise Ricketts is just another super wealthy idiot that happens to own an unprofessional sports franchise.

  61. Sandberg23 Says:

    bringback Santo: Agreed on many of you’re points there. You would think if the Cubs brass had any brains at all, Ryno would be up as the bench coach this year to get his feet wet or a made up position for him so he could be with the major league roster this year, instead of throwing him in the fire possibly next year. You can bet on it too, that Ryno will not put up with Soriano’s shit either. He preaches fundamentals and Sorryano don’t know what the hell fundamentals are.

    This guy took 3-4 days working on not hopping when he catches the ball. Are you fucking serious??? And what does he do, the next game he starts after working on it? He fucking hops when he catches the ball! And of course got caught admiring one of his hits again. Don’t know if anybody got a chance to catch it or not but Bob Brenly tore into Soriano on the score yesterday for being a selfish player. Gotta give BB alot of credit for telling it like it is. Of course he will prob. get shit from Cubs brass for saying what he said. Could be another Steve Stone situation in the making….stay tuned..

  62. Yeti Says:

    bringback Santo,
    You know that people are ranking the Cubs’ farm system these days as high as 5th overall? And most are in the top 10? That is not an issue.

    Millar as backup middle infielder? You mean you want to take a guy who can barely play 1B/3B these days and put him in a position he has never played in all of his professional career? Wow

  63. bringbackSanto Says:

    Millar played the part well in the preseason, why not give him a shot? What other options do they have at the moment? Fontenot hasn’t showed himself to be the everyday second baseman, Theriot isn’t (with tonight as an exception, and it wasn’t until the late innings that he got hits) doing it in a lead off role, why not shake things up by bringing in veteran players?

    On the issue of the bullpen, what do you guys think of Zambrano moving to the set-up role? Personally, I’m in wait-and-see mode. It’ll go two ways, either he’ll respond and be the late-inning relief guyt he cubs are lacking right now, or he’ll implode and end up with a mid-season contract buyout and a minor-league deal elsewhere. Also, has anyone else heard the rumblings about Braden Looper, former Reds ace, possibly coming to Chicago in a relief role? All we need now is Samardzjia and Caridad to get their tickets back to Peoria and we may just have a chance…..


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