Time to get down to business.


1. The Chicago Blackhawks open up the playoffs Friday night against the Nashville Predators. This series could be tough for the Blackhawks. The Predators have played well since the Blackhawks last saw them in December. As most of us hockey fans on this site have said many times: The Blackhawks will go as far as Antti Niemi will take them.

2. The Chicago Bulls open up their playoff series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. I hate the Cavs and I hate LeBron. Always have. Always will. I honestly think he will never win a title due to him basically being a punk. All the “experts” said that LeBron would carry the Cavs to the NBA finals last year. We all know how that turned out. Would I sound nuts if I said the Bulls would shock the NBA world and win this series in six?

One Response to “Time to get down to business.”

  1. Sandberg23 Says:

    I was hoping the Bulls would play the Cavs in the playoffs. Not because I think the Bulls will win, but because Lebron will get a chance to see up close, game in and game out, a star in the making in Derrick Rose and the UC during a playoffs series. I’m not crazy about Lebron either but if somehow he ended up on the Bulls, you got a championship contender every year. I think I could learn to adjust to that! : )


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