Part II: TNA Wrestling continues to fail miserably.


In the second part of this latest article, I am going to focus on the current state on TNA. I will say that I have not watched TNA in quite a while and that’s because it has become unbearable to watch. I am writing this article based on reading about what is going on lately and I think that in itself is a good enough reason not to invest time into their weekly show.

I have tried to watch TNA on a consistent basis in the beginning of 2010. I have tried to like TNA since and I cannot believe how awful one product can be. All of the blame can be placed on one person: Dixie Carter. I think even before Hogan and Bischoff arrived that TNA was at a standstill as far as talent and their development was concerned. However, when Carter decided to hire these two guys and give them the keys to the car, saying that disaster was going to happen would be an understatement. Let me say that I thought there would be a chance that Bischoff had one last run in him as the guy in charge and that if anyone was going to turn it around, he would be the guy. Instead, it was the same old shit. TNA would have been better off finding someone in the stands and appointing him or her to be in charge. It couldn’t have been any worse.

They took the most athletic and charismatic guy in A.J. Styles and ruined his career by hiring Ric Flair and having Styles play Flair’s character. Along with that was hiring the third floor of the senior citizen home and making them main event stars in the recently mentioned Flair, Kevin Nash, S cott Hall and continuing to let Sting hog the main event. All of those guys are at least 50 years old. Why TNA would want any of those guys even in a wrestling capacity is anybody’s guess. In addition, the Nasty Boys were rehired for a short period of time by none other than Hogan.

It gets worse ladies and gentleman. TNA has recently been having television and radio commercials promoting the name change of their show from “TNA Impact” to “Impact Wrestling”. Along with that, their commercials involve Hogan and a few others attacking Vince McMahon by saying they are a wrestling company and not entertainment. So now that they are not only failing miserably to WWE, they still continue to attack them knowing no one gives a shit about them other than the 2,000 fans who attend their shows by chanting “This is wrestling!” and “Holy shit! Holy shit!”.

The one thing I can give credit to Vince McMahon for is that he has never attacked another company publicly. He tells his workers to not worry about anything and to do their jobs. TNA on the other hand, continuously throw jabs at WWE by criticizing them. If TNA was winning this battle, I could somewhat understand it. TNA couldn’t carry WWE’s jock.

7 Responses to “Part II: TNA Wrestling continues to fail miserably.”

  1. robert Says:

    i do not watch wwe never have never will….asked a friend if they did anyhing for savage….he said a 30 second spo…no ten bell salute or nothing like that….vince is still holding a grudge over him jumping to wcw….

  2. chucky Says:

    Robert…I read somewhere that the 10 bell salute was for people who were employed by the WWE at the time of their death. Even though they may be on good terms, I don’t think Shawn Michaels would get one. Vince may well be carrying a grudge still, but some of the rumours were pretty bad about what happened between them.

    TNA blows. What else can I say. Fuck you very much Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Dixie Carter. All three of you are shitstains on wrestling.

  3. robert Says:

    one of the reasons i hate the wwe is there hall of fame is a joke i mean pete rose drew carey etc in the hall of fame give me a break….and he cannot extend the honor to bob backlund or bruno sanmartino….another reason i hate the wwe is they give hogan too much credit for there major expansion and not enough to roddy piper….hell if you watch hogans matches from the time he won the title until december of 84 he was not that well received…once piper kicked cindy lauper and became hated hogan took off…the fans werent at the first mania to see hogan and mr t win they were there to see piper get his a.. whipped

  4. chucky Says:

    Robert….As Piper once said “If they didn’t hate me so much do you think they’d love you so much?” Translation: I’m the reason you’re popular.

    Bruno will never be in the Hall of Fame. He still has a hard on for Vince because of what Vince transformed wrestling into in the 80’s. I have no idea why Backlund isn’t in yet. He deserves to go in. I’ve been screaming for years for them to induct Bruiser Brody. That guy scared the living shit out of me when I was a kid. How is it that a guy Koko B. Ware gets in but not Backlund or Brody? Superstar Billy Graham has said recently that he wants to removed from the Hall because Abdullah is there now. He thinks Abby cheapens the Hall. And yeah, I agree with you about the stupid celebrity wing. Don’t forget William Perry is in there too. Perry, Rose, Uecker, Carey get in, but not Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, or Ron Simmons? Maybe Graham has a point, but instead of aiming it at Abby, he should say something about those four.

  5. Robert Says:

    Another name that belongs there but wont b there is jim cornette….due the fact he left on bad terms….i remember brody well he scared the living s… out of me too…..another name that belongs there is the late great adrian adonis….tully was a great one. ….if u ever get a chance go to you tube and type in this name gino hernandez if he had lived would have been one the greatest ….another name missing is Brian pillman

  6. chucky Says:

    Good names Robert. I don’t think Gino would get in. He was only 29 when he died, so his career wasn’t that long. Remember that team he formed with Gentleman Chris Adams in World Class? Really awesome heat. Cornette would RULE! Adonis may be a little too controversial, but he may go in someday. Ventura should induct him. Can you imagine that? Tully should be in. There was talk earlier in the year that the Four Horsemen would go in as a group. That one I didn’t agree with because that would mean Flair goes in twice. Pillman wouldn’t be a bad choice.

    How about these guys.

    1) Ray “The Crippler” Stevens
    2) Stan Hansen
    3) the Rock and Roll Express
    4) the Midnight Express (With Cornette)
    5) Arn Anderson and Tully Blachard
    6) Rick Steamboat
    7) Lou Thesz
    8) Wahoo McDaniel
    9) The Crusher and Dick the Bruiser
    10) Brody
    11) Backlund
    12) Larry Zbyszko
    13) Kevin Sullivan
    14) Barry Windham
    15) Pat O’Connor
    16) Gene Kiniski
    17) Jake Roberts
    18) Paul Heyman
    19) Dr. Death Steve Williams
    20) Gary Hart

    Now that’s a list. I’m sure I left off some who should be in, but I think it would be a damn good start. Do you agree with some of these, Robert? Fro?

  7. chucky Says:

    Number eight is Wahoo. I don’t know why I keep getting that goddamn smiley face thing when I click that number.


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