Yes. I enjoyed this game.


To say the least, this past weekend I had was very fun. On Saturday, I went to my first hometown west of Freeport for an annual town festival and had a chance to meet up with a lot of old friends that I hadn’t seen in years. A lot of us were together and talking about the old days as kids and it was the most fun I had in a long time. Since most of us were talking for a while, I ended up not getting back to Dekalb and in bed until 4:00 so I only slept for about four and a half hours before getting up, showering quickly and driving to Soldier Field.

I arrived around 10:45 and had just enough time to meet up with Carl, Dan and Gerry from Fire Mike Martz. If you guys are reading this, it was awesome meeting up and I am sure we will have a lot more time to tailgate when we are all there later this season. This next sentence is not a joke: Sarah Spain was in the same parking lot as all of us. Yes. The same Sarah Spain who called me a hater and said that my article about her being a skank was completely incorrect. I was within ten feet of her when I was hesitating whether or not to talk to her. I decided to be a pussy and bite my tongue mainly because there were three muscular guys around her and I think it would have been dumb that myself, a 5’9 165 pound guy would say something to set her, or any of the three douches that were around her off. I am guessing those guys were there because she was once again, auctioning herself off to the highest bidder. It was a Bears’ game after all.

My brother and I had really good seats as shown above. We were in the fifth row of section 226 on the south end zone. It was the first opener we have ever been to so we were really pumped for this. The pregame stuff was pretty cool with the American Flag filling the entire field and Jim Cornelison singing the National Anthem with everyone cheering like it was a Blackhawks’ game. We were both surprised that jets didn’t do a fly over during the anthem. Anyway, the Bears played a great game. There were a couple stupid things that were done (Aren’t there always with the Bears?) but overall, a very enjoyable game. As always, here are my thoughts in detail:

Offense: The offense looked much better than I thought it would be. I think the offensive line protected Cutler for the most part although he was still sacked four times. It’s a work in progress. I still prefer Roberto Garza to play at guard with Chris Spencer at center full time. Time for stats (Cue Irish Yeti): The Bears only had 92 yards of rushing. That needs to increase. The balance of rushing/passing was present and that is a very good sign. Matt Forte is awesome. I thought he should have signed the offer he had last week but he wants more cash. After today, I say do whatever it takes. If he keeps having great games like this, his value will go up. He led the team in both rushing and receiving yards. I think the backup Khalil Bell had a decent game as well and I am confident, he can carry the load when Forte is getting a break.

Through the air, Cutler played alright. I know I said I enjoyed this game and that is true but Cutler did a few stupid things. First, he over threw a receiver at least three times. He threw the ball in tight coverage at least twice and luckily wasn’t intercepted. That was until the fourth quarter when Jay Cutler Rex Grossman threw the ball right to Jason Taylor Kroy Biermann for a pick six. No bueno. On the good side, he threw the ball to eight different receivers. Roy Williams had a few nice catches but unfortunately, had a groin injury and could miss some games. That hurts because he is the only receiver who can actually jump up and get a ball if it’s thrown to him. The last thing I have to complain about is third down conversions. Just like last year (And the year before that, and the year before that…), the Bears sucked ass on third down efficiency. They should have scored more than 23 offensive points. At least Robbie Gould had a chance to give his leg a workout. But seriously, this shit needs to stop.

Defense: Anybody ready for me to complain about the defense? Well, I won’t do it too much. The only thing I have to say that’s bad is that the defense still sucks when the other team is in a hurry-up offense and therefore, gave up over 400 total yards. I still think the defense was dominant. They did not give up a touchdown and Matt Ryan’s face was put into the ground countless times. The line was outstanding getting five sacks by Peppers, Melton and Okoye. Speaking of Peppers, his stats (Cue Irish Yeti) don’t always tell the whole story. He put pressure on Ryan many times and caused him to run for his life including a forced fumble in which that Brian Urlacher guy ran it in for a touchdown. Urlacher is healthy once again and has seemed to have found the fountain of youth. We all know he is a bit slower but he is still pretty damn good. He had a diving interception early in the game and had six tackles. Finally, I am going to give major props to Charles Tillman (Worthless). It’s only the first game but he actually covered the receivers he was playing defense on and forced a turnover in the process. I wish he could play like that every game.

That will be it for now. The Bears take on the Saints next Sunday afternoon. I know the Saints are missing Maques Colston and I believe, another receiver but this offense is still one of the best in the NFL. Let’s see if the Bears’ defense can hold down the fort.

14 Responses to “Yes. I enjoyed this game.”

  1. Nemo Says:

    Thanks for your timely update, Fro. It’s a lot of work to write a lengthy article after a long day when you’d probably rather crash, so kudos.

    Good seats, too. Last time I went to a Bears game, we sat in the very friggin’ top row. I think you can qualify for the mile high club up there.

    I’ve been taking a wait and see attitude to the Bears-not expecting a lot, but not expecting disaster either.

    Like everybody, I was very encouraged by the defensive performance-especially the aging? Urlacher. The prevent of course is annoying, but it did not give up points this time-just meaningless yards. It will be important that Peppers is not the only lineman able to consistently pressure the QB.

    The offense was pretty good, but it still looks like Robbie Gould is going to be a good fantasy play most weeks-unlike the XP machine Mason Crosby. The run blocking was not so good. At least they mostly kept up with the run. Forte was the top scoring back on my fantasy team, which I certainly did not expect-but, it was mostly for his receiving. The pass blocking was pretty good-sure it gave up a few sacks, but Cutler was not hounded the entire time. There was no sense of “will he make it out alive?” like in many games last year. Cutler was okay. When he talks about points left on the field, he certainly is talking about himself (at least he better be). And don’t get me started on that idiotic pick six that should never have been thrown. You’re up by 24 in the 4th-take the sack (your likely to get hit harder or more awkwardly while being blocked on the INT return anyway).

    That INT bothers me also because of the play called in the first place. I know it’s 3rd down, but there is only 10:23 to go and you are up by 24. If your defense is going into prevent mode, shouldn’t your offense be in sync and do the same? Cutler’s INT was the 7th play of the drive and the 4th pass. They were fortunate that the pick six didn’t happen on the first pass of the drive 3 minutes earlier. Four yards rushing on third down against a tired defense is not a Herculean task. Even a failed run attempt that only takes another 45-50 seconds off the clock and forcing the Falcons to drive the length of the field is a much better outcome than what occurred on the play. You can argue that the Bears defense was so solid that it didn’t matter-but you hate to just give a team a TD that their offense was unable to earn themselves. Hopefully, the play calling will make a little more sense in the future-and maybe, just maybe, Cutler will realize that sometimes the best play to make is to not try to make a play at all.

    This was a big win, because the next two games will be even tougher. The Saints do not want to start out 0-2, and the Packer offense looks unstoppable. Still, how much it tells us about the Bears is yet to be determined. Many feel the Falcons are still in a hangover after being destroyed by Green Bay in the playoffs last year-Atlanta did not win even a single preseason game either.

  2. Nemo Says:

    From the Trib:

    Quade trying to find playing time for LaHair
    The latest dilemma for Quade is finding playing time for Bryan LaHair, who was 10-for-20 with a .565 on-base percentage heading into Monday’s game. LaHair went 5-for-7 in New York with a triple, three doubles and four runs scored, but was back on the bench against left-hander Dontrelle Willis:

    When Lou Gehrig started for Wally Pipp, he got 3 hits and did not miss a game for 14 years. LaHair goes 3 for 4, with 2 walks and 4 runs scored and Quade benches him the next day! LaHair can play 4 positions-positions currently being played by aging veterans on this Cubs team. What fucking baseball team was EVER so good that they had no room for a guy with a .565 on base percentage?! Can they fire this butt-burglar Quade already?

  3. Sam N. Ella Says:

    Come dine at Wrigley Field-try my cold sausages!

  4. Yeti Says:

    You know LaHair is 28, right? And what are the four positions you speak of him playing, or being able to play?

  5. Nemo Says:

    You’re point being what? That a .556 OBP at 28 is pointless and he should sit for guys who are 33, 33, 35 with much inferior OBP? Yeah, it would be REALLY STUPID to see if he can play third base in case Ramirez is not hear next year. The 4 positions are both corner infield and outfield spots. I don’t “speak of them” – the information is publicly available at internet sports sites and in game box scores. Look it up yourself.

  6. Yeti Pre-empter Says:

    *Your, *here

  7. Yeti Says:

    Yea, I can look it up.. And I did. In his professional career, he has played 1B, LF, and RF. Referenced here:
    And here:

    So, he has never played 3B but there’s no reason he shouldn’t just get some starts there? I’m confused by your logic.

    And my point is that he most likely sucks. There’s a reason a guy doesn’t get shit for playing time in the majors until he’s 28. Remember Micah Hoffpauir? Yea, that went swimmingly well, right?

    And there has been a movement of “MIKE QUADE DOESN’T PLAY THE KIDS”, which is a slightly valid argument, but Byran LaHair isn’t a “young prospect”.

  8. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Yeti…You still didn’t answer my question in the previous post. I’ll post it again…

    What do you think of Mike Quade and the rest of the team this year? Do you think he should come back?

    One question I asked you a long time ago but I’ll ask again, do you still wear your “Believe” bracelet with pride?

  9. Yeti Says:

    I’ll give a quick answer to this. Quade, meh. Team, bleh. Come back? Probably not, but unless I see who might be available I don’t care one or the other right now. I’d rather the team be worth a shit. Who the manager is not significant right now.

  10. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Let’s not forget that LaHair is hitting when the games don’t mean anything. Kind of like when Quade was winning when they didn’t mean anything.

    Opposing pitchers haven’t had a chance to adjust. Most the teams they’ve played have been bums who also don’t care.

    I wouldn’t mind him as a 1B/OF off the bench in 2012 and that’s because he’s really cheap.

    Now what about Jeff Samardzija possibly moving back to the starting rotation in 2012? He’s finally doing good somewhere and now they want to move him again. Hmmm…

  11. genrebuster Says:

    This teams is going nowhere with Quade mis-managing…it doesn’t matter who is on the roster.

    Maybe when Quade is fired he can get a job with ESPN: they could create a “stupid nickname battle royale segment” with Chris Berman.

    BTW, What was Quade’s nickname for Milton Bradley? Curious minds want to know.

    Until Ricketts shitcans Kenney and Quade, I have to BELIEVE he is a damned fool….a “MORAN”.

  12. genrebuster Says:

    *team…or, did I intend to type “team’s” and omit “is”?

    “*Will never *no”.

    My sincere apologies to the esteemed Mitch Cumstein and his intern Yeti Pre-empter.

  13. Jimmy D. Says:


    I just can’t help myself:

    I don’t care one or the other right now.
    Who the manager is not significant right now.


    Jimmy D.

  14. genrebuster Says:

    Jimmy D. I think there could more than one Yeti (or maybe the current poster isn’t taking his meds…or is coming off a binge?).

    Generally speaking, I prefer the Irish one…even when spewing forth stats. The recent Yeti comes across a little too “young and smug”…for me. BORING.

    That said, perhaps I’m mis-interpreting his intent…which can happen when reading an e-mail, blog…and the like.


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