Open thread.


All of your ANGER shall be placed here.

32 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I didn’t think it was possible, but Doctor Evil Mike Quade has passed Dusty Baker on the stupid meter. Get a load of this fucking bullshit from the Cubs website.

    Quade proud of job he did with Cubs

    SAN DIEGO — Mike Quade will say goodbye to his players and staff after Wednesday’s game, confident in the job he did in his first full year as the Cubs’ manager but uncertain as to what the future holds.

    “It hasn’t been what we hoped for, but I’m not disappointed in the way I handled things and the way I went about my business,” Quade said on Wednesday. “Good seasons, bad seasons, you go home and evaluate — and you’re always trying to get better. I still feel pretty good about this job and doing what I do. If somebody else has a different thought when they come in here, they’ll make that decision.”

    Jesus fucking Christ! He actually had the fucking balls to say this shit! He feels good about this job. Well, maybe he should, considering the fact he’s got the dumbest fucking fanboy boss in all of sports. Quade isn’t fucking qualified to manage a goddamn tee-ball team. This son-of-a-bitch manages this team to a season 20 games below .500 and he’s fucking satisfied? FUCK YOU QUADE, YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!! Get another fucking job asshole. One where nobody has to fucking look at your ugly fucking face, you rat bastard cocksucker!!!!

    And on top of all this, asshole Ricketts claims there’s no timetable for hiring a new GM. So to Tom Ricketts….FUCK YOU TOO YOU RETARDED FUCKNUT FANBOY!!!!!!!! Sell the team to somebody who a) Has a goddamn clue, and b) somebody who gives a goddamn about winning the fucking World Series and not about stupid, bullshit statues and sitting in the bleachers drinking beer with idiot fans who think you know something about owning a major league franchise.

    Fucking jag-offs.

  2. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Quade actually said that? What a fucking hack.

    This whole things needs to be blown up. Start at the bottom of the ladder.

    We are smart fans here and can see what it takes to a build a winning franchise without spending stupid amounts of money. Take a look at Tampa. A team with a payroll 1/4th of us and they have a legit shot to go to the World Series.

    I wish someone who actually gave a damn would find Ricketts and punch right in the damn head.

  3. chucky Says:

    Don’t tempt me Matt. I’ll fucking do it.

  4. The Ghost of Leo Durocher Says:

    …goddammit you want to get into different thoughts well here’s a few for you ass-munching inglorious fucking dimwitted maggot brain infidels that are satisfied with this pussy assed ineffectual owner and his dimwitted nicknamed obsessed cheerleader-manager who couldn’t manage his way out of a fucking wet paper bag lined with explosives for the love of God somebody anybody just light the fucking match blow this shithole up this fucked up cesspool is overflowing the putridity is overwhelming get it over with for chrissakes hasn’t it been long enough 104 god-damned years of ineptitude of choke filled gutless baseball too many over paid over the hill self righteous veteran has-been assholes they should have played the game when real men played not the fucking wimp-assed jive-assed over-rated bums who play today and taint the legacy of the few real men real ballplayers real managers real organizations who make an honest effort at winning at bringing home the fucking bacon to the real fans the people the ones who make it possible to have this game who pay for it who put up with the incessantly bleating ignorant sheeple because they still hold a glimmer of fucking hope that somehow someday someway things will change and the cubs will win it all before their lifetime is ended and they are six feet under rolling and rolling over and over like me it is sickening it makes no sense this is a large market team it starts at the top but since when was the top an unwiped ass 1909 1945 1969 1984 1989 2033 you be the judge no sense in listing 104 years too bad this isn’t southpark there’d be one less asshole to deal with college of idiots hell compared to this regime more like the college of einsteins…the horror the horror the horror put a stick in it the puke is done.

  5. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Ghost! We’ve missed you. Come back more often.

    Also, 2033? I only hope it’s not that long.

    Chucky…Please find him and knock his head in. You would do all of us a favor.

  6. chucky Says:

    GodDAMN Leo! Nice job sir. You have my respect.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    hmmmm….I suspect our good friend Ghost meant 2003 (?)…somebody alert Mitch, possible typo!!

  8. MadCityMac Says:

    Chucky and Leo, kudos my friends, kudos! FanBoy should be forced to sit on the El next to Ronny Woo Woo after he’s soiled himself. Hope the shoulder is healing up Chucky!

  9. jimmyd Says:


    Holy Shit!!! That’s a sentence!!! OMFG!

    Jimmy d.

  10. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    ESPN is reporting that Terry Francona will be out as Boston manager Friday.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass if they blew it. So did Atlanta. Francona in my opinion is a hundred times better than any manager we’ve ever had. If Epstein doesn’t come here for GM, at least we could get Francona in here.

  11. Pie in the Sky Says:

    That’s weird. I thought Epstein stood up for him in the media today. They fire him the next day? Can’t really blame him for Papelbon’s implosion or all those pitching injuries.

  12. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I saw it on SportsCenter Pie. Instead of firing him, they are just declining his options for the next two seasons, reportedly that is. I guess we’ll find by the weekend if those reports are true?

  13. genrebuster Says:

    Are you kidding?

    I’d be happy if Francona and/or Epstein came to the Cubs. That would be a big improvement over the crap we’ve endured for so long.

  14. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I’m a little concerned with Epstein though. Just consider his past four seasons. Epstein has been more like Jim Hendry with his signings of John Lackey and Carl Crawford. The Red Sox have MLB’s second-highest payroll and they’ve been bitch-slapped by the Rays for three of the past four years. The other year (2009) they didn’t even win a playoff game.

    The big thing will be if Ricketts gives Epstein the time to develop a farm system. That’s how the Red Sox got good in the first place. Ricketts has stated that he expects a turnaround in 2012 though.

  15. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Oh yeah…can’t forget about letting go of Victor Martinez (Really clueless on that one).

  16. genrebuster Says:

    Prior to 2004, the Red Sox hadn’t won a WS since 1918. They won in 2004 and 2007. Epstein has been there before (GM of a large market team that hasn’t won a WS in 80+ years). Not saying Epstein is the answer…but comparing him to Hendry is a stretch.

    For example, Epstein didn’t sign Milton Bradley.

  17. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Haha. John Lackey is starting to give ole’ Milt a run for his money though.

    I’d much rather go after Andrew Friedman but the Rays would do whatever it takes to keep him. Epstein is also gonna be working with a team payroll that’s $40 million less than what he had with Boston. Maybe even less if they cut the payroll because of that Wrigley Field renovation…

    I’d like him for remaking the farm system that Hendry just destroyed. I really don’t want to see him anywhere near the free-agent market though.

    1 playoff series victory in four years with that payrolll… meh. If he’s still that good then the Red Sox wouldn’t let him escape.

  18. Joe Says:

    If the Rays crap out of the playoffs early, The Cubs might have a shot at him, as long as they take a SERIOUS run at him.
    He should really be their first choice.
    The Cubs GM position should really be a coveted job in baseball. Really. Because if you take them all the way for the first time in a century, you get all the credit. But… also have to deal with everything that comes with that (we all know what that is) and there’s always something, some voodoo that seems to come up and bite the team in the ass.

  19. MadCityMac Says:

    HUGE day in Madison today guys- Badgers vs. Nebraska tonight. Never saw so damn many Nebraska license plates! On another thought, we all know FanBoy Ricketts is going to massively fuck up the hiring of a new GM, and I’m willing to bet that Clown Kenney will still have a job. Seriously, I just want to kick Bud Selig’s ass for blackballing Mark Cuban from buying this team. A good swift kick in the nuts to the used car salesman!

  20. genrebuster Says:

    Mac, I agree (Selig).

  21. chucky Says:

    Mac…You’ll have to stand in line behind me. If anybody gets to kick Selig in the nuts, it’s me!

    Shoulder is getting better….slowly. The staples came out yesterday, and the scar is pretty impressive. About two inches long. I still can’t do anything involving my right arm, but the sling can go IF it doesn’t hurt too bad. Rehab will start in about three weeks. I guess he thinks it could all come apart again unless I give enough time to heal up. Thanks for asking. I do appreciate it.

  22. Kevin Hill (@kjh71can) Says:

    Bears Panthers, lots of question marks, lots of intrigue, no game will be easy for the offense challenged Bears. This stuff reminds me of Wansedt teams, there was always one thing or another going wrong.

  23. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, glad to hear the shoulder is healing. taking it easy for now and doing what a good PT tells you (rehab) should make a huge difference long-term….hopefully you will get a great result. pain sucks, that’s for sure…draining.

  24. genrebuster Says:

    So, what do you guys think? Francona & Epstein would be a huge upgrade over the current load of horseshit (maybe that’s too nice?), I think. After all, they have won before…and recently (twice).

    Just my opinion, of course…dissenting viewpoints will be considered as long as they are presented in an adult fashion.

    tick tock……………………..

  25. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I highly doubt Ricketts is smart enough to make such a move. I’d be satisfied with one or the other but if both jumped on board, that would be just what the doctor ordered.

    Anybody who refuses to hire Epstein or Francona is a dumbass.

  26. chucky Says:

    “Anybody who refuses to hire Epstein or Francona is a dumbass.”

    Tom Ricketts = that dumbass Matt. While I think those two should be hired, I don’t think they will be hired.

  27. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I don’t see why Ricketts wouldn’t sign the two if they were available. That’s exactly what he wants: The NL’s version of the Red Sox.

    I just hope that Ricketts gives whoever the new GM is a good amount of time to rebuild and not rush things. Don’t want to see a ton of bad FA signings again. This ain’t an overnight fix.

  28. Yeti Says:

    Epstein is infinitely more a priority than Francona. Francona didn’t have a winning season until he was given the 04 champions. He has had winning seasons since but he has also had some of the most talent in baseball since then. I think even Chucky could have had winning seasons with those teams. Francona: meh/whatever. Epstein: pay him $10 million

  29. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I’d rather have Francona managing this team than someone like Quade or Dusty. That’s for sure. Bring them both on board.

  30. jimmyd Says:


    I just “came to”. I passed-out because I initially thought you meant that you wanted both Quade and Dusty “on board”. Then, I realized you meant Epstein and Francona. Whew!!! (Actually, I’m just trying to inject some humor; I knew what you meant).

    Jimmy D.

  31. chucky Says:

    Gee, thanks for that vote of confidence Yeti. If your opinion actually meant something to me I’d take that as a compliment. Since your opinion doesn’t mean jack shit to me, I don’t fucking what you think of me.

  32. chucky Says:

    I mean “I don’t fucking care what you think.” I was typing too fast.


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