Getting away with murder.


The Bears are about to give me a damn heart attack. Other than special teams on Sunday, I didn’t feel good about anything the Bears did and I was there on the 35 yard line witnessing the clusterfuck that is the defense. This season so far has been nothing short of Genre’s favorite word, PATHETIC. I have a bunch to talk about so let’s get this going:

Offense: The offense didn’t play as bad as the stats (Cue Irish Yeti) say they did. I believe Cutler only had one pass in the first half. That’s fine with me. I am a fan of running the football all damn day. In reality, a balanced offense is what is needed. Matt Forte was the first Bear to rush for over 200 yards since the man they call “Sweetness” did it in 1977. Will the dumbass Jerry Angelo pay this man already? Just give him a check and let him fill in the numbers. He IS the Bears’ offense. The offensive line played decent but damnit, Frank Omiyale is terrible. He was getting beat quite a bit during the game. Something is wrong with Cutler too. He seems to be scared shitless everytime he drops back. I hate to say this but it’s all in the head for this guy now. He has no confidence in his line and he shouldn’t either. They are still terrible. And Dane Sanzenbacher being the only target for Cutler? He dropped an easy pass for a first down. Roy Williams also met his quota of getting only one catch per game he plays. How awful. As I was driving home, a bunch of idiots were calling the Score and complaining about Cutler’s body language on the field. Maybe if this guy had an actual offensive line along with real receivers, this guy wouldn’t be so fucked up in the head. I blame this all on Angelo but that’s a discussion for another day.

Defense: Here I go with the ranting: With the exception of D.J. Moore’s lucky interception for a touchdown in the first quarter, the defense was useless. They gave up almost 550 yards of total offense. Cam Newton had his I-Pass and it became painful to watch. Assholes like Major Wright Wrong and Chris Steltz are terrible excuses for a safety. They couldn’t cover anybody all day. Tim Jennings, who has replaced Charles Tillman (Worthless) in the “(Fuck you)” department, was terrible. When a team is averaging 20 yards a play, there is a pretty good chance you will lose. Only on Sunday, was a rare instance where that didn’t happen. Steve fucking Smith averaged 22 yards PER CATCH. THAT IS FUCKING HORRIBLE. Note to all the cornerbacks and receivers: PICK A RECEIVER AND STAY ON HIM YOU DIPSHITS. QUIT WANDERING AROUND THE DAMN FIELD LOOKING AT THE QUARTERBACK. And the last thing I will say is Lance Briggs has been nothing short of horrendous. He is also very bad when he drops back into coverage. Instead of trying to defend the tight end/receiver he is suppose to cover, he stands there staring at the quarterback.

Special teams: Thank God for the special teams. Devin Hester took a punt back for a touchdown. He broke Eric Metcalf’s record for most punt returns for a touchdown. He nearly took one back earlier in the game as well on a kickoff. With the score 24-20, Julius Peppers blocked an easy field goal by Olindo Mare. In the 4th quarter, Mare barely missed a 52 yard field goal that would have given the Panthers the lead. Phew.

Here are the Bears sitting at 2-2. Next Monday night, the Detroit Lions are going to show the Chicago Bears what wide receivers look like. Pray for a miracle.

7 Responses to “Getting away with murder.”

  1. Kevin Hill Says:

    Bears will need a huge miracle in Detroit, right now I say they get blown out, they are on the road too, Bears =road kill.

  2. Joe Says:

    People are too happy just because this is a win. Don’t they realize that the Panthers scored thirty fuckin’ points on us? That’s the PANTHERS not the PACKERS. O-line? STILL THE SAME. Just because they’re not awful against a mediocre team does NOT mean they’re any better.
    Did anyone see the Detroit game? Did you see Calvin Johnson pull down that pass in the end zone with THREE Cowboys around him?
    That’s not even the best part. DID YOU SEE THE TIME STAFFORD HAD ON THAT???? He had a WALL of protection in front him. Not even a pocket–a WALL.
    THAT’S the difference. Until the Bears fix it, we get Cutler panicking before the throw. He cannot drop back to throw with a clear mind.
    And the run game? How did Marion Barber do with that battering ram running style between the tackles? Oh, yeah–not very good.
    Again, this is against the PANTHERS.
    I see the Bears with two nighttime losses coming up.

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    I agree with everything you said. Without a doubt, this Bears’ season has and will continue to be hell. By the way, how stupid is Marion Barber attempting to do a back-flip in the end zone after that touchdown? He missed the first three games of the season with a hamstring injury and he pulls that shit? That could have been really embarrassing if he hurt himself.

    I am watching the Jets/Ravens game as I speak and a couple things crossed my mind. First of all, this season has been fucked up all over the place. Numerous teams are pulling “Chicago Bulls” and blowing big leads late in games. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the lockout and some players aren’t there physically or if it’s just in the head. Whatever it is, it’s certainly interesting.

    The last point is about the game I am watching now. It is amazing what playing good defense will do for a team. I can only imagine what it would be like to have a defense like the Ravens have. Their cornerbacks actually cover the receivers and one of them intercepted a pass for an easy touchdown. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed lead a defense that is year in and year out, one of the best in the NFL. As far as the Jets are concerned, their defense has been pretty good as well. If the fucking shitheads that are the Bears’ cornerbacks and safeties actually have a football IQ, they should watch this game over and over again to see how to actually play defense.

  4. Kevin Hill Says:

    What can anybody do right now, Ryan doesn`t own the team yet. Big pockets-Ryan.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    Bears will be lucky to finish at .500. At this time, they are a mediocre football team. If I was Cutler, my body language would be bad, too…he’ll be lucky to make it through the season.

    It’s well documented by the posts here. And, it is truly PATHETIC…that in itself probably makes the weenie Ricketts happy.

  6. Joe Says:

    Here’s another point: for the Cover 2 to work, you HAVE to get pressure up the middle from your defensive tackles. It’s a key part of the scheme. The Bears don’t have that. Other teams concentrate on the ends, Pep and Idonije, and don’t worry about the middle.
    What happened to Paea?
    Wasn’t he the guy that Angelo wanted so bad?
    Any competent GM would look at that team and say: “You need two things: solid offensive linemen and a quality 3-technique defensive tackle. Or two.”
    This week, the Bears get mauled by N. Sue, who is Mr. 3-Tech right now. To save time, Jerry should just get in his car and run Cutler over after practice today.

  7. Kevin Hill (@kjh71can) Says:

    I heard Tice is not going to double team SUE, why not? Who on the line can block him solo?


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