What? The? Fuck?


There is no reason for me to get excited about the Bears kicking the shit out of a horrible Vikings team Sunday night. It was something they were suppose to do and they exceeded mine as well as most fans’ expectations winning by 29 points. Where were these assholes the last four games?

Offense: Let’s start at the line. Not having Frank OmiGod play does wonders for an already horrendous line. For this game, they played outstanding. This was the first game all year that the line played well with Chris Williams in particular. Cutler was only sacked once in this game. Myself with I am sure, a bunch of other fans were bitching about where in the world was Chris Spencer. The dumbass, Jerry Angelo signed this guy for a few million bucks and he wasn’t seen at all the last week or two. He played just fine as well. I think until Gabe Carimi comes back at tackle that Lance Louis should stay in that position. The offensive line coach, Mike Tice, should be given a lot of credit for this victory.

Jay Cutler was on the money tonight. He threw a bomb to Devin Hester in which he actually held on to the damn ball for a touchdown. He also threw a dart right to Dane Sanzenacher (He actually held on to the ball too) for a touchdown. This is how good Cutler can be if he has more than two seconds to throw the damn ball. The offense was clicking on all cylinders. Matt Forte kicked some ass with over 100 all-purpose yards. I cannot understand why Jerry Angelo still hasn’t signed this guy yet. He is the best player on this team. I’ve said this before: Don’t just pay the man. Give him a blank check and let him fill in the numbers.

Defense: I have to admit: I thought Adrian Peterson had his I-Pass in his back pocket for this game. Instead, the entire Vikings offense with the exception of that touchdown drive in the third quarter, was AWOL. The Bears defense held Peterson to 12 rushes for 39 yards. I am glad that Peppers played. He kicked ass with two sacks as well as forcing pressure all night on McNabb and later, Ponder. Along with Peppers, the rest of the front four kicked ass and also caused McNabb to be sacked for a safety in the first quarter. And it’s about damn time that Lovie Smith actually did something by benching idiots like Chris Harris and Brandon Merriweather. Major Wright Wrong played alright and Chris Conti didn’t do too bad either. I don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t start next week either. There is nothing to lose. Now if only Tim Jennings (Fuck you) and Charles Tillman (Worthless) can be benched next week, I’d be pretty happy.

Special teams: Devin Hester. Enough said.

Next up are the Buccaneers in London. The Bears without a doubt, need a repeat performance but this time, it will be against a much better team.

13 Responses to “What? The? Fuck?”

  1. Nemo Says:

    Amazing what Cutler can do when he has extra blockers!

    Thanks Bears defense (and Hester) for helping me eke out a 2 pt. victory in Fantasy Football. Thinking of benching Forte only because Barber’s return has made him a vulture.

    McNabb is really slow. Bears got a ton of pressure on Ponder, but they didn’t sack him once. Ponder is a good scrambler back to Florida State-he will be difficult to deal with after he develops as an NFL qb.

    LOVE the fact that Bears fucked with the Vikings by listing Peppers as doubtful and then starting him-retaliation for a previous Vikings offense with Favre, I believe.

    No complaints with Conte and Wright-keep them playing and let them develop. Nice job with Paea getting a safety on McNabb-’bout time they bothered to play a second round pick.

    Who know what TB team will show up next week-SF DESTROYED them last week. They are definitely beatable at a neutral site. We shall see.

    BAD REX sighting in Washington – 9/22 143 0TD, 4INT and benched.

  2. Joe Says:

    DON’T get too excited. That was a 1-4 team they beat.
    Just because Martz finally wised up and max protected doesn’t mean their problems are over. First, they haven’t cut Omiyale yet.
    Second, let’s see if Martz keeps the same scheme against Tampa.
    Michaels and Collinsworth kept talking about how great the O-line was playing. I kept screaming “It’s max protect against a 1-4 team!!!!”
    It DID prove, as I’ve been saying for months, that if you give Cutler time to throw, he can work with average receivers.
    NOW is the time to FIRE Angelo, and get someone working on the future.
    Only Jerry is so stupid as not to make Forte feel appreciated.
    Only Jerry is so incompetent as to think the Bears still don’t need new O-linemen, that Cutler will still “magically fix” everything against better teams.
    They showed Jerry watching the game from the booth. I swear he was looking into the wrong end of the binoculars.

  3. chucky Says:

    Well, I admit it. I blew that prediction….badly. I didn’t see that performance coming from them. But I have to agree with Joe, this WAS a shitty team they beat. But then again, for the most part, the Bears are also a shitty team. And again, it’s mostly in the coaching staff.

  4. Kyle Says:

    Chris Harris is a fucking cry baby. He gave up big plays and got benched. So now he wants to be traded? They need to boot his ass for a wide receiver or a lineman. Im sick of these babies bitching when they don’t get their way. If he just shut his mouth and went out there and played he might not have given up so many big plays against detroit.

  5. Kevin Hill (@kjh71can) Says:

    ok here it is , the do or die games of the yr, Bucs, Eagles, Chargers , this will tell if this team has improved. they did well against an awful team granted, but this Bears team has to prove to me that they are getting better.

  6. Joe Says:

    The news all over the media is a clip from the game when Martz called a draw on third and long. Jay looked over to the sidelines and screamed “Tell him I said ‘fuck you’!”
    It went out over the airwaves during the game because is was hard to tell what he said (but morons like Fox 32’s clueless Lou Canellis think you can make it out easily).

  7. chucky Says:

    Somebody should have said that to Martz a long time ago.

  8. Joe Says:

    RE: Briggs’ remarks about Bears management

    In the Tribune today, Briggs says, “There’s a transition going on right now in Chicago, players and management not seeing eye to eye.”
    What he means, as we all know, is that Jerry Angelo is clueless in how to talk to the players, and how to conduct the contract negotiations.

    Here’s my new theory: firing Angelo now would mean two more wins for the Bears this season. That’s how much of a lift they would get out of it. Like a baseball team that goes on a winning streak right after they fire a bad manager.

  9. Yeti Says:


  10. chris Says:

    Do you guys have a facebook fan page? i want to “like” it and such.

  11. jimmyd Says:


    First, remember that I’m a Green Bay Packer fan and I couldn’t give two shits about the Bears. As a matter of fact, the more the suck…the better for me.

    Now, that said, you posted the following a couple of threads ago:
    Joe just used a pitcher W-L record for his analysis….. Awesome.

    Are you really gonna pick on somebody for using a “meaningless” statistic as a basis for argument and then you’re gonna use a statistical argument pertaining to mid-season baseball firings to try and explain why the Bears should retain the services of one, retarded Lovie Smith?


    Jimmy D.

  12. genrebuster Says:

    Yes, Jimmy D. We see that Yeti will pick on just about anybody he doesn’t agree with.

    It’s getting kinda PATHETIC. Really.

  13. Kevin Hill (@kjh71can) Says:

    The Bears Buc game was putting me asleep, a sign I was watching mediocre football, I blame the Mccaskeys for the teams fortunes, they hire these bozos in effect, like a chain. Hire Angelo, he hires Lovie, Lovie hires Martz, Toub is the best Bears coach.


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