Fuck this. Fuck it all. When Tyler fucking Palko throws a Hail Mary pass for a touchdown, you know your team is going to lose. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Let me see if I can recap this piss fest.

Caleb Hanie: Sucked.

Offensive line: Sucked.

Roy Williams: Fuck you and your piss hands. When Hanie was actually throwing completions, you fuck up the most important one.


Mike Martz: Dumb ass.

Robbie Gould: Nice job shanking that easy field goal in the second half. Like it mattered anyway.

Chris Conte: When Brian Urlacher is ready to intercept a Hail Mary pass that decides who is going to win the game, you get the fuck out of the way. Instead, you put knock the ball right into Dexter McClusterfuck’s hands.

Even if the Bears do make the playoffs, what’s going to happen? Cutler and Forte (As it appears) are out for the season.

38 Responses to “TaleSpin.”

  1. foultalk Says:

    Just like last week, that game left a really bad taste in the mouth of every Bears fan. If Caleb Hanie doesn’t get replaced soon, the Bears can forget about a wildcard spot. Read the rest of my thoughts here: http://foultalk.wordpress.com/

  2. chucky Says:

    I have a question for Payton J Pickett.

    You still think we should all “keep the faith” with this pathetic fucking bullshit?

    I won’t rip the defense, although there was some stupid shit going on there, there is no fucking hope with the offense. Martz is a motherfucking idiot….period. If I had half a chance I’d stick his goddamn playbook up his ass. Did any of you guys see the shot of Smith during the game? Absolute arrogant stupidity. I’d stick his goddamned headset up his fucking ass too. And Jerry Angelo, you motherfucking beady eyed cocksucker, if I were you I’d never show my face in the state of Illinois ever again. Goddamnit Ginny, sell this fucking team to somebody who gives a goddamn you fucking old bitch!

    I’m saying it right now. The Bears have won their last game this year. They’re done. They will not win one more game. If anybody thinks they will, FUCK YOU, YOU DELUSIONAL FUCKWAD! The players can’t play worth a fuck, the coaches can’t coach worth a fuck, and upper management doesn’t give two shits about winning. Fuck this shit.

    By the way, Hanie’s QB rating was 23.8. Martz game plan sucked, but so did Hanie.

    The season is over. It’s time to face that fact.

  3. Nemo Says:

    Can we declare Caleb Hanie over and get a real fucking backup please!?! The crap we have been hearing out of Halas Hall the last few years that “Hanie is our guy and gives us the best chance of winning” is really code for “Hanie works cheap and we refuse to spend any dollars on a legitimate veteran backup.” The odds of an NFL QB finishing all 16 games are very low. To not prepare for that inevitability is the height of irresponsibility for a franchise that has pretenses of winning a championship.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    Fuck this entire franchise. I get it that Culter and Forte are out for the season. But the fact remains that the Bears still had a chance to win the last two games and pissed it away with a bunch of stupid decisions. Everybody is to blame too and not just Hanie. Along with the players, Smith and Martz continue to call stupid fucking plays that put Hanie in a position to fail miserably. Chucky has put it perfectly all this time and that’s this franchise will continue to fail until Angelo is given his pink slip.

  5. chucky Says:

    Did you guys hear Smith after the game. Don’t EVER tell me this guy knows what he’s talking about. Don’t EVER tell me about his record as coach. That son-of-a-BITCH is the most arrogant, egotistical, incompetant hack of a head coach I’ve ever seen. He’s making me miss the days of Dave Wannstedt and Dick Jauron.

    I have an open challenge to Virginia McCaskey. If someone is able to wake this sad, silly bitch from her coma, I want to know exactly why you think Lovie Smith is qualified to be a head coach. Then I want to know what makes you think you’re qualified to own an NFL franchise. I promise you her answer will be a fucking joke.

    How many fucking times does this have to be said:

    FIRE LOVIE FUCKING SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jesus fucking Christ!!!!!!

  6. Payton J Pickett Says:

    I DID have faith if certain things didn’t happen today. I didn’t see any reason to right off my favorite sports team because if they can’t win regardless of who is the QB then they really won’t do much in the post season. I hate the Packers but they still almost beat the Patriots in New England with a no name back up QB last season. The Bears had depth in the ground game, a strong defense and offensive line which looked to be improving. Now, it’s all defense…..

    Forte is down for a couple of weeks to a month and I am ready to chuck it in for the year because the offensive line which looked great for a couple of weeks has completely fallen apart and that’s where offense all starts. Hanie, Cutler anyone can only do so much within 3 seconds.

    The worst thing about this lost season is the office will use injuries as the excuse instead of poor management.

    Watch Angelo get an extension before Forte.


  7. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, I hope you’re wrong about the Bears not winning another game this year.

    That aside, I don’t have anything to add to what you’ve stated (well put), except that the Bears wouldn’t have won 7 games had it not been for Cutler’s effort.

    Martz, Angelo, Smith, the old biddy…they all should be canned.


  8. genrebuster Says:

    Nemo, I don’t believe that this Bears organization has any serious intentions of winning a Super Bowl…it costs too darn much (for them)!

  9. genrebuster Says:

    Pie. Read this and if you still support kenney, so be it. I’d like to see that fuckwad run out of town tonite. We can agree to disagree.


  10. genrebuster Says:

    oops…meant to post previous comment in a different thread, sorry guys…will do so now.

  11. R-Dub Says:

    This is all Jerry’s fault but I see there are some of Jerry’s kids posting here who know nothing about football. If you have a solid O-line than you can run an offense. The play calling is relatively insignificant. If you block, protect the quarterback and can run the football you will score. It’s about players executing the play, when it works the coordinator is a genius when it doesn’t he’s an idiot. Do you think if Mike McCarthy was our Offensive Coordinator that Hanie and Hester would make the Pro Bowl? Do you think if Martz ran the Packer offense it would be bad? Get real, it’s about personnel and that starts with Jerry!

  12. chucky Says:

    So, according to you there isn’t even a need to have coaches at all? Play calling doesn’t mean very much?

    And you accuse us of not knowing what we’re talking about.

    Wow. Just…..wow.

  13. Payton J Pickett Says:

    Yeah R-Dub can’t go with you as far as to say play calling doesn’t matter very much with a good offensive line. Martz is proving that with those right to left cross field goaline passes that never work even with protection to pass.

    Whoever is responsible for getting those offensive players TO STOP COMMITTING PENALITIES AFTER 12 GAMES needs to go.

  14. Joe Says:

    Anyone who blame this loss on Hanie is either a big baby or a moron.
    Will you people FUCKING MAN UP????
    That was a BIG team loss.
    Hanie is charged with three picks, none of which were his fault.
    Hanie also threw two touchdowns. One was called back because Marion Barber doesn’t know the fucking rules and the other….Jesus Fucking Christ….if Roy Williams CATCHES the fucking ball and FALLS FORWARD it’s a touchdown. Gould misses the FG.
    If two of those things happen correctly, the Bears win.
    You think Cutler or Joe Fucking Montana is going to complete passes with half a second to throw????
    Hanie looked like Cutler last year when HE was overthrowing the receivers. He knows he’s got to get rid of the ball NOW.
    Hey, Martz where was max protect? The screen? More roll outs?
    I just knew the fucking organization was going to suck its balls up into its body and NOT give Hanie the support he–or any new QB–needed.
    I knew it.
    It’s all moot with Martz now. He’s gone in January. Now let’s hope the Bears find Jeremy Bates, who made Cutler a Pro-Bowl QB.

  15. Fro Dog Says:

    “R-Dub” claims play calling doesn’t matter yet, he says most of us know nothing about football.

    You see what happens when the Bears play like shit? It brings out the stupid in all these idiots who come to post.

    God help us all.

  16. Nemo Says:

    By the way, a big thank you to Matt Spaeth, who badly missed his block on Derrick Johnson who then proceeded to injure Forte.

  17. Tony Says:

    If we pick up McNabb, what good would that do? When your WR’s can’t catch, week after week, it doesn’t matter if you have Tom Brady. Johnny Knox, try going for the football and run your routes. Roy Williams you POS you are useless as a WR. A parapalegic would be better because at least they wouldn’t bobble the ball into the other wide out’s hands.

  18. Nemo Says:

    Sure, the Bears WR aren’t that good. But if you watched the game you would KNOW that an accurate passer would make a big difference. Hanie missed badly so many times-including an easy touchdown. The Bears were 7-3 with Cutler and the same mediocre wideouts. OF COURSE Tom Brady would matter! McNabb? He’s got to be better than Hanie. And McCown. I bet he wouldn’t have missed the open touchdown.

  19. Yeti Says:

    Eh, Nemo, McCown is bad, too… He was picked up mainly because he is probably better than Enderle, and not a rookie. Hanie is bad. That’s a fact. Because it looks like the NFC wild card contenders will limp into the playoffs, it appears the Bears have a shot to still make it, although its slim. However, unless Jay and Matt suit up for that playoff game, it won’t be any fun

  20. Nemo Says:

    Maybe I wasn’t as clear as I could have been, Yeti. I meant that McNabb would be better than Hanie or McCown. I don’t want McCown ever taking a snap in a game for the Bears.

  21. genrebuster Says:

    Tom Brady wouldn’t matter?



  22. Payton J Pickett Says:

    If Hanie has time to throw then he wouldn’t overthrow his receivers (they need time to get where they need to be you know.) and he hasn’t had the time because the offensive line is a wreck again.

    They gave up 5 sacks over the course of 5 straight games leading up to Oakland. Now they’ve given up 11 sacks in the last 2 games.

    No quarterback is effective without time for the receivers to complete their routes and especially if those receivers drop the fucking ball.

  23. genrebuster Says:

    Payton, how can you be certain Hanie wouldn’t overthrow his receivers if the Bears offensive line was better?

    Not blaming the latest loss entirely on Hanie; it was a team effort for sure.

    But to be clear, all quarterbacks are NOT created equal…and it does make a difference to have a great one vs. an average or sub-par QB.

  24. Payton J Pickett Says:

    I will pass judgement on Hanie only when he has the same time to do what he has to do as Cutler had leading up to his injury. Right now, NO ONE can function competently in that position regardless of their ability and that has nothing to do with Hanie and all to do with that line.

  25. jimmyd Says:



    Here’s your chance. If you’ve never been to Lambeau Field, it doesn’t get any better than this. I have 4 seats available for the game. The seats are at midfield, 12 rows off of the field; directly behind the Bears bench.

    I’m going to package up the 4 of them for $1,000. If someone is interested in only 2 of them, it would be $550 for 2.

    I will be making these available to the general public this weekend. If you’re interested, just post a response to this and we’ll figure out further communications from there.

    Jimmy D.

  26. Joe Says:

    Fuck McNab. He’d get crushed like a soda pop can in the standard .5 seconds a Bear QB gets to make a decision.
    As long as the Bears O-line serves up its QB like a hot lunch, the Bears go nowhere.
    FIND the Theo Epstein of football, get rid of Angelo, and draft or buy some fucking talent.
    I guarantee if you put Hanie behind the Steelers’ or Pats’ O-line, he’d be completing passes ALL afternoon.
    Why? NO clock going off in his head, just like Cutler had last year.

  27. jimmyd Says:

    On a different note…Ron Santo will finally be going into the Hall of Fame after getting the nod from the Golden Era Committee. I hope that all of the fucking hacks from the Veteran’s Committee that kept him out for so many years find solace knowing that they cheated him out of getting to enjoy enshrinement into the HOF before his life was cut short by disease. Like I said the day that Ron died, “FUCK YOU VETERAN’S COMMITTEE, I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY”!!!!

  28. Payton J Pickett Says:

    I always thought Santo was already in the Hall when I was a kid. The Cub greats were always Banks, Williams, Jenkins and Santo. I also always thought Gil Hodges and Minnie Minoso were in it too so what the hell do I know about those Hall votes except that they can be biased. Compare the numbers of Bill Mazeroski to anyone in the hall. He is there because of a home run and that’s it. I understand that steps were taken to prevent the biased voting to take place after the Mazeroski vote.

    All that aside I am glad Santo is in and I imagine he was due to get in soon because he deserved it. Just, cancer…..70 used to sound old now it sounds too young.

  29. Nemo Says:

    No one is defending the last couple weeks of line play, but If you overthrow a guy who’s 10 yards behind the last defender, the receiver had time to run the route.

    I’d like to know the blitz percentage since Hanie took over. I’m assuming it went up in an attempt to fluster the inexperienced Hanie. If Hanie can complete a few under pressure, they are more likely to back off on the blitz. I seem to Remember a couple games where Cutler wasn’t sacked too much, but was under constant pressure and made plays. The Philadelphia game in particular.

  30. Robert Says:

    You bears fans are seeing why the steelers cut matt spaeth

  31. Payton J Pickett Says:

    I seem to remember Cutler was gun shy is first year in Chicago and the result was his overthrowing his receivers regularly that game in Philadelphia in ’09 in particular. Give Hanie time. He is really the ONLY choice the Bears have because McCown not only hasn.t played in the NFL much in five years, what the fuck does he know about the Martz offense? He’s been with the team for a week and half. How can he or any other washed up vet who cani’t complete short passes without hopping them (McNabb) be a better alternative? Besides that, what the hell difference does it make at this point? The line sucks, you;re down to Barber and Bell with Hanie in the backfield. Face it. It’s the preseason offense again. Mine as well leave them out there to learn and hopefully come close to winning down the stretch.

  32. Joe Says:

    Here’s a post I made at the Tribune today, under “Angelo: Not enough time to bring in another QB”:

    Plenty of time to get rid of Jerry “Mr. Incompetent” Angelo….

    Look, this has gone on for WAY too long. This isn’t funny anymore. I’m sick of making jokes about Angelo, whom I have nickenamed “the architect of failure” of the Chicago Bears.

    If the Chicago Bears NFL franchise wants to get back to playoff football–REAL playoff football with a palpable chance of WINNING playoff games and not just playing in them–they have to hire a GM who puts them in a position to win. A guy who can correctly judge and nurture talent and keep the team stocked with quality players at EVERY position. Someone who knows how to communicate with the players when it comes to things like contract negotiations. A man who is respected by other teams around this league.

    Clearly, this man is not Jerry Angelo. This Bears team has too many weaknesses.

    It’s crucial that the ownership of the Bears find the Theo Epstein of football, and find him now.

    Or we’ll all be wasting our time–team, players, city, fans.

  33. Audience Says:


  34. chucky Says:

    Well done Joe. My compliments.

  35. Lovie Smith Says:

    Virginia…I love you. Sleep well!

  36. Fro Dog Says:


    I can see why the Steelers let Spaeth go. He’s never open and he can’t block worth a damn. You figure if the Steelers basically told the guy to take a hike, why would another team want to sign him? Well, the Bears have proven to the football world that they are, indeed, morons. Angelo is a fucking idiot. I honestly believe that he has a better chance of drafting players by picking a name out of a hat rather than “scout” the available talent.

  37. Payton J Pickett Says:

    Do the McCaskeys WANT the Bears to win anything meaningful? Does Virgina McCaskey even like football? Could she resent the Bears and the game because of all the attention her father paid to it than to her when she was a kid? It just feels like that they don’t really care just so long as us dupes come see the big names play and buy their jerseys.

    Will their ever be any REAL change in Chicago before the Soldier field stands are as empty as Jaguars home game against the 2011 Colts?

  38. Payton J Pickett Says:

    Fabebook fans, feel free to spout out your rage in the JERRY ANGELO & TED PHILLIPS NEED TO GO group. http://www.facebook.com/groups/290358990981910/


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