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  1. Nemo Says:

    There are very few days when it’s better to be a Cub fan than a Cardinal fan-but seeing this : and seeing all the misery around town makes today one of them. Bye-bye, Albert.

  2. chucky Says:

    I don’t really know what to say anymore about the Bears. Their play since Jay Cutler broke his thumb has been beyond shitty. I personally see no hope in them winning one more game this year at this rate. I had hoped they could beat Denver because I absolutely HATE Tim Tebow. I don’t see it happening now. It’s hard to imagine how a team can fall so goddamned hard after losing their starting quarterback. But that’s the Bears for you. This isn’t just the failure of a backup QB. This is total team failure, on all levels.

    One more point I’d like to make. That Hail Mary pass that Urlacher batted into a Kansas City touchdown. Did any of you buy Lovie Bakers explanation? “They’re coached to bat balls away, not catch them”, or some bullshit like that. Bat it away so the opposing team might catch it instead of catching it youself? If that’s true (which I don’t believe), Lovie needs to be fired right now. So does Martz. So does Marinelli. The entire coaching staff. Jerry Angelo and Ted Phillips should be shown the door too. The stench from Lake Forest is reaching all the way to Mundelein. And it fucking stinks.

  3. jimmyd Says:

    Chucky, how do you think the Colts feel about losing their QB?

  4. chucky Says:

    Yeah, Jimmy. You’re right. Damn good point. But at least they’ll get Andrew Luck in the draft in April. At least that’s some people are saying.

    What pile of shit will Jerry draft?

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    When the first round of the draft arrives, he will probably draft an offensive lineman that has a history of injuries.

    In the second round, he is already planning on drafting a linebacker that the Bears will eventually cut in training camp.

    In the third round, Jerry will draft a fast wide receiver from a Division III school in the first round. While the receiver runs very fast, he isn’t very good at catching the ball or running a route properly. Also in this round, he will draft a stud defensive lineman that he thinks will be a superstar. He will then release Julius Peppers in favor of this guy who will eventually be cut within the next year.

    Repeat for rounds four, five, etc.

  6. Payton J Pickett Says:

    Anyone surprised or even care about the Pujols deal? I’m not but just wondered if I was not alone.

  7. chucky Says:

    I’m glad the Cubs didn’t completely bury themselves with a deal like that. I’m hope Anaheim and Miami go broke because of their deals. Fucking Pujols signs for 10 years, $250 million?

    What the fuck is this shit?

  8. chucky Says:

    “I’m hoping” Sorry.

  9. Yeti Says:

    Chucky, you seriously think that people shouldnt be coached to bat the ball away? And that batting it away isn’t common knowledge about defending passes such as that since one is playing football as a lad?

    Holy shit

  10. genrebuster Says:

    NOBODY should get $250 million for 10 years…(and I like Pujols).

  11. chucky Says:

    Not in the fucking end zone moron. Look at what happened.

    Maybe you should save that “holy shit” for when you look in the fucking mirror. And stop fucking defending that idiot of a head coach.

  12. Pie in the Sky Says:

    The Cubs just got 10x better…and they didn’t even have to spend a dime. They’ll get another 5x better when Prince Fielder leaves…yet again, won’t spend a dime.

    The funny thing is if Epstein signs a few more all-around players like David DeJesus and fixes the pitching staff up a bit…the NL Central is going to be weak. Maybe they can actually compete in it next season (I know, wishful thinking).

  13. morpheus Says: “And He ended the Chiefs’ 31-possession touchdown drought by granting their Hail Mary prayer at the end of the first half, even though Bears defenders Brian Urlacher and Chris Conte knocked the ball down cleanly (like a good Hail Mary defender is taught to do).”

    This is pretty common knowledge among people who have played the game or watch it regularly.

  14. genrebuster Says:



  15. chucky Says:

    Oh yes. Coaching for Dummies. I’m sure that’s where Lovie got all his knowledge.

    I’ll stay with my thinking that it was stupid because 1) It led to the only touchdown in the game, a touchdown that ultimately won the fucking game, and 2) I still retain the ability to think for myself.

    I know you assclowns will dispute that, but fuck you. I don’t give a shit. Merry Christmas.

  16. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Cubs just traded DJ LeMahieu and Tyler Colvin for Ian Stewart and Casey Weathers. Stewart could potentially be the starting 3B next season.

    Garbage for garbage I guess. Change of scenery for all players involved, worth a shot.

  17. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I tell you what guys. Anaheim really fucked themselves with Pujols. That contract is so dumb, that I think Jim Hendry secretly pulled the strings to get that deal done. When Pujols tears a hamstring in the next year or two, I am sure Anaheim will have fun paying him to be on the disabled list for the next eight years.

    As far as the Colvin/LeMahieu trade, it is garbage for garbage as Nemo mentioned. I am still waiting for bad contracts like Zambrano, Dempster and Soriano to be dealt.

  18. Payton J Pickett Says:

    Question for all Cub fans? Who do you is the best manager the team has ever had? Or who is their best manager since 1988? Rather stay with people who are living.

  19. MadCityMac Says:

    Payton, I think Jim Frey, with the exception of pitching to Steve Garvey in game 4 of the 1984 NLCS when assclown Garvey was already 4 for 4. His reasoning that “Garvey was due to make an out” was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. My way of thinking was that he was hot, and you walk his ass. I hated Garvey before that, and I hope and pray he NEVER gets into the Hall of Fame; one of the biggest phonies in the history of sports. But let’s face it, if I think Jim Frey is the best manager in Cub’s history, the rest of that list is pretty pathetic.

  20. MadCityMac Says:

    One of the mind-blowing things about the Pujols contract is that after Anaheim’s final offer, Miami turned around and made another offer of $275 million for 10 years. Really? REALLY? It’s Monoply money at this point. Pujols is 31 (maybe), and will be 41 at the end of the contract. And you know with his injury history that he will get hurt at some point; many points probably. And riddle me this Batman- where the hell is Miami getting all this money? That monster offer for Pujols, the contract they gave Mark Buerlle (I know I spelled that wrong)? Granted, they have a new ball park, but even if their attendance starts out good, you know damn well that it will drop off dramatically at some point. Miami doesn’t support their teams. Look at the Marlins in recent years and the Dolphins. I don;t know what the Heat draw but don’t really give a rat’s ass about the NBA anyway.

  21. Payton J Pickett Says:

    The Marlins organization is awful. Remember when they assembled the superteam which won the ’97 Word Series then before the next season started they let all of the players go? Jim Leyland resigned because he was so pissed about that. Pujols in Florida would’ve been like Arod in Texas but the asshole running that team couldn’t care less.

    I am guessing Pujols took the Angels contract for the DH option which is looming in his future. That’s what’ll keep Arod in New York with all of his recent injuries aging him before everyone’s eyes.

    MLB is ruined without a salary cap. Teams like the Pirates, Royals, Nationals and Padres will never afford the pricy free agents and as soon as any of their prospects get good, they leave for the money. Then there are teams like the Marlins who try to reel in the big fish and end up fielding a AA baseball team around the guy. The Orioles tried that with Tejada too. Idiots.

  22. Payton J Pickett Says:

    HAHA Garvey. I can’t give away his 1971 O-Pee-Chee rookie card. Does he even get all star votes anymore?

    I remember thinking Jim Lefebvre was a good manager back in ’93 because he finally got the Cubs back over the .500 mark for the first time since ’89.

    Do you think Francona will eventually be back with the Cubs as a manager because Epstein is the GM? Wasn’t his fault the Sox were plagued with injuries and Lackey forgot how to throw a baseball after he got rich.

  23. Payton J Pickett Says:

    Sorry, meant Hall of Fame vote for Garvey not All Star vote. I’m stuck in 1982.

  24. jimmyd Says:

    FUCKING RYAN BRAUN!!! CHEATING PIECE OF SHIT!!! Why on earth can’t they rid this sport of cheaters??? I hope his momma is soooooooo proud of him. AND, apparently, the league knew that he failed the test during the play-offs, but still gave the cocksucker the MVP award.

  25. chucky Says:

    Jimmy….There is only one reason MLB can’t (won’t) get rid of these bastards. $$$$$$$$$$$

    Why do you think Albert Pujols has never been nailed. It sure as hell isn’t because he’s clean.

    Speaking of the unclean, you hear who wants to come back? That’s right…..Manny Ramirez. Word is he still has to serve his suspension.

    My head just exploded.

  26. MadCityMac Says:

    Chucky, even worse yet about Manny, that fucking douchecopter Selig reduced his suspension from 100 to 50 games. I really hate that fuckhead. Screw you Bud, and your hand-picked owner FanBoy!

  27. MadCityMac Says:

    Jimmy, btw, Whitewater is in the Stagg Bowl again! Won 20-0 today, and another shot at Mt. Union next Friday night I believe. Now I just have to let my UW-W grad daughter know!

  28. jimmyd Says:


    Yeah, I saw that. Jesus!!! 7 years in a row that these 2 are going to go at it. Hopefully this will be 3 in a row for the Warhawks.

    Jimmy D.

  29. chucky Says:

    Mac…I don’t understand. I thought those suspensions were carved in stone. Nobody can alter them. 50 days for the first violation, 100 days for the second, and banned for life on the third. Manny is on his second, so he if he comes back, he should do 100 games. Isn’t it a violation of MLBs collective bargaining agreement? Selig shouldn’t be able to do that.

  30. genrebuster Says:

    Selig shouldn’t be allowed to be MLB Commissioner. Just my opinion.

  31. MadCityMac Says:

    Selig is an asshat, and we all know it. My girlfriend likes him, but if that’s her main fault I can live with that (HUGE baseball fan!). Bud needs to go away. The stupid shit he’s done far outweighs the good. Home field advantage in the WS dependent on a fucking exhibition game? The guy is a complete whore to Fox and their money. I won’t even get into letting steroid use flourish under his watch, all for the sake of attendance. Dickhead….

  32. Payton J Pickett Says:

    Baseball is such a dead sport. If it isn’t the money it’s the HGH, steroids….was Frank Thomas the last of the clean ball players?

    MLB is good at burying the performance enhancer users but nothing will buy back that sports reputation for some. Christ, look how long it took them just to get these bastards tested! 75% of the 2000 Yankees were on the fucking things and they represented the league by being World Champs.

    Donald Fehr and Bud Selig will be rotting in hell someday for allowing players to kill themselves in the name of money. that’s some consolation at least.

  33. chucky Says:

    Just reported on Bears pregame with Dan Hampton and Hub Arkush about 20 minutes ago…….Jerry Angelo may be on his way out the door at the end of the year.

    ABOUT FUCKING GODDAMNED TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ll personally pack that motherfuckers bag for him right now if it’s true.

  34. MadCityMac Says:

    So then Fro has to change the name to Fire Crane Kenney?!? Bud Selig? 🙂

  35. Yeti Says:

    No, he will just change it to the next GMs name

  36. Payton J Pickett Says: NC reported that as “persistent chatter” this morning. One can hope but i shutter to think who Ted Phillips will have total faith in next. That scumbag should go run a brewery into the ground instead of the Bears. Or get into politcs, anything just LEAVE TED

  37. chucky Says:

    Do you have any ideas Yeti? Or are you just going to be a goddamned smart-ass about it?

    Payton…..we may be lucky. It may not fall in Ted Phillips hands. They were saying that could be up to “George” to decide. They might have been talking about George McCaskey. He is chairman of the board. I’m not up to speed on the heirachy is set up as far as decision making is concerned. I do know that the old bitch has a fucking hard on for Lovie Baker . Why, I’ll never know.

  38. Old Bitch Says:

    Lovie, you’re the best!

  39. chucky Says:


  40. genrebuster Says:


    Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying.

    Or, punch somebody in the throat, hit them in the face with heavy ming equipment (did i get that right?), etc.

  41. genrebuster Says:

    Sorry chucky, cheapo keyboard…meant to type “mining”, not “ming”.

  42. chucky Says:

    Yeah, you got it Genre. Thank you.

    And a shout out to the late George Carlin for the mining equipment. It actually belongs to him.

  43. Kevin Hill Says:

    well pompei says continuity.

    Ruskell was a world beater in Seattle in a terrible divsion,0,2445648.story


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